ill she finish this job?” Mrs.
Lu asked.


Lu said, “Entertainment industry is a very complicated area.
The job she has been doing will bring you and the Lu family criticism.
Besides, that kind of job was also for young people.
She couldn’t have been in that industry all the time, could she? I think she should quit her job and help you.”

“No, she can do whatever she likes.” Lu Heting didn’t want to interfere with Su Bei’s choice and work.

He would support her wherever she liked.

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Lu was obviously very disappointed.
She hadn’t seen her daughter-in-law for five years, which had already made her very dissatisfied with her daughter-in-law.
Now her daughter-in-law still wanted to stay in that industry and refused to quit that area.

Lu couldn’t help losing her temper and said, “Do you still know how to respect elders? You two have been married for five years, but she still hasn’t met the family even once.
Why didn’t she propose to meet the family? What is she thinking?”

She always respected her son’s personal decisions and was always gentle to her son.

So these words were already very harsh.

Lu Heting nodded.
“I’m sorry, mom.
It’s all my fault.
I didn’t bring her back before.
It has nothing to do with her.
It’s my fault.
I didn’t make up my mind before.”

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In a few words, Lu Heting shouldered all the responsibilities.

Sure enough, when Mrs.
Lu heard that it was her son’s responsibility, she couldn’t say anything more.

She sighed and said, “Okay, then you can find a time to go home for dinner.”

After seeing Mrs.
Lu off, Lu Heting left Gun Gun to Aunt Chen.
Then he went to the company.

He turned on the computer and hesitated for a while.
In the end, he decided to learn more about Su Bei’s previous life in the United States.

As her husband, he hadn’t done enough in the past five years.

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