Chapter 204: Chapter204 Matchmaking

However, Lu Heting could feel the familiar intimacy between Su Bei and the little boy.

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It felt like the intimacy between a mother and son.

With this thought, Lu Heting’s heart did a complete somersault.

Was the little boy Su Bei’s son?

Was he really her son?

If so, then the little boy may have something to do with him.

Countless waves rolled in Lu Heting’s heart.
Those waves were more violent than those that turned his heart upside down when Su Bei slept in his room.

His eyes followed her.
She held the little boy’s hand, and the little boy naturally held Lin Yu’s hand.

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With the three of them holding each other’s hands, the picture looked so dazzling.
They really looked like a happy family of three.

Lu Heting’s face darkened.
All of a sudden, his mind went blank, and his hands and feet went stiff for a moment.

When he came back to his senses, he realized that he had already gotten off his car and followed them into the supermarket.

He was about to enter the supermarket when his phone rang.

At first, he just ignored it.
But the ringing didn’t stop.

Left with no choice, he answered it.

Gun Gun’s voice came through from the other end of the line, “Daddy, Grandma and I are having dinner outside.
Come and join us.”

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Upon hearing his son’s baby voice, the hostility on Lu Heting’s body dissipated.

“Daddy, are you coming? If yes, I will send you the address,” Gun Gun said seriously.

I’ll be there,” Lu Heting replied with a nod.

He once again looked in the direction where Su Bei, Lin Yu, and the little boy had just gone.
It was a supermarket, so she would probably go grocery shopping with Lin Yu and the little boy.

Who on earth was that little boy?

Was he her friend’s child? Or was he Su Bei’s child? Or was there another reason?

Countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

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When Lu Heting arrived at the restaurant and appeared in front of Gun Gun and his mother, his expression was still cold and solemn.

And he got more furious when he saw Liao Xintong sitting next to Gun Gun.

Lu…” Liao Xintong stood up and greeted him politely.

Lu Heting just replied casually and sat down beside his mother with a gloomy look on his face.

His mother knew that he had never liked Liao Xintong, and he was only maintaining harmony on the surface because of politeness.

Trying to smooth things over, she hurriedly said, “We happened to meet Xintong here, so I asked her to have dinner with us.”

“If it’s not convenient, it’s okay.
I can find another table,” Liao Xintong immediately said.

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However, Lu Heting didn’t say anything.
His mind was still on Su Bei.

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Mrs.
Lu glanced at Liao Xintong, hinting at her to stay.

The truth was, Mrs.
Lu really felt sorry for her son.
She hoped that he could have a woman by his side to accompany him.
She also hoped the woman could help him take care of Gun Gun.

She felt that Gun Gun was a poor child.
Although he had everything, he didn’t have a mother.

Liao Xintong was Gun Gun’s biological aunt.
And after getting along with her family for several years, they had known each other pretty well.
So she thought that Liao Xintong was better than other women to stay with her son and grandson.

Lu was dissatisfied with the fact that the Liao family had allowed Liao Qing to give birth to Gun Gun.
But in the past few years, the little boy’s existence melted her heart.

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