Chapter 203: Chapter 203 Seeing Da Bao

After sending a message to Lu Heting on WeChat, Su Bei chatted with Lv Shan.
They also had a lot to talk about because of their follow-up work.

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Lu Heting couldn’t do anything but watch her receding figure.

Lu, shall I go find her?” Lu Hang couldn’t help asking.
He had never seen Lu Heting look so dejected like this before.

“No, thanks,” Lu Heting refused.

Lu Hang had many questions in his mind, but he didn’t know which one to ask first.

So he had no other choice but to turn around and pack Lu Heting’s things.
While he was doing it, he found a hairpin on Lu Heting’s bed.

Lu, I found this.” He didn’t dare to neglect it, so he hurriedly handed it to Lu Heting.

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Lu Heting took it and put it on his palm.
Although he knew that he could return it to Su Bei later in the evening when he saw her at home, he still subconsciously walked in the direction where she had left.

Looking at the desperate look on his face, Lu Hang wanted to say something but dared not.

Lu Heting knew that Su Bei was riding in a car from Qian Yu Entertainment Company, and he knew the approximate route they would take.

So he drove his car and followed them subconsciously.

Actually, he sensibly knew that she didn’t need this hairpin at all.
But he still hoped that she would use it right now.

In that case, he would have a righteous reason for looking for her now.

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He had never been in love with someone before.
But once he fell in love, he would love the woman with his heart and soul.

Perhaps what he was doing right now was the most vivid portrayal of it.

Su Bei was still chatting with Lv Shan about work on their way.
She had no idea that Lu Heting was following her only because he wanted to take one more look at her.

The company car was about to arrive at the company when her phone rang.

She took it out and looked at the screen.
It was a message from Lin Yu.
“Get off the car in the street in front of your company.
Da Bao and I are waiting for you to buy food.
We will have hot pot tonight.”

“Can’t you pursue something else in your life?” Su Bei replied impatiently.

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No wonder he immediately disappeared as soon as everyone disembarked the ship.
It turned out that he had such a plan.

“Da Bao helped you restore the contents of the memory card last time.
I personally promised him to treat him to dinner, right?”

“Da Bao doesn’t like spicy food,” she replied again.

“I know.
That’s why I’ve compromised.
We’ll have the hot pot with light soup! And sesame paste.” Lin Yu thought that he had made a great sacrifice, so he sent an aggrieved emoji.

After making sure from Lv Shan that she had no other engagements today, Su Bei got off the car in advance.

When Lu Heting saw that the company car pulled over, he also stopped his car.

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Did Su Bei get off the car because she felt his presence?

He was about to open the car door when he saw she suddenly ran in a direction.

His eyes followed her, and he saw her running towards a handsome man.

Even though the man was wearing a hat and a mask, Lu Heting still recognized him.
He was Lin Yu.
Lin Yu’s height and eyes were his inimitable symbols, and Lu Heting had always focused on these details.

A trace of discomfort surged up from the bottom of his heart.
Fortunately, Su Bei just ran over and did not throw herself into Lin Yu’s arms.

Lu Heting couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

But the next second, his heart was swept by a surging wave again.
Because he saw a little boy took Su Bei’s hand, and she gently bent down to listen to the little boy carefully.

Unfortunately, Lu Heting couldn’t see the little boy’s face clearly from a distance.

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