the memory card and walked out of the office.
At this moment, all the people in the studio were either focused on their work or discussing Su Bei’s matter.
For the time being, no one was paying attention to him.

“Oh no! They said they loved me, and they wanted to be my children’s mothers.
But just a gossip has easily distracted their attention.” Lin Yu sighed.
His handsome face looked melancholic.
“People say that you can never really know someone.
I think it is right.”

As soon as he walked out, Lin Moli opened the car door for him.

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Da Bao sat in the back seat indifferently.
He took the memory card from Lin Yu’s hand and started the computer skillfully.

‘Who has dared to frame Xiao Bei?’ Da Bao thought to himself.
As his fingers moved quickly on the keyboard, he was already cursing that person in his mind.

Who dared to bully Su Bei? That person must pay for what he or she had done.

Two minutes later, Lin Yu’s phone rang, and a video was sent to his WeChat.

“Da Bao! You are really worthy of being Feng Ze’s student!” Lin Yu’s smooth jade-like face showed a proud look.
“I’ll treat you to hotpot ten times.”

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Ten hotpots? Da Bao glanced at him.
“I don’t like hotpot.
It’s your favorite, not mine.”

Da Bao always had a light diet.
Probably he had been following Lu Heting, although he had never met him.

It was okay for him to eat something spicy with Lin Yu and Su Bei occasionally.
But he definitely couldn’t have ten hotpots.

But still, I’ll treat you to a meal.
You can choose whatever you want to eat.
I’m going to find Su Bei first.
She has received a lot of criticisms and negative comments.
I have to save her.”

Da Bao nodded and browsed the news on the webpage.
Sure enough, the netizens were all deceived by someone.
They were all accusing Su Bei.

He knew that Su Bei would never do those things, and she would definitely clear her name.

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