Chapter 169: Chapter169 Her Words Can Now Change Everything

Su Huixian nodded.
“Yes, it has been decided.
I’ve tried my best to persuade the editor-in-chief, but she has made up her mind.
There’s nothing I can do about it anymore.”

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“But she told us that the six of us would appear on the front cover collectively.
It was a good opportunity for us to showcase ourselves, but Su Bei stole the limelight alone.” Luo Li felt very uncomfortable.
“Although appearing on the inside pages is not bad, why can she be on the front cover alone?”

“That’s right.
If Lin Yu and Zhuang Wenhao will be featured on the front cover, we won’t have any opposition.
But why does it have to be Su Bei?”

“I don’t know what Su Bei has done to deserve this.
During our first photo shoot, Kang Peng let her stand at the side.
Obviously, even the photographer can see that she is not really attractive.
But now, she will be on the front cover.
Does Wei Lan think that Feng Shang is so popular that she has to do something to reduce its popularity?”

The incident had caused discussion among the models.

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But this matter was a foregone conclusion.
Even if everyone clamored, it was useless.

Wei Lan canceled her vacation plan.
Her daughter Meng Meng was going to spend the holiday with her, so she took her to the studio.
First, she wanted to see Lin Yu, which was a very rare opportunity.

Second, since the arrangement of the models was changed, she had to be there personally to communicate with everyone.

When it came to style, status, and position, Feng Shang was at an absolute advantage.
So she came here only to inform them of the changes she had made.

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All the models were silent in front of Wei Lan.
But although they didn’t say anything, they were extremely unconvinced in their hearts.

“Thank you, everyone, for your cooperation.
When this shooting is over, I’ll treat you all to dinner,” Wei Lan said to comfort them.

Su Bei winked at Lin Yu from a distance and gave him a look that only the two of them could understand.
Her eyes said, “Lin Stone, you impressed me! You have taken over the front cover page.”

“Of course! That’s who I am.” He was actually not surprised by this result.
Some of the magazines that had featured him before were even more famous than Feng Shang.

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Seeing that Luo Li was still very angry, Su Huixian said in a low voice, “Forget it.
Don’t be so fussy anymore.
If Wei Lan says that Su Bei’s photos are better, then your photos on the inside pages might also be replaced.”

“Really? Wei Lan can possibly deprive me of the chance to appear on the inside pages? Well, Feng Shang has also spent a lot of money inviting me here,” Luo Li muttered.

“Don’t think about things too simply.
It’s precisely because they’ve spent money on you.
As long as they have given you the money, they can have the final say on everything else.
Haven’t you heard of an actress who has worked so hard to shoot dozens of episodes of a TV series, but in the end, the director has deleted all her scenes just because of the female lead’s words? Su Bei is with Lin Yu now.
Her words can now change everything,” Su Huixian explained.

Luo Li felt like her heart jolted.
What Su Huixian said was possible.

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If she let Su Bei go on like this, she might lose the chance to be featured even on the inside pages.

She looked in Su Bei’s direction.
Today, they would shoot in their swimsuit.
Su Bei had already changed into a swimsuit and was doing some warm-ups by the swimming pool, revealing a pair of particularly long legs.

As a supermodel, Su Bei had a good figure.
She was taller, her legs were slender and straighter, and her waist was softer than theirs.
God seemed to have favored her and given her everything better.

Her small face had exquisite facial features and was as bright as diamonds.

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