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“Lu Heting, you will always treat Gun Gun nicely, right? Will you spare no effort to protect, love, and trust him even if he makes a mistake and makes you angry? He may be thoughtless sometimes and offends someone you like and respect.
But, will you always tolerate and understand him?” Su Bei suddenly asked seriously, changing the topic.

Lu Heting looked at her, wondering why she asked those questions.

Did she want to know who was more important to him, Gun Gun or her?

Or did she have other meaning?

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He looked at her seriously with a firm will in his deep-set black eyes.
“I will, Su Bei.
He is my son.
As a father, I will take all the responsibilities for him.
I love and trust him, so I will raise him.
And more importantly, I will teach him to know and understand right from wrong.
But if he makes you unhappy, I will also try my best to protect you, so you won’t be wronged at home.”

Lu Heting thought that a responsible father and husband should do these things.

Su Bei’s lips curved into a sweet smile.
He didn’t disappoint her.
She knew that he would definitely treat Da Bao exactly the same as Gun Gun.

“Thank you, Lu Heting.” ‘In this way, I won’t have too many regrets in my life, and I can find a trustworthy person for Da Bao.’

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She walked over to him and held his hand tightly before she rushed back to her room.

Feeling the softness and fragrance of her skin that lingered in his palm, a touch of satisfaction surged from the bottom of Lu Heting’s heart.

He thought that the second half of his words pleased Su Bei.
But actually, it was the first half of his words that made her feel more relieved.

Lying on the bed and holding Gun Gun in her arms, Su Bei was in a good mood.
Now that there was no problem with Lu Heting, she only had to wait for Da Bao to finally decide to live with them.

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