Chapter 166: Chapter 166 Show You My True Self

“How about this? Both of us will take out a portion of our money and put it in this small tin box.
Then the common expenses of our family will be taken from here.
And we can spend the rest of our own money individually,” Su Bei suggested.

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Her expenses were definitely huge.
No matter how she lessened her spending, life in the entertainment industry was expensive.
It was something that ordinary people could not imagine.

Of course, she couldn’t let Lu Heting shoulder her personal expenses.
That was why she suggested that they could spend their remaining money individually.

Seeing that he pursed his lips slightly, and the lines on his face tightened, she thought that he disagreed with her.

However, she really wanted him to agree.
Otherwise, how could he afford their huge family expenses with his salary as a driver?

So she smiled and said, “Do you mind if I ask about your monthly salary? If you do, then you don’t have to tell me.”

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Lu Heting really didn’t want Su Bei to work too hard.
His woman shouldn’t live to work just to save money.

And his salary?

The salary of the drivers in Lu Group was being taken care of by some designated employees.
As the CEO of the company, he didn’t need to care about such a trifle.

In short, he didn’t know how much did the drivers of his company earn.
Lu Heting thought for a while.

Since he really didn’t have any idea about such a trivial matter, he hesitated for a moment and chose a conservative number.
“More than one hundred thousand.”

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If his monthly salary was more than one hundred thousand, Su Bei should be relieved.

Su Bei laughed.
“More than one hundred thousand? You’re talking about your annual salary, right? It seems that Lu Group treats its employees pretty well.
If your annual salary there as a driver is more than one hundred thousand, then you earn more than ten thousand a month.
So how about we put five thousand each in this box for our household expenses? Will that be okay?”

Su Bei thought that ten thousand would be enough to cover all their basic expenses in the family.
She could buy more things for the family at ordinary times.

“I will put all my salary in there.
Anyway, the company pays for my daily necessities, food, transportation, Gun Gun’s tuition, and Aunt Chen’s expenses.
I usually don’t need to spend money.”

“Lu Group is worthy of being a big company.
It treats its employees well, and the benefits are really good.” Su Bei was satisfied with Lu Heting’s personal status.
Although he was not very rich, Da Bao could live a stable life with him in the future.

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Lu Heting said in a low voice, “Su Bei, most women in the entertainment industry want to marry into wealthy families, so they don’t need to work too hard to maintain their lifestyles.
These women also have the chance to meet all kinds of affluent people.
Have you ever thought of marrying a CEO?”

He had asked her this question before, and she made it clear that she hated the life of exchange and trade.

That was why he was left with no choice but to hide his real identity.
He was afraid that he would scare her away again.

However, he couldn’t help asking her again this time.
If she could accept it even a little bit, he could make her way in the industry much smoother.

The smile on Su Bei’s face gradually disappeared, and she looked at Lu Heting seriously.

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Then she said earnestly, “Don’t worry.
Since I came back to you, I have never thought about keeping an unclear relationship with other men in the entertainment industry.
I know what to do.”

“Su Bei, that’s not what I mean.” Lu Heting realized that his words made her misunderstand him.

“It doesn’t matter what you really mean.
I just want to show you my true self,” Su Bei said seriously.

He nodded.
“I will keep a distance from other women as well.”

Of course, this was what he had always been doing.

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