Chapter 141: Chapter141 Is It Really That Amazing?

However, Luo Li wanted to speak for Su Huixian.
She smiled and said, “Yes, you’re right.
You take this cheap bracelet as a treasure.
But you can’t let others treat it the way you do, right?”

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Qiu Minxuan couldn’t help but smile and say, “Maybe it’s because Su Bei doesn’t receive many gifts from her fans.
That’s why she cherishes this bracelet very much.
Huixian’s fans always send her so many gifts.
They are so many that they need to be carried away by a truck.
She has arranged several rooms in her house to store those gifts, but they are not enough to accommodate all the gifts.
So even if she wants to cherish them, it’s not within her power.”

Obviously, Qiu Minxuan was implying that Su Bei’s fans were not only very few in number but also poor.

“That’s right.
There is no need for us to cherish this cheap bracelet.”

One model named Qin Zhi, who was standing on the side, was silent all the time.
But at this moment, she stared at the bracelet in Su Bei’s hand with a surprised look on her face.

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“Su Bei, may I see that bracelet?” she asked.

Seeing that she was not siding with Su Huixian and the others, and she had never said anything to mock the bracelet, Su Bei handed it to her.

After looking at it a few times, Qin Zhi said in amazement, “Su Bei, you have to keep this bracelet well.
This is very precious!”

“What do you mean?” Su Bei asked in confusion.

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“My cousin’s family is in this business.
The shells in your bracelet are all very precious.
They are called pearl shells.
These pearl shells live only in a few seas around the world.

Besides, this kind of shell cannot be raised artificially, and its growth process is extremely slow.
It takes more than ten years to grow to the size of a fingernail.

All the shells in this bracelet look the same in size, color, and pattern.
They are not man-made but natural.
I can’t imagine how much effort it will take to find such precious and neat pearl shells,” Qin Zhi explained in detail.

Qiu Minxuan was in disbelief.
“How is that possible? We’ve already seen a lot of shells.
How can such a shell be so precious?”

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Qin Zhi faintly smiled.
“Though you don’t know it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.
With this kind of pearl shell, just a small one is worth five hundred thousand yuan in the market.
So how much do you think this chain of pearl shells cost?”

Luo Li shook her head.
“You are saying that they are pearl shells? There are so many imitations in the market now.
And those imitations are very cheap.”

Although Su Huixian didn’t say anything, Qiu Minxuan and Luo Li had already represented her thoughts.

Qin Zhi laughed and said, “This kind of pearl shell unusually feels cool in the summer.”

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Su Bei had touched it just now, and it was true.

Someone touched Qin Zhi’s hand and found that it was really cool.
The feel was even more comfortable than the jade bracelet on her wrist.

“In winter, these shells are warm.
The feel of this kind of shell changes according to the body temperature.
And if the wearer wears it for a long period of time, it will adjust the mood of the wearer and have a soothing effect.
I’ve only seen a single pearl shell in my cousin’s shop before.
This is my first time to see a chain of pearl shells.”

Qin Zhi was in a good mood.
She thought that she had learned a lot after seeing such a precious bracelet.

“Really? Is it really that amazing?” someone asked dubiously.

Someone replied, “Qin Zhi is very familiar with these things.
She has brought us many pearls and jades before, and they are all of good quality.
So what she is saying must be true.”

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