Chapter 139: Chapter139 Does She Think She Can Win?


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Su Huixian held Du Luo’s arm and stepped out of the car in her high heels.
Although she was wearing high heels, she was still a little shorter than Du Luo.
So it made him look more outstanding.

Their presence had aroused countless sounds of admiration and envy.

“Hello, Mr.
Luo, Huixian.” The photographer came and greeted them warmly.

Su Huixian said gently, “I’m sorry that I’m a little late.
We got caught in a traffic jam.”

“It’s all right.
We haven’t started yet, anyway.”

The rest of the people around also hurriedly said that they didn’t mind at all.

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Su Huixian looked at Su Bei, who was standing in the corner far away.
She could tell that Su Bei was deliberately avoiding the public eye.

The more she and Du Luo displayed their affection, the further Su Bei was away from them.

“Du Luo, you can go back first.
You don’t need to accompany me here.
Su Bei is here too, and it’s inevitable for her to feel sad when she sees us together.
Besides, she did not do well in Jin Xiu’s endorsement,” Su Huixian said softly with a trace of thoughtfulness in her voice.

Du Luo looked in Su Bei’s direction, thinking that Su Huixian was very considerate and sensible.
He nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go back first.”

He then turned around, got in the car, and drove away.

Everyone’s eyes followed his car until it drove out of their sights.
They withdrew their gazes but were unable to conceal the envy in their eyes.

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The photographer directed everyone to start the photo shoot.
“Huixian, please stand in the middle of the other models.
Others, please cooperate with Huixian.”

No one objected to his arrangement.

Of course, Su Bei also couldn’t possibly tell others in public that she was the real one who made Jin Xiu’s sales soar.

As of the moment, Jin Xiu had not released their official data yet.
She had only obtained the data she had from a different source.
So if she made it known to everyone, others would only think that she was trying to steal the limelight from Su Huixian

Su Huixian smiled.
“Thank you, everyone, for your help and cooperation.”

“It’s our duty to cooperate with you.
Although you were not able to appear in Orisa Fashion Show because of your illness, we all know that you are qualified,” said one of the models named Luo Li.

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Su Huixian pursed her lips and smiled.
The job opportunities in Jin Xiu and Feng Shang made up for her absence in the Orisa Fashion Show.

“Su Bei, can you stand at the side?” shouted the photographer.

Actually, he found that if Su Bei stood beside Su Huixian, her aura totally overwhelmed Su Huixian’s.
Her flawless little face also made Su Huixian’s face look unimpressive.

That was why he couldn’t let her get too close to Su Huixian.

Su Bei then moved to the side.

Among the models, Luo Li was the closest to Su Huixian.
She was able to build a good relationship with Su Huixian recently.
She said in a low voice, “A common person has the nerve to steal an excellent person’s limelight.
She must look at herself in the mirror.”

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Someone immediately chimed in, “Yes, you’re right.
Why does she have to compete with Su Huixian? Does she think she can win?”

Su Bei was so immersed in her shooting mood that she didn’t notice anything wrong.

But when she heard what the people were saying over and over again, she slightly frowned.
She didn’t want to delay the photo shoot, and she was not angry yet, so she kept her mood in check and continued with the photo shoot.

During the break, several workers walked in with red roses in their hands.

The bunch of roses looked so amazing that everyone couldn’t help standing up in awe.

“Wow, there are so many roses! Is the shoot later related to roses?”

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