Bei didn’t expect that Lu Weijian would personally call her about Lu Heting.
He was the big boss, but he was so approachable.

So she said gratefully, “Thank you so much, Mr.
Heting was in the United States these past few days to help you deal with things.
And he also had to help me with my business.
He must be really tired.
I’ll ask him to come home now.”

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“Great!” Lu Weijian was about to jump up.
But he immediately became serious again.
“Ahem! As the boss of the company, I also need to pay attention to the emotional state of my employees.
Besides, he is my driver.
If he is in a bad condition, my own safety is also at risk.”

“Okay, then, I’ll call him now,” Su Bei said.

“No need.
You can talk to him here.
I’ll just transfer the call to him.” Lu Weijian was afraid that Su Bei wouldn’t call Lu Heting.
He was also worried that Su Bei wouldn’t be able to persuade Lu Heting, so he had to take immediate action.

If she really couldn’t do it, then he had to think of other ways.

It was his first time to have a direct conversation with Su Bei.
He had seen her at some social events before, but he had no contact with her.

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Now that he heard her voice, he could say that it was sweet and clear, refreshing like a stream.
No wonder Lu Heting had waited for her for five years.
Her voice alone was worth it.

Lu Weijian sprinted to Lu Heting’s office.

The office door was open, and some executives were still there, waiting for Lu Heting’s verdict.
They were trembling with fear.

“Brother! Brother!” Lu Weijian said in a low voice while covering the mouthpiece of the phone.

Lu Heting’s expression was cold and solemn.
At this moment, no one dared to approach him except Lu Weijian.

However, even though Lu Weijian was Lu Heting’s brother, he still took an enormous risk in approaching Lu Heting.

Everyone was deeply touched when they saw him take the risk to persuade Lu Heting.

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