hat had passed, she hadn’t gotten word about Su Bei at all.
Su Xingfu and Du Luo seldom mentioned her, but it was obvious that they still missed her.

Nevertheless, Su Huixian did her best to take good care of her father, and she treated Du Luo well.
Over time, the two men had willingly become her most powerful backup.

But now, unexpectedly, Su Bei was back!

At the thought of Su Bei’s stunning appearance and unmatched figure, Su Huixian couldn’t help feeling jealous.

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In the Su family, Su Bei was like a bright star in the sky, while Su Huixian was just a firefly in the grass.

It was only in Su Bei’s absence that she had the chance to shine and be seen.

Su Huixian opened the photo album in her phone and asked, “Is it her?”

Qiu Minxuan nodded.
“Yes, that’s her.
Huixian, do you already know Su Bei?”

A trace of undisguised disgust appeared in Su Huixian’s eyes.
“Minxuan, I don’t want her to get this opportunity.
And I don’t want her to have any development in Qian Yu Entertainment Company!”

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Qiu Minxuan was surprised, but she immediately understood what she had to do.

Su Bei had a stunning appearance and a perfect figure for modelling.
Her long legs were a great fit for this job.
With all that in mind, Qiu Minxuan had planned to turn her into a successful model.

However, Su Huixian was the precious daughter of the head of Su family and the fiancee of Du Luo, the young master of the Du family.
She was already considered to be a famous model in the country.
Therefore, she had seniority over the new comer, Su Bei.


Qiu Minxuan had a passion for training any good talent that came her way, but at the end of the day, keeping her job was the most important thing for her.

Besides, a model couldn’t become famous with just a good figure alone.

Meanwhile, at the party,

a man in a light-colored suit was standing next to Lu Heting.
He excitedly said, “Brother, this is the top show for choosing supermodels!”


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