Chapter 128: Chapter128 A Serious Dilution

Lu Heting and Su Bei were not surprised to hear the news at all.

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In such a big company like Jin Xiu, a fierce competition was inevitable.

This time, Fan Yingfang had preordained someone to be a brand ambassador and replaced the other one for no reason.
Her competitors in the company would definitely seize the opportunity to make an issue and put pressure on her, so she would be forced to quit her job.

In the eyes of the outsiders, she resigned.
But actually, the senior executives might have dismissed her internally.

Fan Yingfang thought that Lu Heting and Su Bei were easy to deal with.
However, she had underestimated them.

Lv Shan was now convinced that Lu Heting and Su Bei were really capable.
She said with a smile, “The commercial video was released this morning.
And the statistics have also come out.
The clothes that Su Bei wore have become very popular.
I heard that they had already presold around thirty thousand sets.”

Those clothes were extremely expensive.
If Jin Xiu could sell thirty thousand sets, its sales volume would hit an arresting figure.

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Su Bei took out her laptop and watched the commercial video that was shot by Baizen.

The print ads were published in magazines, and the commercial video was broadcasted on the Internet and all TV stations.

Su Bei was very eye-catching in the video.
No matter what she wore, she showed more of the culture of the brand than Su Huixian.

Her eyes were full of stories to tell.
Her dance moves had emotions that affected people’s moods.
Baizen was very good at catching her eyes and movements in close-up shots.

In the thirty-second commercial video, both Su Bei and Su Huixian had around fifteen seconds to express themselves.
Su Bei’s part was full-frontal.
In such a short time, she was able to tell a vivid story from ancient to modern times.

Su Huixian’s part was a bit underwhelming.
Indeed, it was beautiful.
But she looked like a beautiful body without a soul.

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“Have a rest first.
It’s still a long way.” Lu Heting took the laptop from Su Bei’s hand and put it away.

In the past few days of shooting, she worked very hard.
Besides, Fan Yingfang had made waves, so it was inevitable for her to feel exhausted.

“Okay.” Su Bei put on the sleep mask and lay on the spacious bed of the private plane.

Seeing the scene, Lv Shan wisely chose to lie down far away from them.

Lu Heting did not sleep.
Instead, he sat next to Su Bei and dealt with some company matters.

He raised his eyes from time to time to look at her.
Seeing her and feeling her presence made him feel relaxed.

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She fell asleep quickly.
Her long hair covered her face, revealing only her full red lips.

Lu Heting stared at her face in a daze.
When he came to his senses, he was already standing very close to her.

Su Bei was so attractive, attracting him like a whirlpool.

He lowered his eyes and looked at her lips, unable to restrain himself from getting closer to her.

In her sleep, Su Bei dreamed that she was going home to Da Bao.
When she felt that someone was approaching, she got so excited and whispered, “Da Bao…”

Before Lu Heting could react, her slender arms clung to his neck.
Then she hugged him, and gave him a big kiss.

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Then she turned to the other side with her back to him.

Being kissed by Su Bei, Lu Heting should have been very happy.
After all, this was something he had been looking forward to for a long time.

However, the name she had called out just now was a serious dilution to his excitement.

Da Bao? It sounded like a boy’s name or a nickname.

Had she fallen in love with someone else?

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