Lu Heting trudged back to his car.

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He sat in the driver’s seat with his eyes closed for a long time before he finally calmed down.

The sudden sound of his phone ringing interrupted his train of thought.

He picked up the phone and said in a hoarse voice, “Mom.”

In a fancy restaurant, the elegant Mrs.
Lu looked at her son’s long face, and asked worriedly, “What happened?”

“Nothing.” Lu Heting lowered his head and cut the steak carefully, but his movements were sometimes interrupted by his stagnant thoughts.

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He was completely absent-minded.

His mother smiled and said, “That’s good.
I know you only care about the company and the kid.
By the way, one of my friends’ daughters is a nice girl.
She just came back from abroad.
She is well-educated and reasonable.
She is a good person.
You should meet her.
Even if not for yourself, then at least for the child.
The kid needs a mother.”


“Mom, I’ve told you that I already have a wife.” Lu Heting put down his knife and tried to be patient.

His mother nodded and compromised.
“Yes, yes.
Her name is Su Bei, right? She went abroad to study after marrying you five years ago.
But she hasn’t come back at all during the past five years, right? She just got a marriage certificate with you.
Apart from that, it’s like she doesn’t belong to this world at all.
Your old grandmother might have been happy to hear that you got married, but do you think that I will also believe your story?”

Lu Heting pressed his lips into a straight line and didn’t say anything.

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“My words might upset you, but as your mother, it’s my duty to tell you these things.
Five years ago, your grandmother was seriously ill.
Her greatest wish was to see you settle down, and you gave her what she wanted.
But she has recovered now.
You can’t continue to live in a fantasy.
That woman called Su Bei hasn’t come back for five years.
Even if she really exists, you can’t wait for her for a lifetime.
Son, listen to me.
Just move on.
Even if you don’t need a woman by your side, your baby needs a mother.”


Lu Heting gave the steak he had cut to his mother and said, “Mom, eat the food please.
I have something to deal with in the company.”

Then, he stood up abruptly and walked out of the restaurant.

When he was outside, he suddenly stopped and squinted his eyes at the people walking past him.

For a moment, he felt as if he had seen Su Bei among the crowd.

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But the very next second, she seemed to have vanished into thin air.


Though Su Bei hadn’t been able to meet Lu Heting, she had to focus on participating in the company’s event first.

She had worked as a model in the United States.
Because of the natural advantage that her tall frame and long legs gave her, as well as her confidence and her professional skills, she had quickly gained a place in the American model circle.

However, since she had to take care of her son, her working time was limited, so she hadn’t gained much recognition.

But now, Da Bao was old enough to go to school.
Before returning to S Country, she had contacted with Qian Yu Entertainment Company, and signed a one-year contract with them.

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Su Bei went straight to the Hao Jue Hotel.

Tonight, she was going to attend a party thrown by a luxury fashion show that was arranged by the company.


This party was specially arranged for the models and the judges of the fashion show, so that they could get familiar with each other first.


The first round of the test was set to take place in three days.
If a model didn’t perform well at tonight’s party, they would not even qualify to take the first round of the test.


Only after a model passed both the first and second rounds of the test could they officially become a member of the fashion show.
After that, they would be able to earn a considerable amount of money.


The party was held at the Hao Jue Hotel.

When Su Bei arrived at the hotel, her agent, Qiu Minxuan, recognized her at a glance.
Su Bei had a fairly unique face that set her apart from other women.
Her face was small, but it looked cute and exquisite.

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