e was not a man-made beauty.

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At least, he could schedule more shots from different angles.
He should be able to shoot short videos that fitted his requirements.

Su Bei was stunned for a moment.
“Is it over?” she asked in fluent English.

“Of course! I have the final say here,” Baizen answered.
He then packed his things and left.

Su Bei came out of the audition room and told Lv Shan the result.
Lv Shan was surprised and pleased at the same time.
“No matter what his criteria are, you just need to focus on the shooting.
Nothing is better than being able to make money.”

“You are right,” Su Bei agreed.

Lv Shan’s phone rang.
After answering it, she smiled happily and said, “Su Bei, Manager Fan wants to invite you to lunch.
You alone.”

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“Only me?”

“Don’t worry, she’s a woman.
Her name is Fan Yinfang.
Perhaps she’s inviting you to lunch out of kindness.”

The name sounded familiar to Su Bei.
It seemed that she had already heard it somewhere.

She and Lv Shan returned to their hotel.
After changing her clothes, she went to the place that Lv Shan told her.

In a high-end hotel, Su Bei saw Fan Yinfang at a glance.
Now she knew why the name sounded familiar to her.

Fan Yinfang was Du Luo’s cousin, and Su Bei had seen her before.

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It had been five years, so Su Bei had almost forgotten Fan Yinfang’s name.
But she remembered Fan Yinfang the moment she saw her.

No wonder Su Huixian was chosen as Jin Xiu’s brand ambassador.

“Su Bei, come and sit,” Fan Yinfang politely asked Su Bei to sit down.

She was a woman in her late twenties, and she had a well-maintained appearance.
She also smiled when she spoke.
Five years ago, Su Bei called her cousin.

“Hello, Manager Fan,” Su Bei greeted and sat down.

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