“Hera, are you out of your mind?” Zeus rose to the ground in anger, his eyes filled with rage.

“If I’m crazy, it’s because you drove me crazy!”

Hera responded to his gaze unabashedly, her beautiful eyes filled with fire.

She clenched her teeth and stated, “What exactly am I? Your wife, the goddess of marriage and the queen of the gods.
But I can’t even safeguard my marriage; you’re out there with other goddesses every day, and you have so many children; have you ever considered my feelings?”

Zeus was stunned by her sudden questioning, and it took a moment before he responded coldly.

“You still don’t know my painstaking efforts.
If I didn’t love you, would I make you my only queen of the gods? But you know you can only be a queen of gods because I am the king of gods.”

As he said that, he put on his clothes and continued:

“Since I became the King of gods of Olympus, didn’t Poseidon and Hades secretly covet my throne?”

“Although the Titans were defeated, only one-third of them were imprisoned in Tartarus, and the rest still wanted to restore their former glory all the time.
I needed enough combat power to maintain my rule.”

“What is the best way to gain combat power? Of course, it is marriage and childbirth.
I have hooked up with many goddesses over the years, but they have also become my supporters and given birth to many powerful children for me, so The rule of Olympus was firmly established.”

Hera was stunned for a while and then sneered: “This is just your deceitful words.
Can’t I have children? Why must you find those sluts?”

“Hera, you still don’t understand me.”

Zeus sighed, said nothing more, and strolled out of the room.

When he came outside, there was a hint of coldness on the corner of his mouth.

Why do I want to find other goddesses? Oh, Uranus and Cronus were very devoted at the beginning, and the children were born with their own God Queen, but after the Mother of the Earth, Gaea’s instigation, the Twelve Titans rebelled against Uranus.

Our six siblings could defeat Cronus, and the role of mother Rhea in it is also huge.

It was because they were too devoted.
They only have one wife, and their children are all born together.
Once the husband and wife broke up, they could encourage all the children to rebel against their father.

How can I repeat their mistakes and let all children be born by one person?

The only way for my reign to be stable is for me to spread out, with each woman bearing only one or two great heirs for me, and for you to be unable to unite because you have conflicts with one another.”

“Hera, do you understand my painstaking efforts?”

After Zeus left, Hera sat on the throne with a frosty face.
A crystal appeared in her hand.

Inspired by divine power, the crystal showed the scene of Apollo beheading Pi Tong.

Looking carefully at the scene in the crystal, she said with jealousy:

“How could this be? He has the ability to kill Pi Tong at ten.
If I let him grow up, won’t I be ridden on the head by the woman Leto?”

Damn, the ocean is Poseidon’s territory, and Zeus should have noticed some problems.
If I do it myself, I will definitely be discovered by him.”

Saying so, she suddenly thought of someone.

“If he was God of whirlpools, he would definitely kill him on the ocean.”

After deciding, she called Nymph: “Go to the ocean and invite the son of the ruler of the ocean, the God of whirlpools, Achelous, to see me.”


On Delos Island.

Asteria, the goddess of meteors, who had just arrived, listened to her sister’s story in surprise and looked at her nephew, who had grown into a handsome young man after several years, with some disbelief.

“My dear little Apollo, you actually killed Pi Tong.
Even if I were to deal with Pi Tong, it would take a lot of effort.”

She went up to rub Apollo’s cheek and found that the latter had dodged her palm and couldn’t help but blink.

Leto said to her: “I’m afraid that Hera will send the gods to harm them again, and I plan to go to the father and mother to hide for a while.”

Asteria frowned and said, “It’s nothing for you and Artemis to go to your father’s place, but Apollo killed Pi Tong, who was Hera’s pet and a god conferred by Olympus.

If Hera used the power of the queen of the gods to ask the goddess Themis to intervene, she could bring Apollo back to Olympus for trial.

Although the goddess Themis has always been fair, at Olympus, everything will be in the hands of Hera, so Apollo cannot be allowed to go to his father.”

Leto’s face changed, and she said anxiously, “Then, what should we do?”

Asteria thought for a while and smiled:

“You can let little Apollo go to stay with my Hecate for a while; she is favored by the goddess Nyx, and neither the powers of the sky, earth, sea, nor the underworld can be bound to her.”

Leto also nodded.
“Her place is indeed very suitable, but I’ll have to trouble you.”

Apollo’s expression changed, and he suddenly asked, “Is Cousin Hecate on Rivia Island?”

“OK, I’ll take you there right away.” Asteria nodded.

Apollo silently opened the map panel, and there were many treasure chest locations, four of which displayed advanced treasure chests, and one displayed a god-level treasure chest.

Two of the five chests were on Mount Olympus, one on land, and the other two in the sea.

One of them was at Neptune Shrine, and the other was near Rivia Island.

“Well, to prevent him from Hera, we’d better leave,” Asteria said to Leto.

Leto and Artemis looked reluctantly at Apollo.

The latter smiled and said to them, “Don’t worry, Aunt Asteria will definitely take good care of me.”

“I will try harder in the ancient gods, and the next time I see you, I will be the one to protect you,” Artemis said gently.

“I believe in you.” Apollo smiled brightly and said goodbye to her.

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