Goddesses’ Remedy and Dream

Home of Adventurers, Calda City

”Hnn… found it! ”

He managed to take out an empty paper made of papyrus. The paper looked archaic that the soldier could tell it was made at least two decades ago.

He then turned around his horse to face the carriages, ”Stay here and do not make unnecessary movement, well bring you the map and ink to help you out, fair travelers. ”

Xalkren nodded, humming in good notes, ”Hm, thank you. ”, he wanted to slap his right shoulder with a fist to show respect to the kind soldier but it would be painful to his body if he were to injure himself some more.

Kian lightly shook his head looking into Xalkrens eyes, ”You did well. ”

”But of course. ”, he grinned, chuckling once at his friend.

The soldier returned to the two carrying a parcel and a small container of ink in his arm and hand.

He then dropped down his horse and approached Kian with both items in his hands.

”Here you go, fair travelers. I hope you are honest as you two look. ”

Kian nodded, so did Xalkren.

Kian then opened the parcel containing the map of the area they
e in. He squinted his eyes as he searched for {Calda City}s location.

The soldier placed his armored hand against the map, pointing his index finger on their current location.

e currently here, the terrains haven changed since we last acquired this map from {White Haven}. ”

Xalkren nodded as he glided his finger from the noted current location toward {Calda City}.

”Ah, just following the path works. Hopefully they had a bridge to cross that river safely here. ”, he pointed out the small blue line in the maps drawing.

He faced Kian with a smile, ”No need to draw anything, lets give the map and ink back and lets go posthaste. ”

Kian nodded, ”Okay, your call. ”, he said with a deadpan expression before returning back the map as it was rolled into a parcel before.

The soldier thanked them after retrieving back the two items he lent to both of them, ”Thank you. ”

e welcome, sir. ”, said Kian with a smile.

”Then, you two have a safe journey ahead, fair travelers. ”, the soldier bid farewell with them.

Xalkren cupped his fist, showing his respect to the soldier, ”You too as well, kind sire. ”

The soldiers watched as the two of them ran past them in a haste for the city of {Adventurers}.

A person in the carriage caught a glimpse of the {Taoist}s injuries, ”…Ichalis, my son? Should you go and «Heal» that boy over there? ”

A female voice called up a name in front of her as she glanced at the boy wearing a blue and white garment similarly to a priest.

He sighed quietly as he lifted his eyes toward her, ”Mother Rufia, I wouldve done so if you didn tell me to stay inside the carriage. ”

He continued as he closed his eyes, faking his exhaustion, ”Besides, I don help strangers unless its by the Goddess will. ”

The boy with white hair covering one of his pale purple eyes looked back at his dear mother.

Her mother had purple eyes as his and grey long hair reaching down her shoulders.

”Very well, my son. ”, she noticed a soldier glancing into the windows and waved her hand to tell him to move on.

{Holy Cleric}, a class devoted to their Beliefs (mana). The stronger their Beliefs in their higher beings, such as the Goddess Astrade and Goddess Lionella, the stronger their Holy energy.

As usual, {Holy Cleric} can phase into either two steps of paths, {Crusader}, a battle priest ready to strike their foes with their maces, flails and lastly, sledgehammers imbued with the Holy energy.

After reaching the peak of a {Crusader}, one could advance as a {Holy Guardian}, a powerful defensive paladin that serve to mainly protect their allies and attack when attacked.

If one preferred attacking than defending in {Holy Guardian}, one can become a {Grandmaster}, stripping off all of their defensive abilities to charge recklessly into the battlefield in the names of the Goddesses.

If a {Holy Cleric}s preferred weapon was a wand blessed by the Holy energy, they will become a {Battle Priest}.

{Battle Priest} is stronger in their mental beliefs and stronger in channeling their Holy energy than their {Crusader} counterpart.

Channeling powerful Lightning energy down from the heavens was one of the requirements of an {Blessed Inquisitor}.

However, a {Battle Priest} could also become a true support of healing his allies and self in tough battles.

This path is known as {Holy Paragon}, their healing potential was out of the world of Agenda. They could summon down holy relic once an enemys corpse were present in the battlefield.

In summary, {Holy Cleric} can enter a phase of either a {Crusader} or a {Battle Priest}, for {Crusader}, they can phase into either a {Holy Guardian} or a {Grandmaster}.

Lastly, {Battle Priest} could phase into an {Blessed Inquisitor} or a {Holy Paragon}.

Two hours later, the two travelling friends stepped their foot into {Calda City}. There are guards standing guard by the four main entry point gates, North, East, South, West.

They were stopped by the guards at the South Gate. Kian spoke out, not wanting to cause trouble with the entire city.

”We were travelers from {Cold Dread Village}, we didn have a pass entry as we lost them to the destruction befell our home. ”

The guards glanced at each other with a rather shocked expression. One of the guard on Kian and Xalkrens front left then spoke out to them.

”There are survivors? I heard rumours of the «Black Flames» having engulfed the entire village. You two survived that nightmarish night? ”

Xalkren, nodded and replied with a pained expression. His infection were getting worse and worser the longer hes left untreated by a healing priest.

”Yes, I don know if there are others alive aside from us two. I…? ”

Xalkren felt something had blinded him as his visions became too blurry to see the reflection of the guards face.

However, the last thing he heard was from beside him, his friend screaming his name.

”Kuren! ”

Kian managed to catch his friends body from falling down to the stone ground and crack his head open.

The guards noticed the urgency of his infected wounds and had his partner rushed into the city to search for a priest for an aid.

In the midst of the chaos, Xalkren opened his eyes slightly, it was already too heavy for him to keep his eyes open.

He noticed Kian chatting with the guard from the South Gate before catching an unknown sound from his right.

”«Heal!» ”

He gave a side look toward the voice on his right, he felt a sensation of something warming up within his right shoulder.

[A healer…], he slowly drifted back to unconsciousness as he felt extreme fatigue overtaking his worn body.

Fire crackling before being accompanied with burning wood crashing down onto the ground. Everything was burning from the «Black Flames».

A boy kept his eyes wandering around, panting heavily as he yelled with a forced breath, ”Father!!! Mother!!! Where are you!!! ”

It was Xalkren, crying out for his parents in the middle of the burning village. He bit his lips as he kept running around the village, hoping to find anyone he could save.

”Anyone!!! Say something!!! ”

The crackling became louder and louder as he continued deeper into the village and reached at his own home.

His eyes wide open at the sight of his mothers pained expression as a hand was choking down her throat, he rushed in willing to protect his mother but felt a sharp pain suddenly entering his right shoulder.

He looked at the assailant with anger only to replace that emotion with a pale grief stricken look.

”F-Father? W-Why?!! ”, he yelled as loud as he could.

”Why?!!! ”

”Ah! ”

A gasp took Xalkren out of his dreams as he glanced to his right to find the same lady who had healed him.

He lifted his right arm, feeling better than ever.

”Thank you for healing me. ”, he thanked her without wasting another breath of awkwardness.

She mustve saw how Xalkren squirming around in his sleep because of the nightmare hes had.

However, she didn want to pry into his situation as she was informed by his friend about the disastrous night that consumed their village.

Xalkren stood up, stretching his neck and shoulders before putting back his tattered white shirt.

A sigh escaped him as the shirt was his only last momento of his dear mother. It was handsewn by her after all.

”… Ill have to part with this soon. ”, he glanced at the lady wearing a sad face, worrying for his sake.

”Miss, do you know how I can get money to live by? ”

She nodded, ”Yes I do, through the {Adventurers Guild}, doing bounty jobs and requests will garner you expenses for your daily needs. But, instead of inquiring me for more. You should ask your friend. ”

”I see. Thanks. ”, he nodded as he looked around for something missing, ”Do you know where is my dagger? ”

She shook her head but replied positively, ”No, but I think its on your friends person. ”

”Thanks again, Ill be leaving to find him now. ”, Xalkren stepped out of the room and left behind the female priest.

She nodded at nothingness with a gentle saint-like smile, ”May the Goddess bless your heart and soul. ”

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