That night, Han Fei summoned his men over.

 “I will cultivate in seclusion this month.
Now I’ll give you the method for making hot pot.
If you are successful, you can popularize it.
I’ll have to prepare for a trip to the level-one fishery.”

 Upon hearing mention of the level-one fishery, Li Gang and the others looked scared.

 Li Gang asked, “So soon?”

 “Young… Young Master, don’t… Be… Believe… Anyone.”

 Han Fei doubted how Li Gan could survive, but since he could stay in the Heavenly Water Village, he must have done a lot of things in the level-one fishery.
He was certainly not as silly as he looked.

 The next day.

 Han Fei asked for leave from Old Jiang, went to the cultivation hall of The Fish Dragons, and started to cultivate in seclusion.
Old Jiang mocked that he had never heard of a little brat like him cultivate in seclusion! That it was funny!

 Old Jiang didn’t know how many secrets Han Fei had.
If he did, he wouldn’t say.

 This was the first time Han Fei started to practice Indestructible Body Art since he returned.
After all, the cultivation of the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing was something that would take a long time to do, and the effect was definitely not as fast as the Indestructible Body.

 In front of Han Fei, there were 20 bottles of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid and more than 100 Mantis Shrimp Beads.

 At this moment, Han Fei seemed to be steamed, his teeth clenched tightly, and sweat on his head kept flowing down.

 Shit! This Indestructible Body is too f*cking cool! It will actually burn the skin of my whole body with spiritual energy from the inside out, one layer after another, repeated 5 times!

 Han Fei was shocked.
The human skin was divided into 5 layers, namely the stratum corneum, the transparent layer, the granular layer, the spinous cell layer, and the basal layer.

 What the Indestructible Body aimed to do was to strengthen the five layers of skin to be bulletproof.
Thus, the skin had to be burnt countless times.

 Fortunately, Han Fei discovered the benefits of Mantis Shrimp Beads, which helped ease his pain.

 One day.

 Two days.

 Five days.

 Ten days.

 Han Fei didn’t know how many times he repeatedly burnt his skin with spiritual energy.
When he cut his skin with a Blade Fish dagger, his skin wasn’t cut at all.
He seemed to have achieved some progress.

 The next step was to temper his skin with spiritual energy.
Of course, Ren Tianfei didn’t have any spiritual energy at that time.
The method he used was boxing, but his boxing method was not recorded and he thought that, unlike him, the person who inherited his Art should have spiritual energy, so there were actually two ways to practice this step.
Ren Tianfei’s method was more difficult while the one Han Fei adopted needed a lot of spiritual energy.

 But Ren Tianfei would never expect that Han Fei’s spiritual energy storage would have no upper limit.

 When Han Fei consumed 10,000 points of spiritual energy, he had basically acquired the Indestructible Body Art, and this step only took him half an hour.
If it were someone else, they would have to spend at least two months to collect 10,000 points of spiritual energy and cultivate, provided they could use all the stored spiritual energy on skin tempering.
But it took time to accumulate spiritual energy! So Han Fei reckoned that if it were someone else, it would take them over 3 months at least, but he only needed half an hour.

 Oh, it’s so f*cking difficult.
This is just skin tempering.
What will I still have to suffer to temper my flesh?

 Han Fei shivered as he remembered how painful it felt while tempering his skin.

 Han Fei stabbed himself with an ordinary Blade Fish dagger only to hear a click, and the dagger was broken…

 Wow, that’s awesome!

 Han Fei was dumbfounded.
The Indestructible Body is so powerful! A Blade Fish dagger that can cut anything in ordinary fisheries was broken when it cut his body! In addition to a little pain, he felt nothing except for leaving a shallow white mark on his skin that could be easily rubbed away.

 Han Fei took out a mortal-level dagger made with the Demon Purification Pot and gently poked his skin with it.

 His skin remained intact.
Han Fei thought to himself, Am I not exerting enough strength? So he used almost half of his strength this time.

 This time, Han Fei saw an obvious white mark on his skin, but it still didn’t bleed.

 OK, this time let me use seventy percent of my strength.


 Looking at the blood mark appearing on his arm, Han Fei realized that his skin was not truly bulletproof.
After all, it was a mortal-level dagger made with the calabash.
However, it suddenly occurred to Han Fei that he would be able to block 70% of the attack force from an enemy of the same level as him even if he was hit, but the weapon the other party used should be at least of mortal level, high quality.
If it was just a Blade Fish dagger or something similar, it might be broken directly.

 Haha! Great… I’ve only made small progress in practicing the Indestructible Body.
What if I completely master it? The point is that I can practice it all the way down! I can practice it when I become a great fishing master, so can I when I become a Dangling Fisher… 

Han Fei had realized the power of the Art.
An art that required 100 million points of spiritual energy to deduce certainly couldn’t be simple!

 In the last 10 days, Han Fei used 7 bottles of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid, 49 Mantis Shrimp Beads, and more than 16,000 points of spiritual energy.
This was a great consumption.
If it was converted into mid-quality pearls, there must be hundreds of them.

 Well, it’s impossible to master this Art to the fullest extent in such a short period of time.
I might as well practice the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing to increase the strength of my entire body.

 After another 7 days, Han Fei found that his upper limit of spiritual energy was stuck at 599 points.

 He looked at the data.

 : Han Fei

 : 13 (Junior Fishing master)

 : 140,006 (599)

 : Level Three, Mid-Quality (Upgradable)

 : Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish

 : Purple Bamboo Rod

 : Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)


 The upgradeable button for his spiritual heritage remained gray.
But his upper limit of spiritual energy seemed to be less! Han Fei felt that his upper limit of spiritual energy increased quickly when he was still a fisher, but now it was increasing more and more slowly.
It would only rise by a dozen points or so each level he upgraded.

 No, there must be a way to continue to increase my upper limit.
Since both my spiritual heritage and level have been upgraded, my upper limit of spiritual energy should also be increased.

 Han Fei did not dwell on this problem.
After all, in terms of the upper limit of spiritual energy, even a peak-level fishing master was no match for him now.

 Han Fei calculated the time he had spent.
It took him 17 days to practice the Indestructible Body and the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing, plus 3 days he spent before, so now he only had less than 10 days!

 Han Fei took out the method given to him by the village leader on how to contract a spiritual beast.

 Huh? Do I have to recite these words?

 Yes, it was not difficult to contract a spiritual beast.
You just needed to recite some words, or to be precise, a mantra.

 “I swear with my essence and blood, spiritual energy, and Sea God, and hereby brand the contract in my mind…”

 Han Fei frowned.
This contracting method seemed a bit strange.
Why should the contract be branded in my mind? But then he thought this was just a ceremony, and he didn’t have to worry too much.

 So Han Fei started to recite the mantra, thinking this would only take him one hour at most.

 However, when Han Fei was reciting it, the blood welled up inside him and he couldn’t mobilize his essence and blood, and the oath could not be branded into his mind at all.

 After trying for five or six times, Han Fei failed. Was this that difficult to recite? If it was, why should I go to a level-one fishery as soon as I became a fishing master?

 Subconsciously, Han Fei wanted to see if the Demon Purification Pot had a way to solve this problem, but when he looked at it, he found there was a word Demon “Purification” next to “Refining.”

 “Demon Purification?”

 Han Fei curiously clicked on it, only to be reminded that it required 50,000 points of spiritual energy to activate it.

 Gosh… This is robbery!

 No, wait… Is it because of this that I can’t recite it? Otherwise, why would the word “Demon Purification” happen to appear at this time? This is doubtful…


 No matter if Han Fei was willing or not, he would have to spend 50,000 points of spiritual energy anyway.
Since he still had some spiritual energy left, he might as well activate it now.

 After fifteen minutes, Han Fei was dumbfounded.

 The so-called demon purification was to fuse different demons and transform them into a new life?

 “Damn, that’s terrific!”

 Han Fei took a deep breath.
In this way, he would be able to fuse demonic fishes without limit until a rare or even more advanced demonic fish was produced? And it didn’t need any stupid contract.

 Han Fei muttered, Demon Purification Pot, is this magical skill your core function?

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