Everyone was stunned.
What the hell? A 12-year-old kid wanted to found a gang?

 Among the crowd, Wang Jie was stupefied and felt as if there were ten thousand Iron-Headed Fish fighting in his heart. Did I hear him wrong? Han Fei wants to found a gang? Seriously?

 Zhang Han was also dumbfounded. Are you kidding me, Han Fei? Do you have any idea how old you are?

 Even Li Gang and Li Qing were stunned. Is Young Master alright? Is he crazy? They lowered their head and avoided people’s gaze.
We’d better just focus on making barbecue.

 Han Fei glanced around and got no response from the crowd, so he said, “Everyone, The Fish Dragons have just been established.
We’ll only recruit 200 members for now.
And, from today on, The Fish Dragons will take over all of the Tigers’ properties.
Even Li Jue was killed by me.
I’d like to see if anyone dares to reject me.”

 With that, Han Fei snorted and the members of the Tigers all trembled in fright.
Their leader was dead and now they were like lambs to the slaughter!

 However, someone in the crowd still shouted angrily, “How can you just take over our property like this? That’s illegal!”

 Han Fei said casually, “I remember when the Tigers and the Wang Family competed for territory, you guys committed many crimes, didn’t you?”

 With that, Han Fei pointed to the man who spoke.
“I announce that any former members of the Tigers who didn’t commit any crimes and are at least a level-8 fisher can join the Fish Dragons, and all other members will be expelled… Including the one who spoke just now.”

 Among the crowd, someone suddenly shouted, “I want in.
I didn’t kill or bully anyone.
I joined the Tigers just to live a good life.”

 Some people immediately chose to join and many more were moved by Han Fei’s words because the condition Han Fei offered was too tempting to them.
The Tigers had so many properties.
If the bad guys were expelled, they would be able to have a finger in the pie.
Then they wouldn’t have to worry about their well-being anymore.

 “I’m in.
I’m just an off-staff member of the Tigers, but I’m already a level-8 fisher.”

 “I’m in too…”

 “Me too…”

 A member of the Tigers angrily rebuked them, “You traitors, do you think you will be better off if Han Fei becomes your leader?”

 Some people retorted, “What do you mean by traitors? Li Jue is such a badass.
If I were strong enough, I would have killed him earlier!”

 The Tigers instantly split into two factions, which Han Fei was glad to see.

 Han Fei said, “All those who are willing to join The Fish Dragons go register with Li Qing… Li Qing, choose the eligible people in strict accordance with my standards and take down their information.
Don’t miss anyone, understood?”

 Li Qing moved his lips and in the end, he simply said, “Yes, Young Master.”

 At this moment, only some former members of the Tigers joined the Fish Dragons, so Han Fei continued, “Everyone, please listen to me.
I promise I’ll lead the Fish Dragons to prosperity, to the pinnacle of life.
Look at the Most Delicious Barbecue Stall in the World! With this little stall, I make a fortune! And now, I’ve decided to open a large hot pot restaurant respectively in the four fairs of the Heavenly Water Village.
On the day they open, all the food will be sold at half price…”

 “What is a hot pot restaurant?”

 No one knew and everyone was curious.

 “Hot pot is an unparalleled delicacy.
It is just as delicious as barbecue, or even better.
We’ll offer you a 50 percent discount when the restaurants open.
The managers of these restaurants will be chosen from the members of the Fish Dragons.
You can also apply for jobs in these restaurants… My fellow villagers, please think it over.
Opportunity seldom knocks twice… You have already wasted the first half of your life.
Why not give it a try to change the second half?”

 Present were all fishermen who only knew fishing.
How could they resist Han Fei’s temptation? The hot pot was even more delicious and profitable than barbecue.
Of course, they wanted to earn easy money! Who wanted to risk his own life and go fishing in the sea every day?

 The crowd was instantly in an uproar.

 “I want in.
Leader, I am a level-nine fisher.
Look how strong I am.”

 “Go away.
Leader, count me in.
I am hard-working and kind-hearted.”

 “Get out of the way.
Me, me, Leader, don’t forget me.
I am quite talented at cooking.”

 Han Fei waved his hand.
“Don’t rush, don’t rush.
If you want to join, sign up with Li Qing.
Also, this is only the first time we are recruiting members.
Our members must have a good moral quality.
As our business expands, we’ll need more members.
Anyone who is willing to join us will be given a chance.”

 “Uncle Qing, I, I want to sign up.”

 “Brother Qing, we knew each other long ago.
Sign me up!”

 “Master Qing…”

 It was completely out of control.
The crowd didn’t even have time to take the free barbecue as they swarmed around Li Qing, congesting the street.
Even the nearby hawkers stopped doing business and came to sign up.
Could their business be as profitable as the barbecue stall? If they could join the hot pot restaurants, they would be able to make a fortune!

 Li Gang and Little Red were stupefied. Young Master, you’re our hero! You’re our god!

 Wang Jie finally pushed his way through the crowd to Li Gang and patted him on the shoulder.
“Pack a portion of barbecue for me please.”

 Still sitting on the shed, Han Fei looked at Wang Jie and said, “Mr.
Wang, do you want to join us? You can be our elder and I can pay you 10 mid-quality pearls a month…

 Wang Jie rejected, “Hoho, I am too busy.”


 The village leader was not surprised when he heard the news, although Han Fei was a little bit beyond his expectations.
Not bad, this kid!

 Although he was the leader of the Heavenly Water Village, he couldn’t take care of everything in the village.
Although the Tigers had been bullying other villagers for years, according to the rules of the floating island, he had no right to stop them, so he could only watch the villagers be bullied by them.

 Now the Tigers had been wiped out and The Fish Dragons appeared.
Many people hoped the latter would not oppress them.
If The Fish Dragons didn’t bully them, they didn’t mind their existence and would even support it.

 Han Fei did not return to the plantation that day, but he led more than two hundred of his men to harvest the properties of the Tigers, which certainly included Li Jue’s residence and his treasure house.

 The treasure house of the Tigers… No, of The Fish Dragons.

 Han Fei looked at the treasure in this room.
There were a lot of knives, swords, and halberds, a trunk of mid-quality pearls, tentacles and shrimp whiskers, and a set of armor forged with fishbone, as well as some low-level combat skills.
In addition to these, there were some ores, which no one knew where Li Jue got them from…

 Han Fei muttered, “So poor.”

 Everyone: “…”

 After a while, Li Qing came and saluted, “Leader…”

 “Just call me Young Master.”

 Li Qing paused and then said, “Yes, Young Master.
The members of the Tigers who committed crimes or refuse to surrender have been expelled.
And there are three fishing Young Masters of the Tigers who want to Join us.
What do you think?”

 “Have they committed any crimes? Or killed any innocent people?”

 Li Qing assured him, “Only one of them hasn’t, the other two have.”

 Han Fei instructed, “Expel the two and bring that one to see me.”

 “Yes, Boss.”

 Li Qing felt very proud and elated now.
At one time, he was worried that he would be targeted since he betrayed the Tigers.
Now the Tigers were wiped out, which proved what a wise decision he had made! He had forgotten that he was actually persuaded by Han Fei.

 After a while, Li Qing led a person in, who was tall and looked a bit simple-minded.

 “Young… Young… Young Master.”

 Han Fei blinked.
“What, what… What’s your name?”

 This man was stunned for a moment. Is the new leader laughing at me? But I can only put up with it now!

 “I… I… I’m Li Gan.”


 Li Gan: “???”

 “Talk less and do more.
Then you won’t be tired.”

 Li Gan: “???”

 Han Fei was curious with this fisher.
“Why have you never bullied others or killed innocent people although you’re a fishing master of the Tigers?”

 Li Gan stuttered, “They… They thought I… I… Would… Disgrace them… When… I was… Out with them.”

 Han Fei felt a bit suffocated. If I were Li Jue, I wouldn’t have taken you out with me either.
You haven’t finished your words yet even when the fight is already over.
Isn’t it embarrassing?

 Han Fei could only say, “In the future, you will be an important member of The Fish Dragons.
As long as you do not violate the principles of our gang, no one dares to laugh at you!”

 “Yes… Yes… Young… Young Master.”


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