Chapter 903: The Tough Guy, Yue Shier

Han Fei had planned to go to the Snake Sounding cave first because there were still a lot of things there.
He somehow had a feeling that there couldn’t be just a big snake.

However, compared to the snake cave where the treasure had been taken, Han Fei was most attracted to places with battles because it meant that he had people to rob.

500 kilometers away, among the reefs, Han Fei perceived an acquaintance.

“Yue Shier?”

Han Fei was speechless. This idiot is fighting sea demons!

One person against 68 sea demons?

Besides, Han Fei saw nearly 40 sea demon remains on the ground.

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
It turns out that besides him, there were other people who could fight against hundreds of enemies alone!

But why were there so many sea demons here?

This didn’t make sense.
Didn’t the sea demons need opportunities? Did sea demons have to appear in groups? If this was the case, how could they find humans on this ancient battlefield so easily?

However, at this moment, Yue Shier was seriously injured.
He was stained with blood, his abdomen was pierced, and his shoulder had a broken golden harpoon stuck in it.

Even so, Yue Shier was still very brave at the moment.
At this moment, three sea demons were madly bombarding him with Sea God Descends.

And Yue Shier, while holding a stick in one hand, a large shadow of a blue dragon roared and neighed behind him.
Every time he brandished the stick, a dragon shadow erupted.

At this moment, he was thrusting the long stick at the opponent, setting off surging waves.

The next second, the stick shattered and the sea demon died.

During this period, Yue Shier was stabbed in the waist and flew out, breaking the huge reef to pieces.

However, even in midair, Yue Shier could still grab his armor box, so he hacked out and shattered a whale shadow.

Han Fei was dumbfounded at the scene.
Yue Shier looked so silly, squatting at the door of his house with a bowl in his hand all day long.
He didn’t expect him to be so good at fighting.
Every time he was injured, a sea demon died.

Besides, Yue Shier didn’t seem to be affected by his wounds at all.
He kept taking weapons from his armor box and fighting the sea demons, looking so confident and powerful.

“Wow, this fool!”

Han Fei swam over quickly to help.

Although he didn’t know why he had to fight so many enemies alone, Han Fei appreciated his courage.

At this moment, the sea demons fighting Yue Shier were all advanced Sea Demon Realm experts or even peak-level ones in addition to many Heavenly Talents

The sea demons were obviously horrified by Yue Shier.

A sea demon said in horror, “Does this human want to die? How can he still fight?”

Another sea demon answered in shock, “Master Feather is right.
Human Heavenly Talents are terrifying.
He is the most fearless person I’ve ever seen.”

Someone shouted, “Although we are not his match, we can’t just escape.
Flying Harpoon Array!”

Dozens of harpoons flew across in the air, but Yue Shishi didn’t even frown.
He seemed to activate an unknown secret method.
Under the stunned gazes of Han Fei and the sea demons, four more hands grew out of him, making him look like a demon god.

Han Fei’s eyes widened suddenly. F*ck, are you deity? Where are your other two heads?

Yue Shier clapped the armor box and six long knives flew out, and he held them in his hands.

Being stabbed by a sea demon, Yue Shier just let blood flow from his body and said calmly, “Scattered Stars Island, Empyrean Waterfall, Yue Shier, here today to break the array.
Anyone who stands in my way shall die.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. Is this guy crazy? Your blood is almost all drained from your body, OK?

The next moment, Yue Shier had already launched a charge against these sea demons.

Han Fei could even hear someone exclaiming on the other end, “Mad, this human being is mad!”

“Let’s gang up on him.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sky was full of harpoons and dazzling white light.
In the harpoon array, every time Yue Shier cut a harpoon, a new long knife would fly out of the armor box.


By the time Han Fei arrived, Yue Shier had already smashed more than 20 harpoons including two golden harpoons.

A Half-Mermaid Heavenly Talent suddenly shouted, “Sea God Descends, Raging God Collides.”

Then a big whale rammed out, trying to ram Yue Shier to death.

Yue Shier didn’t fight back, but rather looked back and grinned stupidly.

Han Fei rolled his eyes.
“What are you looking at? Retreat!”

Yue Shier threw out all the six knives, and the sharp blades crushed the big whale that rushed over.

Han Fei flew up and threw a Divine Healing Technique on Yue Shier.
And the Void Lines, controlling a powerhouse at the peak-level of the Sea Demon Realm, went around behind these sea demons.


Han Fei stood in front of Yue Shier.
“Does fighting so many sea demons alone make you feel good?”

A Half-Merman Heavenly Talent grinned in anger.
“There are so many human lunatics indeed.
Here comes another one.”

Ignoring him, Han Fei looked back and found that Yue Shier was already sitting on the ground.
He quickly stuffed a spiritual fruit into his mouth.

Yue Shier gave him an innocent smile.
“Are you OK? If not, I can still fight.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes.
“Come on! Your legs are shaking.”

Yue Shier grinned and scratched his head.
“I’m a bit tired.”

Swish, Swish, Swish!

As they were talking, harpoons darted at them.

Han Fei snorted and punched out.

Crack, Crack, Crack!

The harpoons were bursting.


The Phantom Glass Wings spread out, and Han Fei hurried out in a straight line.

In that straight line, there seemed to be a row of Han Feis.

Someone exclaimed, “It’s Han Fei.
Brothers, this time we are destined to be famous.
Kill Han Fei and open the way to the Royal City!”

“Roar, Roar, Roar!”

Han Fei looked dumbfounded. What does killing me have to do with going to the Royal City?

As far as I know, no one has ever been to The Royal City.
What does this have to do with me?

Han Fei discovered that these sea demon’s eyes glowed when they saw him as if they saw a hot pot of delicacies.
All the sea demons activated their secret methods and at least five of them pounced on him.


Han Fei flashed, rushed into the crowd and killed a sea demon with the Blood-Drinking Knife, yelling, “Are you crazy? You idiots.”

Among the sea demons, he threw out the golden seal and activated the Nine Mansions Dragon Seal.
A shadow of a hill appeared and knocked down many sea demons’ heads.

Of course, this was an illusion.
What Han Fei really used was the law of gravity.


Almost at the same time, more than 40 sea demons were crushed on the ground.

Swish, Swish, Swish!



Han Fei, like a phantom, flickered across in the crowd.
Every time he raised his knife, a sea demon would die.

Standing not far away, Yue Shier was stunned by the scene.
He scratched his head from time to time and said, “Very strong! It seems that I can’t beat him.”

The sea demons were also dumbfounded. Is this a single person, not an army?

Someone tried to enter the field of gravity to help.
However, as soon as he came in, he fell to the ground.
Before he could run out, Han Fei had already beheaded him.

And the powerhouse controlled by the Void Lines was also rushing over.

Someone smiled and said, “It’s Master Yu Fen.
He must have brought reinforcements over.”

However, the smile on that sea demon’s face hadn’t yet disappeared before he was stabbed to death by Yu Fen, controlled by Han Fei.

Someone yelled, “Yu Fen, what are you doing?”

However, Yu Fen didn’t seem to hear anything but kept killing.
Three of the sea demons had been able to resist the law of gravity, but they hadn’t adapted yet.

Han Fei grabbed the gold seal and smashed it at one of them, and he was beaten down.

The Infinity Water that turned into countless sharp knives, together with the law of gravity, swept across the sea demons like a flying dragon.

The situation of the battle was immediately reversed by Han Fei alone.

After three minutes, Han Fei discovered that Yu Fen, who he controlled, had been stabbed to death.
Because he was still under Han Fei’s control, he didn’t even use the Immortal Seal.

Only 13 escaped from the law of gravity and all the rest had almost been killed.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

The Nine Mansions Dragon Seal was activated again and again.
In the law of gravity, two Heavenly Talents and a sea demon at the peak-level of the Sea Demon Realm were crushed.


In such a short time, the sea demons that greatly outnumbered them had all escaped.
30 of them escaped and the rest were all killed.

Han Fei checked the sea demon’s Sea Swallowing Seashell and asked Yue Shier, “Is there a seal here?”

Yue Shier nodded.
“Yes! I found it.
It’s that red reef just 20 kilometers ahead.”

Han Fei took a look and found there was a big red strange stone indeed, which was protected by a spiritual barrier

No wonder there were so many sea demons here.
They didn’t want humans to come here to destroy the seal.

In fact, Han Fei was also hesitant at this moment.
He might as well not break the seal.
After all, on this ancient battlefield, there were still many people waiting for him to rob.

However, he had seen it.
What should he do with the seal?

Yue Shier slowly got up.
“I owe you my life.
I’ll remember this.”

Han Fei looked at him with a strange look and asked, “Is your soul beast a dragon?”

Yue Shier gave an honest smile.
“No, it’s an Immortal Golden Serpent, not a dragon.”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. It sounds so powerful! Immortal? No wonder he dares to be so reckless.

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