Li Jue got the news early in the morning that Han Fei stole his own fishing boat and went out to sea.
For this reason, the village leader said that when Han Fei came back, he would lock his fishing boat in his house and make him stay put on the floating island.

 The news couldn’t be concealed.
Li Jue had been waiting for this moment a long time.
A few days ago, Han Fei killed a fishing master of the Tigers, although he was still a fisher.
If Han Fei was given more time, he might really end up as his whetstone and never be able to avenge his son.

 Li Jue went out to sea too.
Instead of leaving from the main port, he left secretly.

 Although Li Jue left secretly, his action did not escape the eyes of some people.

 At this moment, the plantation.

 The village leader was angry.
“Old Jiang, why did you let that kid go to sea? If he dies at sea, how would I explain it to Tang Ge when he returns?”

 Old Jiang lay on his chair and said slowly, “You know nothing! Tang Ge kept Li Jue as a whetstone for that kid! If he doesn’t go through hardships, why does he need a whetstone? If he dies, then he can only blame himself for his incompetence.
Who else can he blame?”

 The village leader shouted, “Easier said than done! You are not the village leader.
Of course, you are not under pressure.
Also, Li Jue has already gone to sea.
Although I have asked Wang Jie to look for Han Fei, I’m not sure if he can find him since the fishery is so big.

 Jiang Qin appeared at the moment.
“Han Fei is not as weak as you think.
Although he is unable to beat Li Jue, he won’t have any problem escaping.”

 The village leader:”???”

 The village leader was stunned.
What did she mean? Did she mean that a fisher wouldn’t have any problem surviving the hunt of a fishing master who already reached a peak level?


 Outside the cave, Han Fei cheerfully picked out the Mantis Shrimp Beads from the heads of the Mantis Shrimp, and at the same time, stuffed the body of the Mantis Shrimp King into Forge the Universe.
His shell was tough indeed.
He could make some knives from it.

 Only 168 Mantis Shrimp Beads?

 Han Fei looked at the bodies scattered all over the place and was shocked.
The combat power of Mantis Shrimp was really strong! Only a hundred Mantis Shrimp had killed thousands of fish and crabs, half of which were killed by the Mantis Shrimp King.
If he weren’t bitten to death by Little Black, he would have been able to kill even more fishes and crabs.

 After swimming out of the trench, Han Fei glanced at the shipwrecks and went straight to the sea surface.

 On the way, a Snakebelt wanted to come over to bite Han Fei, but the current Little Black was not the fish he was yesterday.
He had grown ten centimetres longer and no longer looked like a baby fish.
The Snakebelt was instantly bitten in two by Little Black, completely unable to fight back.

 Han Fei stuck his head out of the sea, and his first reaction was that it seemed to have just dawned.
Han Fei let out a breath. That’s great.
Although the Boat Burying Pit was not very remote, it was nearly 500 miles away from the Heavenly Water Village.
There won’t be many people coming here to fish.

 “Little Black, Little White, go find my ship.”

 Han Fei didn’t see his boat.
No one knew where it had drifted after the whole night had passed, but it should be within 50 miles.

 So Han Fei practiced Wind Footwork while searching around.

 If someone was nearby at the time, their jaw would drop.
A guy was walking on the sea like flying.
Although he could only fly dozens of metres at a time before falling into the sea, he was still flying.

 By the time Han Fei found the white fishing boat, it was already thirty miles away.
Before finding it, he ran in the wrong direction, so he came to the original spot again.
During this time, he saw two fishing boats and some people fishing.
Han Fei certainly couldn’t let them see him, so he swam underwater like a big humanoid fish.


 When he got on the boat, Han Fei wasn’t in a hurry to go back.
After all, he stole the fishing boat and snuck out to sea.
He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get out again after going back, and he would probably be made to till the land in the plantation.
But Han Fei didn’t want to do that now.
He had learned Spirits Concentration Art.
Unless the old man was willing to teach him something new, he didn’t want to till the land now.

 Perhaps Jiang Qin could teach him some new combat skills, but after thinking about it, he thought that the 5 combat skills he had just practiced were enough for now.
And what good stuff could be found in the Heavenly Water Village? He might as well stay at sea to study the Indestructible Body.
This Art was really cool.

 Of course, Han Fei was not in a hurry to study that art now.
He began to practice the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing.
He had just become a fishing master and needed to harden his body.

 When Han Fei practiced the 108 stances again, he felt that they were easier to practice.
Maybe it was because his strength had been improved.
It would normally take him nearly 6 hours to practice all the 108 stances before, but now he only needed 4 hours.

 Just when Han Fei was practicing the eighth posture, with a swish, something came out of the air.


 Han Fei immediately stopped practicing and ducked aside, only to see a fish hook shining with spiritual energy appear in front of him.

 A fishing boat appeared out of nowhere dozens of metres away.

 When Li Jue found out that his map had been stolen and that Han Fei stole the ship and slipped away, he knew that Han Fei must have read his map.
He thought that Han Fei would go to the Undersea Cave first, but he didn’t find Han Fei there, so he went to the Spirit Absorbing Jellyfish Settlement.
After all, he had gotten his Tiger-Head Fish from there.

 However, Li Jue was surprised to find that he wasn’t there either, so he guessed that this damned guy must have gone to the Boat Burying Pit.
Li Jue hoped that Han Fei wouldn’t go there because if he did, he would be torn to pieces, but Li Jue wanted revenge with his own hands.
After all, the Mantis Shrimp king was too terrifying.
He felt lucky that he was able to survive him last time.

 “Han Fei, you b*stard, I’ve got you! You won’t be able to escape today!”

 Looking at Li Jue who came leaping forward, Han Fei grabbed in the air and with a flash, the Purple Bamboo Rod appeared in his hand.


 Han Fei stepped back seven or eight steps feeling his arms slightly numb.
He squinted.
Li Jue was really a worthy peak-leveled fishing master.
His strength was shocking.

 But he didn’t know that Li Jue was also shocked.
How can Han Fei be safe and sound after being hit by me?

 “You’re already a fishing master?”

 Han Fei twisted his neck.
“I’ve just become a fishing master and you just happen to come around.”

 Li Jue was shocked.
This bastard was so talented? He used to suspect that it was because of Tang Ge’s help that Han Fei had been upgrading so quickly and smoothly.
But now Tang Ge had left.
Which level was Han Fei at when Tang Ge left? But now Han Fei was already a fishing master?

 Li Jue’s face changed slightly.
“Even if you’re a fishing master, so what? I must kill you today!”

 “How do you know that I’m not purposely waiting for you here? Your movement is restricted in the floating Island, so is mine.
Since you’ve come here, just stay here forever.”

 “Arrogant bastard! Go to hell…”

 After Li Jue launched a wild spiritual energy explosion attack, Han Fei, who also exerted a spiritual energy explosion attack, was shaken more than 20 metres away.
Han Fei’s arms were numb and his internal organs were tumbling.
He felt very uncomfortable.

 However, just when Li Jue thought that Han Fei was about to fall into the water, Han Fei walked back on the air as if a gust of wind had sent him back.
His face turned ferocious and he let out a strange laugh, which was a bit creepy.

 “How is this possible?”

 Li Jue was really shocked.
He used eighty percent of his force on the last hit, but Han Fei remained intact and could even fight back?

 Clang! Clang! Clang!

 Han Fei moved extremely fast.
The Purple Bamboo Rod danced in his hand like a dagger and stabbed at Li Jue’s eyes, throat, private parts, armpits, and other vital parts of his body.

 “That’s strange.
What secret technique are you using?”

 Li Jue’s face changed.
Han Fei was stronger than just now, which he could obviously feel.

 Han Fei was a little crazy and his attacks were getting fiercer and fiercer.
The power of each blow was overwhelming, and he thought to himself, Since the creator of the Crazy Devil’s Rod killed two fishing masters with the strength of a fisher, why can’t I?

 However, after ten minutes or so, Han Fei found that Li Jue remained silent but didn’t retreat in the slightest.
They seemed to be equal.

 Huh? Does this old fox want to exhaust my spiritual energy?


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