Chapter 874: Twisted Domain

Han Fei and the other refiners looked at each other in bewilderment.

In the end, it was Yu Xu who said unhurriedly, “There’s no need to repeat.
Those who can follow already understand, those who can’t follow won’t understand no matter how many times he repeats himself.
Han Fei’s plan involves a lot of knowledge of arrays.
Those who don’t have enough knowledge can hardly comprehend a combination of three hundred arrays.”

Li Feiyun nodded.
“That’s true.
However, Han Fei, there are a few problems regarding your plan.”

Han Fei grinned and continued immediately, “Do tell me, Senior.”

Li Feiyun said, “In the phase of Spirit Polishing, I don’t think using the absorption of these few arrays is enough to gather the essence of materials.”

Han Fei nodded.
“That’s the key to Spirit Polishing.
My current arrays aren’t enough to solve the problem, but I’m sure someone can.”

Li Feiyun nodded.
“The combination of five classes is indeed tricky.
Shouldn’t there be more? You’ve only fused offensive arrays.”

Han Fei smiled.
“Of course there should be more.
In my opinion, a standard weapon cannot meet everybody’s requirement, so balance should be what we pursue.
It should be good enough as long as it doesn’t have obvious flaws in any aspect.”

Li Feiyun nodded.
“Okay, I’ll personally take care of the matter.”

Bei Huo asked, “What’s the point of a second polishing?”

“To further stabilize the Semi-Divine weapons.
That’s a necessary step.
Without it, it’ll be impossible to craft Semi-Divine weapons.”

Bei Huo thought for a moment.
“It seems to be too simple.”

Han Fei chuckled.
“I can’t paint a more complicated one!”

Mu Jia’er was stunned.
“I don’t follow.”

Guan Qingyan was already collecting Han Fei’s fish skins.
“The design is flawless.
If a mold can be created according to such a design, the odds of success will be almost a hundred percent.
It’s incredible.”

In the end, Yu Xu laughed and said, “This method is not bad.
Although a lot of parts of the plan require improvements, it works in general.
We can try it later.”

Then, Yu Xu threw the certificate of a four-star refiner to Han Fei.
“With that design alone, Han Fei, you’re already qualified as a four-star refiner.”

Han Fei grinned.
“What about five stars?”

Yu Xu smiled and said, “If you can craft the mold right now, I’ll hand over a five-star refiner certificate to you immediately.”

Han Fei waved his hand.
“Never mind.
I might as well wait!”

Han Fei thought to himself, I can already craft Divine weapons, although I have to use the Demon Purification Pot.
However, when it comes to the ultra-quality spiritual weapons, my odds of success are already a hundred percent.

He would’ve been qualified as a five-star refiner if he could seal spirits without the Demon Purification Pot.

Yu Xu asked, “Han Fei, you were already qualified as a four-star refiner, weren’t you? What else do you want besides the certificate?”

Han Fei said, “Can my duty of crafting more than a thousand ultra-quality spiritual weapons be waived?”

Immediately, Xie Qingqing and the others all looked at Han Fei suspiciously, wondering if he had come up with this plan just to evade his duty.

Yu Xu calculated for a moment.
A thousand ultra-quality spiritual weapons with sealed spirits are worth thirty to forty million points.
I’ll just free you from this duty.”

Han Fei said again, “Well, I’m rather short on cash… It would be great if I could have a hundred thousand kilograms of spiritual spring instead, hahaha…”


Yu Xu lost balance and would’ve fallen to the ground without Li Feiyun’s support because of Han Fei’s shocking request.

Bei Huo said quickly, “Han Fei, that much spiritual spring energy is too rare.
Just drop it.
Here’s five million credit points.
You can buy whatever you want from the Logistics Division.”

Li Feiyun also said, “That’s right.
Your design is just a plan.
If you can carry it out, you’ll have the claim to a hundred thousand kilograms of spiritual spring.
But it’s not carried out yet.
Also, you just got a four-star certificate and were freed from your duties of the past year.
Bei Huo is already generous enough to give you five million points.”

Han Fei secretly thought, If you can craft a human version of the Refining Divine Platform, it will be invaluable… Never mind, I’m not a petty man.
Five million credit points are good enough.

Han Fei suddenly remembered that he had given five million credit points to Le Renkuang earlier, asking him to collect spiritual fruits for him.
He wondered how the collection went.

Unfortunately, Le Renkuang was in the middle of a breakthrough.
He’d better not interrupt him.
He wasn’t short of anything.

He asked Le Renkuang to prepare so many spiritual fruits exactly for the sixth level of the True Spirit Fishing Art.

Old Han had mentioned that he could get the sixth level of the True Spirit Fishing Art.
Considering the pattern of the True Spirit Fishing Art, the deduction of the sixth level would require a billion points of spiritual energy, and the seventh level would probably require ten billion.

Han Fei felt a strong headache as he thought about it.

Since he couldn’t get the spiritual spring, Han Fei instantly said, “Well, that’s my plan.
You guys can go back to work! I just remembered that there’s something I need to do at the Empyrean Waterfall.”

Bei Huo suddenly asked, “Huh? Weren’t you going to the Scattered Stars First Unit?”

Han Fei smiled.
“That was six days ago.
I’m not needed anymore… Right, Senior Bei Huo, when you meet Senior Liang Tian, don’t tell him that I was here.
I’m too occupied to find him myself…”

Guan Qingyan shouted after him, “Hey, Brother Han…”

Han Fei said without looking back, “You can read and learn the design first.
We’ll talk next time!”

After Han Fei ran away, Bei Huo dismissed everybody and shook his head.
“Han Fei is not focused on refining at all.
However, he is quite smart to come up with such a systematic mold.
He did not waste his talent.”

Li Feiyun said casually, “It’s a shame that we never looted a Refining Divine Platform from the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, otherwise… Huh, isn’t Han Fei’s idea very similar to the Refining Divine Platform?”

Yu Xu said casually, “Their ultimate purpose is undoubtedly the same.
However, due to the difference between humans and sea demons, some of the steps must be different.
The combination of the five classes, for example, is much more complicated than the Refining Divine Platform…”

In the sky…

Phew! I’m finally free! I’ll never go back.
Well, now that they’ve met me again, they probably won’t blame me for my long-time absence anymore.
I have to fight with Wuming to improve my techniques… Well, I also have to make exchanges with the big turtle.

On his way to the Empyrean Waterfall, Han Fei was going to have some spiritual fruits, when he was astonished by the changes in Forge the Universe.

“Hiss! Why is Forge the Universe bigger now?” Han Fei exclaimed.

Han Fei was stunned.
Ever since the trip in the level-three fishery, Han Fei had never purposefully expanded Forge the Universe, but it was already twice as large as before.

When did this happen?

Han Fei had never noticed it because he hadn’t been in Forge the Universe recently.
He only spotted it a moment ago when he felt something wrong.

When Han Fei looked for the reason, he discovered to his surprise that the Star Shell had been moved to the top of this space at some point.

Huh? The Star Shell increased the space of Forge the Universe? I don’t have to expand it with my spiritual energy?

Han Fei tried to retrieve the Star Shell, only to discover that it couldn’t be taken out.
It seemed that those shells would create a space of their own after they died.

This Star Shell had a coverage with a radius of twenty kilometers.
Could Forge the Universe be expanded that big?

Han Fei was quite delighted.
If that was the case, his spiritual energy could be saved.
After all, the Star Shell wasn’t as good as Forge the Universe, he only hoped that they could merge.

But it never happened to the Sea Swallowing Seashells before.
Was it because the Demon Purification Pot was not interested in the tiny space in the Sea Swallowing Seashells?

Possibly… I guess the little calabash doesn’t just eat everything.

At the Empyrean Waterfall.

When Han Fei returned, he found nobody outside at all.
Wuming wasn’t on the rock, Yue Shier wasn’t having fish soup, Ning Jingyao wasn’t sleeping on the rooftop, and You Ye wasn’t tending to her flowers.

“Huh? Where is everybody?”

When Han Fei spread out his senses, he found that everybody was gathered at his place.

His house had been destroyed by You Ye’s vine.
It was still a pile of debris.
Nobody ever rebuilt it as he was never back.

Han Fei was quite panicked to see so many people there.
Did they know that he was coming back? Did they have to block him at home when he only caused a minor earthquake?

Then, Han Fei noticed something wrong.
He saw that Du Jiangliu was floating in front of the Empyrean Waterfall with his head facing the sky.
There was a weird, twisting space around him.

Is he becoming a Law Enforcer?

Han Fei changed his expression and became solemn.
He felt lucky that he had returned in time, or he would’ve missed it.


Han Fei landed, and You Ye and Ning Jingyao both looked back at him and shushed him.

Han Fei nodded, indicating that he wouldn’t say or do anything.

In midair, the twisting force around Du Jiangliu became greater and greater.
In the naked eye, his body had been twisted into plumes of smoke, which made him look like a monster.

Nobody talked in the next hour, not even Wang Dashuai or Bai Lu.
They didn’t even send a telepathic message to Han Fei.


All of a sudden, spiritual energy gathered from all directions, and spiritual spring energy dispersed on the surface of Du Jiangliu’s body into the densest spiritual energy cover.

The process lasted five minutes.
In the meantime, Han Fei saw that Spirit Awakening Fluid flowed out of the lake into Du Jiangliu’s body.


Noises came from the sky, as if a mysterious power was descending.

The twisted void exploded, and Du Jiangliu declared proudly, “I’m a Law Enforcer now, with a Twisted Domain.”

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