Chapter 870: Law of Gravity

Han Fei was only away for a few days, so nobody at the Empyrean Waterfall was surprised when he came back.

Many of them even greeted him.
For example, Yue Shier invited Han Fei to have fish soup, and You Ye offered to transplant two blooming flowers to Han Fei’s place.

However, when Han Fei looked at them, he found that they were stronger than he thought.

Too many of them could have become Law Enforcers, but they were still looking for their path.
Han Fei had always thought that Jiuyin Ling was the only super genius, which was why she became a Law Enforcer.

At Ye Qingfeng’s home.

Han Fei leaned against the door and asked, “Senior Ye, are you having tea?”

Looking at the sky, Ye Qingfeng was lost for words.
“It’s already nightfall, yet you want tea? You should be having dinner.”

Han Fei chuckled.
“Well, I’m good at frying centipedes.
Should I fry one for you?”

The two venomous centipedes that Ye Qingfeng had been keeping seemed able to understand the human language.
They both shivered at the horrible man who did not just want their venom, but also wanted to eat them!

Ye Qingfeng snorted and casually threw a vial to Han Fei.
“Don’t visit me in the following days.
I’m developing a new poison.”

Accepting the vial, Han Fei quickly said, “Hey, let’s not rush into anything yet.
I have some Poison God with me.
Do you want it? I can offer you a vial.”

Ye Qingfeng glanced at Han Fei.
“That’s the product of the little fatty from the Cao family, right?”

Han Fei quickly nodded.
“Yes, exactly.
The poison is quite good.”

Ye Qingfeng said in disdain, “That fatty is truly gifted in poison, but he’s not using it in the right place.
How can you call a mess of three hundred poisons, ‘Poison God’?”

Han Fei was stunned for a moment.
“More than three hundred? Shouldn’t it be thousands?”

Ye Qingfeng laughed.
“What do you think poisons are? Does he have the time to study thousands of poisons? I’ve examined it.
It contains 308 kinds of poisons in total.
Do you know why it causes such drastic reactions in the body?”

Han Fei was confused.

Ye Qingfeng sneered.
“The collision of poisons is unstable in the first place.
Of course the reaction is drastic in the body.
Never mind.
Why am I talking about this with you? That thing can be used against the enemy, but that’s not the right path.”

Han Fei walked back unhurriedly.
He didn’t know that Cao Qiu had been lying.
He claimed to have refined a thousand poisons, but there turned out to be only three hundred in total.

Han Fei opened the vial and sipped the poison that Ye Qingfeng made.
When he passed Mrs.
Yin’s place, he felt that the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect flashed and leveled up.

Huh! It’s already level-38! That’s so fast!

Over the past days, Han Fei had swallowed many poisons, and the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect’s level had soared quickly.
Although it didn’t hit level-40 in half a month as Ye Qingfeng promised, it was still close enough.

By Han Fei’s estimation, it would reach level-39 after finishing the vial of blood.
Then, he could feed a drop of Poison God to it, or some Spirit Awakening Fluid.
It shouldn’t be hard for the insect to reach level-40.

Jiuyin Ling’s home was empty.
Han Fei had no idea where the girl had been, as the Heavenly Water Village was a fairly large place.
He hoped that she could really understand what comfort meant without being tricked by the technique.

At the same moment.

In front of Han Fei’s old home near the cliff in the Heavenly Water Village.

Jiuyin Ling picked a giant sea clam from the tank and gazed at it.
She found that the low-level fishers ate all sorts of things that could be eaten.

Han Fei said that she should experience ordinary people’s lives.
Should she start with eating?

Thinking for a moment, Jiuyin Ling asked softly, “How should I eat this?”

“M-M-Madam, it’s easy.
S-Someone is buying daily necessities for you, including grills and spiritual fruits.
Please wait a moment, madam.
Someone will be here to serve you.”

Although Han Fei was gone, nobody dared to touch his old home.

Everybody knew that Han Fei left for the Unknown Place.
Although he never sent a message back, the Thug Academy was still here.

The Thug Academy was undoubtedly the best academy in the village.
Too many people applied for it.
Even the Fish Dragons Gang was under its protection.

When Jiuyin Ling stepped down from the sky, everybody in the Heavenly Water Village was shocked, and the Fish Dragons Gang specifically sent someone to cater to her needs.

The man who was sent to serve her swallowed when he remembered her arrival.
She was as graceful as a descending goddess in her white dress, and she didn’t seem to belong to this world at all.

Jiuyin Ling shook her head.
“Teach me.
I’d like to do it on my own.”

“Yes, ma’am.
I’ll have someone teach you.”

As they walked, someone in red dashed close with the realm of a junior Hanging Fisher.

It was a girl who came.
She wore red clothes and looked rather timid in front of Han Fei’s yard.

Jiuyin Ling slightly nodded at her.
“Junior Hanging Fisher, hello.
What’s your name?”

“He… He Xiaoyu.”

Jiuyin Ling nodded and asked gently, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Hearing that someone had stepped down from the sky and stayed in Han Fei’s place, He Xiaoyu came as soon as possible, but she was astounded by the elegance of the woman she saw.

She asked nervously, “I… Is Han Fei not back?”

Jiuyin Ling slightly shook her head.
“He’s still in the Unknown Place.”

He Xiaoyu was slightly disappointed, but she asked again, “Did something happen to him? Is that why you’re here?”

Jiuyin Ling shook her head.
When I came, he had just become a Hidden Fisher.”

“A Hidden Fisher?”

He Xiaoyu slightly opened her mouth. Has Han Fei already become a Hidden Fisher?

A close-by member of the Fish Dragons Gang felt like thunder was rumbling in his head.
That was great news! If his boss had become a Hidden Fisher, he would definitely be able to fly in the sky now!

He decided to tell everybody the news when he came back.
His boss was truly awesome.

He Xiaoyu was relieved to know that Han Fei was fine.
She asked nervously, “Sister, what’s the relation between you and him?”

Jiuyin Ling knew what He Xiaoyu really wanted to know, but she wasn’t bothered.
“He helped me become a Law Enforcer and asked me to experience the life of ordinary people.”

He Xiaoyu was slightly confused.
“A Law Enforcer?”

Jiuyin Ling explained gently, “It’s the level above Hidden Fisher.
I couldn’t have crossed the obstacles as easily without him.”

He Xiaoyu subconsciously stepped back and looked at Jiuyin Ling in shock. This woman is even stronger than a Hidden Fisher?

The member of the Fish Dragons Gang was dumbfounded and swallowed crazily.
He had to inform his fellows that they had to treat this goddess with utmost respect.
No… He had to ask Boss Gang to come back.
Only Boss Gang could take care of this.

He Xiaoyu took a deep breath and said firmly, “Well, Sister, can you tell me his situation in the Unknown Place?”

Jiuyin Ling smiled and said, “Okay! My name is Jiuyin Ling.
You may call me Xiao Jiu…”

At night, the stars were glittering in the sky.

Sitting on the rooftop of Han Fei’s old home, Jiuyin Ling stared at the stars and mumbled, “What’s he doing?”

Suddenly, Jiuyin Ling extended her hand.

“Who’s there?”

Someone else had emerged on Han Fei’s rooftop at some point, wearing a mask that didn’t even reveal his mouth.

The stranger laughed creepily.
“Jiuyin Ling?”

Jiuyin Ling frowned.
“Who are you? Why do you seal yourself to the Hidden Fisher level?”

The stranger smiled.
“I am Faceless from the Thug Academy.
Do you intend to cultivate with Han Fei?”

Jiuyin Ling nodded.
“Yes, but how can you prove your identity?”

Uncle Faceless laughed.
“Hey, not everybody can be together with Han Fei.
If you really want, come to a place with me…”

Naturally, Han Fei had no idea what happened in the Heavenly Water Village.

He was gazing at the weird buffalo.
After he examined the weird runes on the buffalo’s body, an astounding technique popped up in his head.

Law of Gravity (Incomplete) (Unrated)

It’s one of the laws of nature that manipulates gravity within a certain space, whose range depends on your understanding of the law and your strength.

Deduced Art: Unknown

Deduction cost: 0/500,000,000

Perception: 5/100


Han Fei swallowed.
He knew that the buffalo could be extraordinary, but he didn’t know that it could be so extraordinary that the patterns on its body were a law.

Even Law Enforcers could only understand the power of one law.
Yet, there was a law in front of him already, and he had five percent of it.

He had only read the patterns once.
If he read them again and again, wouldn’t he completely grasp the law?

The law was incomplete, but it was a law anyway! It meant that he could use the power of a Law Enforcer in advance.

Han Fei scoffed.
“Heh! This thing was sold for six hundred thousand? People at the Pearl Diver’s Port are brainless.”

Han Fei believed that it was worth at least sixty million for the law that it contained.

No, this thing was absolutely a priceless treasure.

Han Fei didn’t hesitate at all.
He had to improve his strength after he learned the Law of Gravity.
If he picked it up, he would be partly a Law Enforcer, and he would have a lifesaving skill.

Three days and three nights passed.

Han Fei had been observing and copying every pattern on the buffalo.
He had filled dozens of fish skins.

Big Yellow called him three times out of the door, but Han Fei simply ignored it.

It was a critical moment for him, because he had percept sixty percent of the power of the law.

At this moment, Han Fei kept his palm facing the sky.
Then, as he turned his hand upside down, a rock was squeezed into pieces, and all the bricks within ten meters were broken and shattered.

Han Fei took a breath and cast the Law of Gravity on the area he was standing.


“Cough, cough!”

Han Fei staggered and almost fell.
His feet had already sunk into the soil.

He sensed that the pressure on his body was above half a million kilograms.
It was already very heavy, but he hadn’t fully grasped the technique yet!

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