Chapter 852: Whetstones (Part II)

Han Fei realized that he underestimated the people at the Empyrean Waterfall.

At this moment, he also realized that those people who had been exiled here to watch over the big turtle were all expected to become Law Enforcers.

How could anyone who had the potential to become a Law Enforcer be weak?

Wuming, for one, could launch infinite swords while standing still.

Ning Jingyao was also very brutal, his saber could slash the air and the waterfall apart.

Of course, everybody knew Ning Jingyao’s expertise and had witnessed it before.

However, nobody had seen Han Fei’s unrestrained performance before.
He fully carried out the Art of Invincibility and the Draw Technique.

In the end, the saber unleashed a dazzling golden aura, and the three-meter-long saber stopped three meters before Han Fei.

The Draw Technique landed on the long saber from the head to the end.

Ning Jingyao grinned.
“The starlight is infinite.”

As Ning Jingyao roared, starlight was flashing all around him, and one saber was condensed after another.
They chopped Han Fei crazily.

There were as many sabers as the stars in the sky.
Han Fei felt that his blood was freezing.

Wuming was quite grave.
“Ning Jingyao is getting the hang of this move.”

Du Jiangliu looked up at the sky with a rod in hand.
“He’s a lunatic.”

Yue Shier subconsciously sipped the fish soup and said, “Those two guys are both so awesome.
I envy them.”

Li Luoluo looked at a shadow far away.
“I don’t think the Dark Hunter Legion stands a chance.
If he can fight Ning Jingyao without losing, it’s only natural that he beat the Dark Hunter Legion.”

The man didn’t reply, but he slightly nodded.

Han Fei saw that Ning Jingyao’s face was full of madness.
He finally realized why other people didn’t allow the guy to fight on the ground, because the guy could’ve easily razed all the houses in the area.

Looking at the swords in the sky, Han Fei stepped in the air and pointed his finger.
“Ten Thousand Knives in One!”


Tides seemed to be surging from the sky, and countless water blades burst out.

In the blink of an eye, starlight and tides were raging above the Empyrean Waterfall, and thousands of weapons collided.

“The saber aura is coming from the altitude of five hundred meters to the ground!”

You Ye was the first to change her expression.
She rose and released a swirling net.

She shouted at the sky, “You two, fight at a higher altitude!”

You Ye looked down at the flowers in her yard, feeling lucky that she didn’t go too far away, or there might have been dire consequences.

The two men moved higher and higher.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Hundreds of ripples were spread out in the sky, and the two men fought heatedly.

Someone dashed close from far away, only to discover that it was just a practice between two natives of the Empyrean Waterfall.
He was rendered speechless, as the blast of the practice had spread hundreds of kilometers away…

Someone secretly hoped that the lunatics of the Empyrean Waterfall could be all driven out of the Scattered Stars Island for fighting and causing trouble all the time.

When the water and the light cut each other, Han Fei and Ning Jingyao already collided.

In the head-on clash, Ning Jingyao’s disadvantage was revealed.
He didn’t have fancy movement techniques as Han Fei did, so he was cut multiple times.

Han Fei actually had disadvantages too.
His movement was instantly fast, but Ning Jingyao could create sabers anywhere as long as there was light with his technique.
So, he too was cut again and again.

At this moment, Han Fei’s other advantage was revealed: his skin was too thick for him to be hurt.

Ning Jingyao was rendered speechless.
How could he win the battle in such a case?

“Enough, I’m done fighting you…”

Ning Jingyao cried out in depression, and the starlight and the tides in the sky finally disappeared.

By the time they landed, their clothes had all been ruined…

Ning Jingyao was lost for words.
“How did you develop such a hard body? I can’t break you with the power of a junior Hidden Fisher at all.
How can I beat you?”

Han Fei chuckled.
“I couldn’t hurt you either!”

Ning Jingyao pulled his ragged sleeves and revealed his arm that was full of blood marks.
“You didn’t hurt me? I would’ve been killed by you if my level weren’t much higher than yours.”

Li Luoluo nodded.
“That’s right! So, Han Fei actually won the battle, because his body is harder.”

Ning Jingyao wasn’t bothered.
He laughed and said, “It doesn’t matter! Would there be any fun if you don’t have any true opponents?”

Immediately, someone sneered.
“Ning Jingyao, do you feel that you’re invincible? Should we practice with each other?”

The man who talked had a grim face.
He watched the drama at Yue Shier’s place, and his house was destroyed by the aftermath of the battle by chance.
He couldn’t have felt worse.

Ning Jingyao glanced at the collapsed house and chuckled.
“Hey, Old Wu, your house was dilapidated in the first place.
This is a great chance to rebuild it.
Let’s cut off that tree together!”


Han Fei stretched out his arms and glanced at a tall and strong man, who was waiting for him excitedly with a rod in his hand.

Han Fei stared at him.
“Should we practice?”

The man nodded.
“Spirit gatherers do have abundant spiritual energy.
You’re still capable of fighting after two consecutive battles…”

Someone said quickly, “Wait, you should practice in the sky too.”

You Ye suddenly said, “Du Jiangliu, don’t use the Fiery Polar Stick.”

The man chuckled.
“Don’t worry.
I won’t hurt your precious flowers… I’ll just use the Shadowless Lightning.”

Han Fei quickly stopped him.
“Hey, wait a minute… As a matter of fact, I’m not good with sticks.
We can practice anywhere.”


A lot of people shouted at the same time.
You can practice anywhere? Do you think we don’t have to rebuild houses if they’re collapsed?

Ning Jingyao asked in surprise, “Han Fei, you’re going to use a stick? Do you know any stick techniques?”

Han Fei thought that he certainly had to learn a stick technique for the Needle, the Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure that he possessed.

In fact, he didn’t want to challenge the man at all.
He planned to go back and deduce a few stick techniques first before he fought Du Jiangliu.
However, Du Jiangliu had focused attention on him for a long time.
If he backed off, the man would think that he was scared.

A moment later…

In the sky…



Thunder was rumbling, and Han Fei was whipped so hard that he felt his head was dizzy.

“Enough, enough… I have to go back and train more.”

Du Jiangliu shook his head speechlessly.
“What’s your stick technique? It’s no better than a demon-level technique.”

Han Fei landed and recalled the Phantom Glass Wings.
“I simply wanted to taste how awesome your stick technique was.
Don’t worry.
I’ll come back to you a few days later.
I was too tired to carry out my full strength against you today.”


Someone was amused, and Li Luoluo said, “Han Fei, are you only fighting the soul warriors? Do you not consider the hunters, Sister You Ye’s methods of manipulation, and Yue Shier’s armor?”

Han Fei chuckled.
“Not today.
I’m honing my battle techniques.
I don’t have time for anything else.”

Someone shook their head.
Seeing that there was no more drama to watch, they all went home.

They already had enough fun.
They acknowledged Han Fei’s capabilities.
A man who could enter Xiao Jiu’s yard, obtain the Phantom Glass Wings, enter the domain of swords, and clash with Ning Jingyao could definitely be regarded as an insane monster!

As for Han Fei’s horrible stick technique, it was automatically ignored by everybody.

When Han Fei returned home, he found that Jiuyin Ling was smiling at him at the door.

Han Fei felt nervous and speechless.
“Why are you smiling here instead of shopping?”

Jiuyin Ling blushed because of what Han Fei said.
“I’m just here to check on you.”

Han Fei shook his head with a sigh.
“I’m fine, but there’s still a lot of things to do.
I have to practice more on stick and body techniques… It seems that there’s still a long way to go before I can be called a Heavenly Talent!”

Jiuyin Ling: “…”

Big Yellow walked to them and squinted at Han Fei.
“I hate braggers the most… You’re scaring off my fish.”

Han Fei threw a big, twenty-meter-long fish that was full of tusks to the ground.
“Pick and eat it! I’m exhausted.”


In fact, Han Fei had treated the cat extra nicely, because it was the first cat he had seen in this world.
In fact, he had never seen any other land animals except the cat.

So, Han Fei somehow sympathized with the cat after meeting it, as if he had met a good friend in a different place.

Changing his clothes, he rose to the sky and flew to the west city.

On a hill not far away from the Path of Giants, the sun was shining over the golden beach underneath the hill.
Occasionally, unknown creatures craned their heads on the surface and then dove into the water.

Zhang Xuanyu was seated at the edge of the hill next to a young girl.
They were appreciating the sea.

Zhang Xuanyu was talking elaborately.
“When I was a fishing master and my family was crushed by my enemies, I had to leave my hometown.
I remember the brilliant sun I saw above the sea.
At that time, I hoped that I could find someone who could soothe me with her warm arms.
After I met you, I remembered my feelings again…”

The girl shyly turned her head aside.

“Of course.
My heart is as warm and passionate as the sun… Huh, don’t move.
There’s something on your eyelashes.
Let me clean it for you…”

“Zhang Xuanyu! Zhang Xuanyu!”

When they were very close to each other, someone shouted from the sky, and the girl jumped off the hill and ran far away covering her face.

Zhang Xuanyu quickly shouted, “Hey, don’t go! There’s really something on your eyelashes…”

However, the girl had already run away.

Zhang Xuanyu burst into fury.
“Han Fei, you son of a bi*ch, how many times have you ruined my business?”

Han Fei landed from the sky and glanced at the girl who was running away.
“You are a fraud.
What can you do except trick the gullible girls?”

Zhang Xuanyu snorted angrily.
“That was a critical moment.
Couldn’t you have waited for a moment? Never mind… Huh? Didn’t you go to catch a Wind Sky Wing? Why are you back already?”

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