Chapter 851: Whetstones (Part I)

Han Fei walked to the edge of the Empyrean Waterfall.
When he passed You Ye’s place, he found that the girl was whistling and gardening.

You Ye put on a brilliant smile and greeted Han Fei.
“How did it go? Did you concede?”

Han Fei was lost for words.
“What do you mean by concede? Hey… Do you know who wields a rod best at the Empyrean Waterfall?”

You Ye smiled casually.
“Old Du, undoubtedly.
He lives right behind Yue Shier’s place.
Huh? Are you going to challenge him?”

Han Fei smiled.
“Yes! My hands are itching after the recent breakthrough.”

You Ye suddenly asked, “I’m told that your Phantom Glass Wings are pretty.
Are they?”

Han Fei’s lips twitched.
“I’m not a Big Yellow Fish.
Don’t just look at me.

After chit chatting with You Ye for a while, Han Fei went straight to Wuming who was sitting on a rock.

Seeing Han Fei, Wuming opened his eyes and looked at him casually.

Han Fei smiled and said, “Can I interest you with another battle?”

Wuming’s eyes shined.
“Of course!”

Ning Jingyao, who was still far away, suddenly shouted, “Hey, hey, hey! Han Fei, you already fought Wuming once.
Shouldn’t it be our turn?”

Han Fei turned his head back.
“Don’t be hasty.
One at a time.”


A lot of people secretly gasped.
Was Han Fei implying that he would challenge each and every one of them?

Someone was delighted.
“I like his personality! Should a man really stay home without fighting? I love battle and hot blood…”

Immediately, someone left the house and leaned against the wall.

Someone sat on the roof, and some squatted on the road like the rogues from the countryside.
Some people simply scanned the battlefield with their senses.

Han Fei’s plan was to find out the most suitable technique for him as a Hidden Fisher through battles.

Or rather, Han Fei was going to comprehend every battle technique he knew.
It would be great even if he could only fully grasp one move in every technique.

Han Fei stepped into the 300-meter-radius domain of swords without hesitation.

Wuming laid his hands on his sword.
Instantly, a storm of swords was moving towards him.

At some point, Han Fei had taken out a kitchen knife.

Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink!

Inside the domain of swords, Han Fei moved and slashed fast against the swords.
His terrifying movement technique was best revealed when he twisted his body in an inhuman way.

However, it was impossible for Han Fei to dodge the infinite swords no matter how fast he was.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Starting from the tenth second, after Han Fei pressed for a hundred meters, he was hit by more than ten swords every second.

However, Wuming’s eyes slightly contracted when the first sword hit Han Fei.
He mumbled, “What a hard body…”

Han Fei was still cutting the swords and moving forward slowly but surely.
When he was a hundred meters away from Wuming, he unleashed dozens of blurry shadows and dashed at a dazzling speed.

At that moment, many people who were watching the show with a smile dropped their smile.

Ning Jingyao became solemn.
“He’s not practicing.
He’s improving his movement technique.
On the other hand, he wants to find out his limits through Wuming.”

Li Luoluo had dashed close too and sat on Ning Jingyao’s rooftop.
She pouted her cheeks.
“Does he think we’re whetstones?”

Someone smiled casually.
“It isn’t our turn yet! But I think it’s his plan.
However, Wuming benefits from the battle too.
If he does encounter someone as hard and fast as Han Fei in his domain of swords…”

Someone shook his head.
“If he does, Wuming would’ve attacked immediately instead of waiting for so long.
This is the consequence of him having Han Fei’s food last time.
He found it inappropriate to attack Han Fei so quickly.
But this isn’t bad.
We can see Han Fei’s potential.”

Han Fei’s body was moving.
He began to use all the footstep techniques based on the 64-Dimensional Fish Dragon Dance.

Although he couldn’t completely avoid or resist the swords, he wasn’t really anxious.
He knew that Wuming wasn’t worried either, because the domain of swords was only attacking automatically and he actually hadn’t taken any action yet.

“64 Dimensions?”

Han Fei knew that it was possible to simulate all kinds of body movement techniques with the 64-Dimensional Fish Dragon Dance.
However, he forgot that the 64-Dimensional Fish Dragon Dance had 64 unconventional changes by itself, and if they were all carried out…


Han Fei blurry shadows appeared in the sword domain one after another, only to be shattered by the swords.

However, there were more and more blurry shadows, until the swords couldn’t attack them simultaneously.


Someone asked in surprise, “Han Fei’s blurry shadows are dodging the swords too!”

Someone was confused.
“Wait, those blurry shadows can be easily recognized.
Is it really necessary to let them dodge the swords?”

Suddenly, someone said, “No, Han Fei is trying to switch among the blurry shadows.”

You Ye mumbled, “He’s moved another fifty meters forward.
There’s only a dozen or fewer swords that hit him each second.”

About five minutes later, Wuming suddenly said, “I’m running out of spiritual energy.
Take this.”

Then, Wuming drew his sword, and a dazzling cold light flashed like a lightning bolt.

When the sword came to him, Han Fei quickly retreated and slashed it 23 times in a row with the Blood-Drinking Knife.

Eventually, Han Fei put on a smile and used the Draw Technique to collapse Wuming’s attack.

Wuming was slightly surprised.
“You found a flaw in my attack?”

Han Fei put away the Blood-Drinking Knife and pointed his finger, filling spiritual energy into Wuming’s body.
“More or less! Your attack was very powerful, but it was too fast.”

Wuming frowned.
“Isn’t speed always the greatest weapon?”

Han Fei thought for a moment and explained, “Yes, and no! You’ll surely win if you fight those slower than you.
But to those faster than you, your sword does not have enough supportive power because it’s too fast.
As long as the sword light at the outer layer is destroyed, your attack won’t be a threat at all.”

Wuming slightly nodded.
“Not bad.
You can come again.”

Han Fei turned his head and looked up at Ning Jingyao.
“You want to play with your knife?”

Ning Jingyao grinned.
“Of course!”

Li Luoluo exclaimed and said, “Ning Jingyao, fight in the sky, not here.”

Someone added, “Yes, go to the sky.
Don’t fight down here.”

Han Fei: “???”

Someone said, “Ning Jingyao is too destructive! If he fights on the ground, we’re going to have to repair the roads later.”

Han Fei slightly narrowed his eyes. Is the guy really so powerful?

Ning Jingyao chuckled.
“You’re just exaggerating! I’m a calm and reliable man!”

“You’re reliable? Just go up there!”

Without further explanation, Ning Jingyao opened his wings and soared to the sky until he was at an altitude of 500 meters.


Han Fei grinned and unfolded the Phantom Glass Wings.
He flapped them and rose to the sky too.

Someone asked in surprise, “Are they the Phantom Glass Wings?”

You Ye smiled.
“They’re so beautiful, even more beautiful than my flowers.”

Li Luoluo lay on the rooftop and looked at the sky.
“They’re indeed beautiful.
However, since Han Fei is practicing, he probably won’t use the Phantom Glass Wings’ abilities.
What a shame.”

Yue Shier looked up at the sky enviously with a bowl in his hand.

In the sky, Ning Jingyao smiled and said, “The technique I practice is called Star Demon Saber.
In fact, it’s best if you come to me at night, but it doesn’t mean I’m weak during the day.”

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“I have the Draw Technique and the Ten Thousand Knives in One.”

Then, Han Fei extended his hand towards the Empyrean Waterfall.

The Empyrean Waterfall was shrouded in mist and wasn’t short of water.
Han Fei could use the water as his blade.

He intended to abandon the Million Knife Art, which cost him too many weapons.
It was unrealistic for him to develop a million knives.
Even if he could, it would still be a serious problem to maintain and upgrade those blades.

So, it wasn’t a bad thing to just give it up immediately.

He reached for the mist and gathered a water blade simply in order to cover up the Infinity Water.
To some extent, the blade that Han Fei transformed from the Infinity Water was as powerful as an ultra-quality spiritual weapon with a sealed spirit.

It was evident that the Infinity Water could unleash the power above that of a Semi-Divine weapon or even a Divine weapon in the future.

Ning Jingyao didn’t care.
Whoever his opponent was, he would crush them with one attack.
If one attack didn’t work, then two.
If two didn’t, three.

“My hands reach for the sun, the moon, and the stars.”

Ning Jingyao’s vice quickly changed, and the illusion of a long saber gathered around him.

He held the long saber with both hands and rose, and a crazy wind was blowing with dazzling and terrifying brilliance.
Then, the long saber was stabbed right at Han Fei.

“Shoot! Is this guy insane?”

Han Fei was stunned.
He had never seen anyone who would launch a hundred-meter-long saber at the beginning of a battle.
The attack was almost as powerful as the one Wuming just launched.

“Magnificent, weird and horrifying…”

Unlike the swordsmen, those who use sabers were usually tough and straightforward.
This straight slash, for example, stirred everybody’s mind.

Han Fei gave up the Ten Thousand Knives in One and drew out the Blood-Drinking Knife instantly.
He focused his mind and spirit on the weapon and slashed upwards.


The collision raised echoes under the waterfall.
Each of the echoes carried a wave of air.

Circles of light flashed in the sky.

The Empyrean Waterfall was twisted.

On the top of the Empyrean Waterfall, in the middle of the raging water, Qing Chen looked at the collision that was as brilliant as the sun and mumbled in shock, “These two guys are truly brutal!”

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