Chapter 847: Phantom Glass Wings

When Han Fei broke through the Desolation Gale, the people who sat at the bottom of the sea saw him and raised their heads in shock.

Someone exclaimed, “What was that?”

Someone was confused.
“Seems to be a Wind Sky Wing… But isn’t it too big? It has a wingspan of eighteen meters!”

Someone rose quickly and pointed at the sky.
“Look, another Wind Sky Wing is chasing it.
However, why does the Wind Sky Wing behind have golden wings and a wingspan of six meters?”

Someone cursed.
“Are you blind? It’s not a Wind Sky Wing at all; it’s a human!”


Everybody exclaimed in shock, as the news was truly exciting.

Immediately, someone roared, “Someone is hunting the Wind Sky Wing king! Let’s go there and see!”

“I’m coming too!”

“I’m coming too!”

Han Fei quickly approached the Wind Sky Wing and cast out the Void Lines and extended the Dragon Sting Pole.

Because the Wind Sky Wing’s soul had been controlled even though it was struggling hard, its speed significantly dropped which gave Han Fei a chance.

The illusions of two hammers bashed each other in the sky.
The golden ripples raised by the impact blocked the dozens of wind blades, allowing Han Fei to jump to the back of the Wind Sky Wings that was coming at him.

At that moment, information popped up in his eyes.

The Wind Sky Wing Soul King

A rare king of the undead souls in the Domain of Wind.
They live and die for the wind, and will not allow other creatures to ruin their resting place.
They keep part of their old personality.
They’re shy, curious, and fond of flying.
They enjoy bullying creatures weaker than themselves.
When they open their wings, they can raise Desolation Gales.



50,002 Points

Undead Qi, Wind God Pearl

The Wind God Pearl must be swallowed within a hundred seconds after it’s taken.

The Wind God Pearl looks like a phantom and a piece of glass.

Han Fei took a deep breath.
It was true that every king creature was tricky to deal with.

However, he was about to acquire the Wind God Pearl very soon.

He would subdue it in several minutes.

He felt lucky that the Wind Sky Wings were timid creatures.
This one was also timid even though it had become a soul king.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had a chance to subdue a level-63 undead creature at all.

In a way, this creature was as strong as a Law Enforcer!

All of a sudden, Han Fei looked down and found that many people were floating on the surface of the sea.

Huh? Cao Qiu and the others are still here? And so is Mo Feiyan?

When Han Fei thought that he couldn’t pick the Wind God Pearl just yet, he caught sight of another person on the sea.

Huh? Jiuyin Ling? What’s she doing here?

However, he had no time to care about that for now.
The Wind Sky Wing Soul King was still struggling.
Han Fei dashed into the clouds straight up and dove into the sea straight down now and then.

It was much more exciting than flying a fighter jet.

Han Fei’s facial organs were all bleeding during the competition of control with the Wind Sky Wing.
However, the injuries were insignificant, and a price that Han Fei was willing to pay for the victory.

“Son of a bi*ch, stop, or I will seal your spirit!”

Han Fei suddenly thought of something.
Right! Even if he took the guy’s Wind God Pearl away, a Wind Sky Wing Soul King without wings would still be a king among the Wind Sky Wings.
Would he still be able to seal spirits with it?


In the end, there was no telling if the Wind Sky Wing lost its mind, but it suddenly fell straight at the surface of the sea at a crazy speed.

Shoot! Do you want to kill me with a crash?


A huge wave was raised by the crash.
Han Fei felt that his internal organs were all dislocated, but the Wind Sky Wing became under his control the moment he entered the sea.

When Han Fei was going to control the Wind Sky Wing to fly into the gale, he suddenly heard a voice, You can absorb it here.
I’ll protect you.

Han Fei scanned the source of the voice, only to find that it came from Jiuyin Ling, who had approached him at some point.

Han Fei realized that he had wasted some of his time.
He was told that the sooner he swallowed a Wind Pearl after he became a Hidden Fisher, the better.
It would take time for him to find an empty place in the gales.
Since a Law Enforcer offered him protection, he might as well do the absorption immediately!

He grabbed the Wind God Pearl on the forehead of the Wind Sky Wing and put it into his mouth without thinking.

The moment he took off the Wind God Pearl, the Wind Sky Wing somehow dispersed.

That was really a shame.
Han Fei had planned to take it into the Demon Purification Pot.

When the Wind God Pearl entered his body, Han Fei sensed a powerful gale inside his body, which seemed to be trying to tear his flesh apart.

However, Han Fei’s body was extraordinarily hard!

In particular, after Han Fei became a Hidden Fisher, it was even harder than before.

So, holding back the pain with a twisted face, he waited for the digestion of the Wind God Pearl.

Han Fei stood on the sea proudly and dismissed Little Gold and Little Fatty.
Something seemed to be growing on his back and was trying to crawl out.
It was quite painful.


Han Fei’s skin was torn apart.
Something was growing rapidly like part of his body.

Many people had gathered around Han Fei.
They certainly wouldn’t miss the chance to witness the absorption of a Wind God Pearl.

However, Jiuyin Ling said casually, “Nobody is to reach within fifty kilometers of him.”

Cao Qiu said anxiously, “Xiao Jiu, our perception range isn’t that big!”

Mu Jia’er quickly nodded.
“Jiu’er, please let me go there! I just want to find out if the liar is absorbing a Wind God Pearl or not!”

However, when Cao Qiu and Mu Jia’er attempted to move forward, Jiuyin Ling pointed her fingers.

Both of them were frozen, and they looked at Jiuyin Ling with a bitter smile.

Jiuyin Ling remarked casually, “It is a Wind God Pearl.”

Then, she pointed at a wave underneath the water and shattered it.

After that, she glanced at Mo Feiyan and said, “You won’t be so lucky next time.”

Mo Feiyan snorted with an awful expression and left immediately.

She knew that Jiuyin Ling had really developed an interest in Han Fei.

At this moment, nobody except Law Enforcers could stop Han Fei from absorbing the Wind God Pearl.

So, she certainly had to go, or Han Fei would definitely get back at her after he absorbed the Wind God Pearl.

“Damn it, Han Fei… Ass*ole, I’m going to kill you sooner or later.”

Mo Feiyan left.

The other people, suppressed by Jiuyin Ling, could only wait for Han Fei to come out of the sea.

Only two of them were Law Enforcers like Jiuyin Ling.
There were also two guys with eight stars who had high spiritual power.
They were peak-level Hidden Fishers and could sense what was going on around Han Fei.

At this moment, Han Fei grew a pair of wings that weren’t white, but looked like shadows and were quite vague.
The wings were slowly extending out.

Also, the pair of wings were flashing as if they were breathing.
It was quite amazing.

Jiuyin Ling put on a casual smile.
Watching the wings grow bigger and bigger.
She had a lot of mixed feelings and felt proud of the guy.

The other people were shocked too.

One of the Law Enforcers remarked, “It’s truly… amazing! This Wind God Pearl has quite special features!”

Another Law Enforcer nodded.
“You’re right.
I remember that the last Wind God Pearl was a pair of fiery wings that contained the power of wind and fiery.
I wonder what the specialties of this Wind God Pearl will be.”

The other two experts with eight stars were quite envious too.
Those who obtained the Wind God Pearls were never weak.
They were all extremely lucky Heavenly Talents among the Heavenly Talents.

Obviously, Han Fei was one of those Heavenly Talents.

One of them remembered interpreting the rules of the Wind Sky Canyon for Han Fei a moment ago… He didn’t expect to meet Han Fei so soon, or that the guy could acquire the Wind God Pearl.

All the people outside turned impatient.

Mu Jia’er had already run to Jiuyin Ling.
“Xiao Jiu, how is it going? Is it a pair of fiery wings?”

Jiuyin Ling slightly shook her head.
“No, I don’t recognize it.”

Mu Jia’er asked earnestly, “What does it look like?”


While Mu Jia’er asked questions, water splashed on the surface of the sea as the enormous wings that were as pure as glass emerged.

Then, a dozen blurry shadows followed it, like Xia Xiaochan’s Haunting Shadow technique.
When Han Fei stood still, the dozens of blurry shadows all disappeared into Han Fei’s body.


Mu Jia’er crossed her hands in front of her chest, amazed.
“What a pair of beautiful wings!”

Cao Qiu exclaimed too, “Oh my god! They’re really 18 meters! Han Fei, how did you do it?”

Someone exclaimed, “What are those wings? They’re not fiery at all!”

Someone was shocked.
“Son of a bi*ch, they’re so beautiful.”

A Law Enforcer said casually, “Don’t feel surprised.
Just because the Wind God Pearl sixty years ago created a pair of fiery wings doesn’t mean all of the Wind God Pearls will create that.
For example, a Wind God Pearl caused watery wings a hundred years ago.”

The Law Enforcer said to Han Fei, “You’re Han Fei, right? What’s the name of your wings? What are their features? You can show them to everybody and motivate them.”

Han Fei was stunned.
“I don’t know!”

The Law Enforcer laughed.
“That’s easy.
It’s part of your body now.
All you have to do is to sense it carefully to know its features.”

Han Fei looked at the wings, and information popped up in his eyes.

Phantom Glass Wings

They’re from one of the special Wind God Pearls that belonged to a Wind Sky Wing Soul King.
They’ll improve along with your level.
They can double your speed and allow you to master the wind.
They also give you the power to travel through the void.

Void Phantom.
You can travel through the void within a hundred meters unlimitedly and leave nine blurry clones at the same time.

Agility of Wind.
Your speed is boosted three times until you run out of spiritual energy.

Gale Blade.
Launch two Desolation Gales.
You’ll have to refill the power of the wind after using it.

The power of the Phantom Glass Wings grows along with their wielder until he becomes an Explorer.

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