After being aggressively cleaned up by Jiang Qin, a vacant space the size of a basketball court appeared in the plantation.

 At this moment, Jiang Qin and Han Fei stood opposite one another.

 Jiang Qin began the interrogation.
“Have you learned these combat skills?”

 Han Fei scratched his head.
“Yes, but I don’t think they are suitable for me.”

 Jiang Qin: “???”

 Han Fei explained, “Well, I think these skills are a bit too powerful.
I’m afraid that not only would my enemy not withstand them, but neither would I.”


 Jiang Qin wanted to roll her eyes. Are you talking about those basic combat skills? Is it the first time you are exposed to combat skills?

 Jiang Qinqing shouted, “Come on, use all your combat skills on me.
Show me what you’re capable of.”

 “That’ll be too cruel to you! Sister Qin, you’re such a beautiful and delicate girl and I don’t want to hurt you.
Otherwise, Grandpa will kill me!”

 “Hurt me? Give it a try!”

 With that, Jiang Qin suddenly stepped on the ground, jumped up, and kicked him.

 “Wait, wait a minute…”


 Han Fei was kicked seven or eight metres away and fell to the ground.
If he hadn’t blocked the attack with his rod, he would have been lying on all fours on the ground.

 “Sister Qin, I have something to say.
Please stop!”

 “Wait till we finish.
Just show me your combat skills.”

 Without giving Han Fei a chance to speak, Jiang Qin struck again, empty-handed.
The kick she made just now had proved how terrifying her strength was.
Even though she reserved some of her strength, Han Fei could hardly resist her.


 Han Fei took a deep breath. So this is the way a soul warrior acts? Get into a fight with you at any time.
Will she kill me if I say I don’t want to learn these combat skills?

 “Come, my rod.”

 Han Fei roared in a low voice, and when he looked up again, Jiang Qin was shocked to see that his eyes were full of frantic fighting intentions.


 Han Fei stepped on the ground, leaving a small pit in place and started his attack.
Unlike the hacking, sweeping, and stabbing movements of Sweeping Stick, the characteristic of Crazy Devil’s Rod was being fast and violent.

 Jiang Qin was a little bit stunned. Huh? Is this Gusty Rod?


 Having no time to think about it, Jiang Qin concentrated on the fight.
The shadows of her fist and Han Fei’s rod almost overlapped and colliding sounds were heard repeatedly.

 Jiang Qin was astonished. Is Gusty Rod so powerful? And when she looked at Han Fei, she found that an eerie smile was hovering over this guy’s lips and his eyes were full of madness.


 Han Fei hit Jiang Qin with his rod but his attack was easily blocked by her.
Then he picked, stabbed, chopped, poked, and backhanded.
His movements were varied and his attacking angles were strange.

Jiang Qin turned green. Hey! You’re hitting my eyes, chest and the part between my legs! You damn boy, let me teach you a good lesson!


 Jiang Qin’s fist suddenly flashed and she threw a punch at the tip of his rod.


 Han Fei was knocked backward three to four metres.
Then he poked his rod into the ground to stabilize his body that was sent flying backward, leaving a long mark on the ground.

 Jiang Qin squinted at Han Fei.
She had been forced to use her fishing master-level strength because she found that if she still used the strength of level-nine fisher, she might be immediately defeated by him.

 “Hoho… It seems that I can’t beat you with the Crazy Devil’s Rod.
Then what about Fury?”


 Han Fei’s body suddenly inflated and blue veins stood out on his neck, forehead, and hands.


 In the blink of an eye, Han Fei’s speed doubled.
He waved his rod so quickly that only the shadow of the rod could be seen, and the power of each blow was overwhelming.
Jiang Qin was forced to adjust her strength to the peak of a junior fishing master, only to find that she still couldn’t resist his attacks.
Han Fei’s blows were unexpectedly powerful and he moved extremely fast.

 “No, I’m going to lose within one minute.
Upgrade to Intermediate Fishing Master!”

 The two sides were so well-matched that neither could gain the upper hand.
Dirt flew across the field, the shadows of the rod flashed, and spiritual energy spread, creating ripples in the air.

 Outside the field.

 Old Jiang looked at this scene holding a skewer of shrimp and pondered.
Not noticing the shrimp had been eaten up, he bit the skewer in his hand again.

 “Han Fei, stop.”

 Jiang Qin was surprised.
This was definitely not Blood Boiling.
God knew what this was.
How could Blood Boiling improve a person from a level-nine fisher to an intermediate-level fishing master?

 Han Fei chuckled and didn’t stop at all.
Seeing his rod flash with spiritual energy, Jiang Qin let out a curse in anger.
This brat was going to launch a spiritual energy explosion attack at her.

 Bam, Bam, Bam…

 At extremely short intervals, he launched three spiritual energy explosion attacks in a row.

 “Han Fei, that’s enough.”

 Jiang Qin punched so fast that only the shadow of her fist could be seen.
She launched a spiritual energy explosion attack too, sending Han Fei flying through the air.

Jiang Qin just wanted to stop when Han Fei’s rod was suddenly swung at her forehead.


 While the Purple Bamboo Rod was shaken away, swishing sounds were heard.

 Jiang Qin immediately upgraded to an advanced fishing master.
Her hands moved fast, shaking off the palm-sized flying daggers that were darted at her.

 “Han Fei…”

 But her words were ignored.
Han Fei leaned forward and tried to stab her with two arm-length daggers.

 Jiang Qin dodged quickly, but the daggers followed her like her shadow and turned like butterflies in Han Fei’s hands.
Although Jiang Qin had improved her strength to that of an advanced fishing master, she was still continuously cut on the forearm by Han Fei.

 Not only that, Han Fei still wanted to stab her chest.

 Jiang Qin was finally annoyed.
She instantly filled her body with spiritual energy.
With a bang, Han Fei was shaken backward seven or eight metres.

 Han Fei fell to the ground with a backward somersault.
He suddenly smiled coldly at Jiang Qin and the dagger in his hand shot out as fast as lightning.
The dagger was covered with flashing spiritual energy and left a long shadow as it cut through the air.

 Jiang Qin’s face changed greatly.
She immediately mobilized all the spiritual energy in her body and shouted, “Destroy!”


 The violent explosion directly overturned the land within three metres of Jiang Qin’s foot, and the latter looked down at her fist, only to see there was a cut between her middle finger and ring finger and blood oozed out of it.

 Jiang Qin was shocked.
A fisher made her bleed.
How could this be possible? No one would believe it, not even herself! She was a veritable Dangling Fishing Master, only one step away from being a Hidden Fishing Master.
She could even fight with Fang Ze, but now a fisher made a cut in her hand?

 Han Fei seemed to be going to launch another attack at her, but as soon as he stepped his feet hard on the ground, he collapsed to the ground and fainted.

 Seeing this, Jiang Qin didn’t know what to do.
He had fainted, so she couldn’t hit him, but if she didn’t hit him, she couldn’t vent the anger for almost being killed by him just now!

 “I told you not to make him a soul warrior.
Look, what a little monster you’ve made.
Gee … He was such a good boy when he was studying Spirit Concentration Art.
All he did was pick flowers, farm, and occasionally cook, but now he is not adorable at all.”

 Old Jiang walked forward leisurely, touched Han Fei’s neck, and nodded slightly.
“He did faint.”

 Jian Qin was confused.
“Why was he attacking me like crazy?”

 Old Jiang wondered, “What kind of combat skills did you choose for him? How did they turn him into this?”

 “Combat skills? Well, I selected some combat skills for him from the village library.
You know, there were only some lame basic combat skills there.”

 “Oh? That’s strange.
Then where did he get these crazy combat skills?”

 Jiang Qin had an idea.
“But I noticed that the combat skills he just used are the sublimated versions of those I chose for him and much stronger than the original ones.
This kid must have a secret.”

 “I knew it… He memorized the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants in one day.
How could that be possible?”

 Jiang Qin didn’t have an answer.
“… I thought he was crazy.
Don’t you think he was like a monster just now?”

 “Well, geniuses are always envied…”


 In bed.

 Han Fei felt sore all over his body as if he had wandered in the sea for five days and five nights.
He felt that his bones had almost fallen apart.

 “Ouch… Grandpa… Sister Qin.”

 Soon, the two of them came in from outside.

 Old Jiang was the first to arrive.
“Does it hurt? You deserved it! The combat skills you learned are beyond the limits of your physical endurance.
You should be glad that you aren’t disabled.
If your body hadn’t been strong enough, you would have ended up in bed for the rest of your life.”

 Han Fei: “???”

 Han Fei looked over at Jiang Qin.
“Sister Qin, it was you who asked me to fight with you.
I said wait a minute, but you didn’t listen to me!”

 Jiang Qin looked serious.
“Where did you learn these combat skills?”

 Han Fei was puzzled.
“You chose them for me!”

 “Bullshit, the combat skills you used are not what I chose for you! How can you explain it?”


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