Chapter 817: Arrays Aren’t Difficult at All

Han Fei was quite embarrassed at this moment.

He didn’t know much about arrays or the Ocean Book at all!

Although he could use the lines in the book, he had no idea which line corresponded to which array.

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Is it possible to create an array with a single line?”

The middle-aged replied with a smile, “Yes, but you have to analyze the structure of the line.”

“Huh? Isn’t it just a line?”

The middle-aged shook his head.
“Is a point of spiritual energy just a point of spiritual energy?”


Han Fei was choked for a while.
That did not seem to be true, as a point of spiritual energy could be further disassembled…


All of a sudden, Han Fei exclaimed, “Should I disassemble it?”

The middle-aged man nodded.
“You’re not too clueless after all!”

Han Fei’s heart pounded quickly.
In that case, if he could really understand the Ocean Book, didn’t it mean that he would have thousands of arrays and could combine the arrays?

So, disassembling was the key here.

He had to understand every line and every array in order to make use of those lines for his own purpose.

Then, another question popped up. How should I disassemble it?

Han Fei looked at the middle-aged man, as if he were asking again.

The middle-aged man replied casually, “Repair the ground and the stone table first.”

Han Fei: “…”

As a spirit gatherer, it couldn’t be easier for him to restore the grass.
They were regrown in only five minutes.

The stone table was even easier.
Han Fei ran to the woods and moved a few rocks.
He then cut them and shaped them into tables.

As for the villa that he had built and only lived in for one night in, Han Fei scratched his head and could only rebuild it.

This time, he did not want to build a villa anymore.
He simply copied the house in his hometown, which took him six hours.
If the middle-aged man hadn’t been as picky about the details, he could’ve completed it in only three hours.

After everything was done, Han Fei ran back to the stone table.

This time, he found the same lobster painting on it.
His task was still to copy the lobster!

But this time, Han Fei stood for a long time without moving the brush.

The first way of painting was completely wrong and could only represent the contours.

The second way of painting was even worse.
It was simply nonsense.

Han Fei couldn’t help but wonder what was correct.

He stood for such a long time that it was time for dinner.

After the middle-aged man reminded him, Han Fei instantly ran off to make food.

One day.

Two days.

Three days.

Han Fei stood for three days in a row without moving the brush.

It was already time for bed.
The middle-aged man had returned to his room for sleep.

Han Fei lay on his bed with complicated thoughts in his head.

Why do I have to draw a lobster? What’s special about the lobster? Line.

All of a sudden, Han Fei sat up.
“What’s the purpose of me drawing the lobster?”

Han Fei took a deep breath.
Since the middle-aged man asked him to draw the lobster, it was definitely related to arrays.

The man also mentioned that the array was essentially about the dissembling of lines.

Therefore, it was actually not a lobster, but a line.

Han Fei was instantly enlightened.
He had no time to think and was about to get up.

Suddenly, a casual voice said, “Calm down.
Take a sleep when it’s time for bed.”

Han Fei slowed down.
Forget it.
He didn’t have to rush into anything.
He might as well wait for the morning!

Han Fei wasn’t sleepy at all.
He was getting more and more curious about the middle-aged man’s identity.
The man’s understanding of arrays must’ve exceeded Old Jiang’s.
Old Jiang had taught him how to quickly create arrays, but this middle-aged man was telling him the essence of arrays.
They were completely different.

Besides, why was this middle-aged man telling him something so mysterious and sophisticated?

Han Fei gradually fell asleep with a lot of random thoughts.

The next morning, Han Fei jumped off from the bed the moment he heard the sound of brushing.

When he reached the door, he tried to calm himself down before he walked to the stone table again.

Han Fei grabbed the brush and looked at the lobster painting.
He kept telling himself, “It’s just a line, it’s just a line.
Since it’s a line, you must complete it with one movement of the brush.”

Han Fei was quite familiar with the job.
It was very similar to creating a Spirit Gathering Array with one step.

In order to confirm his speculation, Han Fei was not in a rush to paint the lobster.
Instead, he dropped hundreds of points of spiritual energy in a line on the fish skin when he moved the brush.

In the next moment, spiritual energy surged at him.

The middle-aged man continued drawing his painting.
However, on the other side of his face that Han Fei couldn’t see, there was a smile.

Yes, Han Fei had created a Spirit Gathering Array with one stroke.

“Yes, my guess is correct.
This lobster is just a line.”

Immediately, Han Fei considered for a moment, and as spiritual energy flowed out of the brush, he managed to finish drawing the lobster with one touch.


The line then jumped out, and a lobster about ten meters long appeared on the open ground nearby.

The illusionary lobster was painted at the cost of two hundred points of spiritual energy, so it only contained the same amount of spiritual energy.

With a thought, Han Fei prompted the lobster to pinch him.
He then squeezed it into pieces.

He speculated that it was a lobster that had just reached the Hanging Fisher level.

Han Fei guessed.

Immediately, Han Fei grinned.

However, his smile was gone very quickly.
What he could do was to draw a creature or an array with one touch.

When the middle-aged man waved his hand, Han Fei saw that the lobster painting became a picture that contained one line.

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
It was indeed possible to draw an array with one touch, but how was he going to disassemble an array into complicated arrays?

He glanced at the middle-aged man and secretly heaved a sigh.

He tried copying it with his spiritual power, only to discover that it was even more difficult than to copy the Spiritual Sea Secret Technique in the 72-floor demon realm.


“I can’t see the array during the copying, but I can vaguely tell that it’s related to water.”

Suddenly, the middle-aged man said casually, “Look at the painting that you drew earlier.”

Han Fei raised the brush and painted a Spirit Gathering Array with one touch.
Then, spiritual energy surged at him.
It seemed impossible for him to save the picture he painted.

Han Fei scanned the Spirit Gathering Array with his spiritual power, and it instantly stopped gathering spiritual energy.

Han Fei instantly realized that it was possible to seal the array that he painted with spiritual power.


Han Fei was slightly surprised.
His first touch was to paint it, and his second touch was to seal it.
The first touch was visible, and the second touch was invisible.

Han Fei realized that he didn’t have to copy the painting.
He simply needed to unveil the spiritual power on the fish skin.

How should he unveil it?

With his experience, Han Fei attacked it with spiritual power.


All of a sudden, Han Fei was drenched as if someone poured a bucket of water over his head.

Han Fei subconsciously looked at the middle-aged man, who ignored him.

Han Fei was lost for words.
This was definitely a practical joke to make fun of him! What should he do about the spiritual power barrier on the array if it could not be broken with violence?

The middle-aged man said casually, “It’s the right way, but if you’re to attack a random array in a strange place, you might suffer more than a bucket of water.
So, you have to break the spiritual power seals slowly.
You cannot grasp all the arrays at the same time.”

Han Fei looked at the fish skin and scanned it with his spiritual power again, only to discover that it was a simple water-gathering array.

He was quite appalled.
If it weren’t a bucket of water, but a saber in a killing array, wouldn’t he have been hurt?

The middle-aged said, “So, to become an array expert, you have to learn the existing arrays, or unveil the unknown, potentially dangerous arrays, or invent new ones.”

“Invent? How can I invent them?”

The middle-aged man dropped his brush and said, “It’s about your will.
If you want to kill someone, enter your killing will into the array; if you want to hide yourself, sneak into the array.
Your will is whatever you want to achieve.
It’s a path that you have to complete on your own.”

“My will?”

Han Fei didn’t think that he completely understood it.
Entering his thoughts into an array seemed rather complicated!

However, Han Fei remembered the Ocean Book.
He didn’t have to rush into anything! The Ocean Book was copied by the Demon Purification Pot.
Even if it had spiritual power seals in the past, it shouldn’t contain any at this moment.
He could read the strokes one by one.

Thinking about that, Han Fei asked again, “How can I create an awesome array by combining the arrays that I know?”

The middle-aged man said slowly, “How do you combine words?”

Han Fei was stunned.

It was not until half an hour later that Han Fei finally mumbled, “So, painting arrays is just like writing words? Fantastic! But isn’t it too simple?”

He found that nobody was around.
He looked back, only to find that the middle-aged man was having tea.

The middle-aged man said with a smile, “Simplicity is always the greatest solution.
You’ve grasped the essence of arrays.
It’s up to you what you can achieve in the future.”

Han Fei took a deep breath.
In only a couple of days, the middle-aged man had completely changed his understanding of arrays.

Han Fei suddenly felt that arrays weren’t difficult at all.

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