Chapter 792: Met Again

When Le Renkuang saw an Inferior Man-Fish waiting for him, he was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe his eyes.


“Feifei! How did you become an ugly Inferior Man-Fish? Who made you like this? Tell me and I’ll kill him with Senior Brother Dashuai…”

After seeing Han Fei, Le Renkuang screamed and almost burst into tears.

Han Fei went up and kicked him.
“Shut up.
Look at you, I’ve been away for so long, but you’re only an advanced Hanging Fisher.
What’s wrong with you?”

Le Renkuang kept wiping his tears, and Han Fei’s eyelids twitched when he saw this. Come on, you don’t have any f*cking tears?

However, Le Renkuang was overjoyed indeed.
Knowing that Han Fei was not dead, even though he had become an ugly Inferior Man-Fish, he was still very happy.

Le Renkuang flashed a stupid grin.
“I’ve worked very hard.
I can’t make a breakthrough for the breakthrough’s sake.
I have to lay a solid foundation.
Feifei, tell me how you became an Inferior Man-Fish? And who was that big black and red guy just now? Is he a human? I see him full of spiritual energy.”

Han Fei bared his teeth and said grumpily, “That’s a Semi-Divine puppet.
Didn’t you see that I could only launch two attacks?”

Le Renkuang wore an expression of disbelief.
“But you killed 12 sea demons.
Especially the first 5.
They didn’t even have the chance to use their Immortal Seals.
You must have had a great opportunity… But, are you going out with us this time?”

Han Fei thought for a while and shook his head.
“No! I want to see if my identity has been exposed on the sea demons’ side.
If it is possible, I might have to go back.”

Le Renkuang was stunned.
“Why are you going back?”

Suddenly, a thought came into his head, and he asked seriously, “Were you dead? Your Life Tablet shattered, did you take an Inferior Man-Fish’s body?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes at him and kicked him.
“No! I was not dead.”

Le Renkuang breathed a sigh of relief.
“That’s good, that’s good.”

Le Renkuang didn’t ask Han Fei’s secret.
After they talked for a while, he suddenly asked with a frown, “By the way… Where’s Xia Xiaochan? Did you have anything to do with the removal of the Sea Demon Mountain?”

Han Fei nodded.

However, he didn’t want to tell Le Renkuang about Chun Huangdian, which would put them under a lot of pressure.

They hadn’t even conquered the Thousand Star City yet! He’d better not let them know about the things at the other end of the Infinite Ocean.

Han Fei said, “You don’t have to know so much.
Just tell Xiaobai and the others…”

Before Han Fei finished speaking, he saw a blue flower popping up on the ground beside him.
The flowers bloomed, revealing Luo Xiaobai.

Luo Xiaobai was cold-faced as always.
“I’m here.”

Han Fei was taken aback for a moment and then laughed.
“You don’t have to worry about Xia Xiaochan.
However, I suspect that the things happening to the Thug Academy more than 30 years ago are far from as simple as Old Bai said.
Now you just need to improve your strength as soon as possible.
At least, you have to become Hidden Fishers as soon as possible.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“I see.
When will you be back?”

Han Fei thought about it.
In fact, he didn’t want to go to the Ten Thousand Demon Valley anymore, but he would have to find a way out.

Go out from the human tunnel? The consequences were unpredictable.

If it was safe to go out from the sea demon’s side, he would still find a way to get out from the sea demons’ side.

If Chixue Huan wanted him to die, they wouldn’t have sent him in the first place.

After all, the Heavenly Talents of the Ten Thousand Demon Valley had almost all come, at least most of them.

Besides, he had agreed to do three things for Chixue Huan.

And he didn’t necessarily need the Heritage Dredging Fruit.

However, he would still have to find it! It would be good if he could keep it.
Even if he couldn’t keep it, handing it over would gain him Chixue Huan’s trust.

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“It shouldn’t be long.
I’ll go back when I solve my problems.”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “What do you need us to do?”

Han Fei said, “Yang Ying of the Dark Hunter Legion, keep an eye on her.
If she leaves the Scattered Star Island and returns to her town, kill her.
If she stays on the island, just watch her and I’ll kill her when I get back.”

Hearing these words, Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang were both taken aback.

Le Renkuang suddenly said angrily, “Did she set Xia Xiaochan up? I’m gonna kill her…”

Han Fei shook his head at Le Renkuang.
“Leave her to me.
Don’t do anything to her unless she wants to leave.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“I see.
She is not getting away.”

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“By the way, tell Tang Ge that I am not dead.
Besides, ask him to go to the Twisted Jungle, the location is…”

Le Renkuang patted his chest.
“OK! I saw Tang Ge the day before yesterday.”

Han Fei asked, “Do you have any news about the Heritage Dredging Fruit?”

Le Renkuang froze for a moment before he asked, “That golden fruit?”


Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“Yes! But, we haven’t found it yet.
It’s said that when you find the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon, you’ll find the Heritage Dredging Fruit.
But the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon can be invisible, and even a Semi-Divine battle suit can’t resist its Ten-Thousand-Year Demonic Spine.
If you encounter it, you should be very careful.”

Han Fei frowned.
“So, there is only one Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon here?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
Our goal is not the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon.
We were told that if we encountered it, kill it if we could, and leave it alone if we couldn’t.
In order to protect the Leafless Tree, humans had to fight the sea demons.”

Han Fei chuckled.
“The sea demons do seem to want to kill the Leafless Tree.
By the way, what on earth is the Leafless Tree?”

Luo Xiaobai explained, “The Leafless Tree guards the passage.
If it’s killed, the passage to the Demon Plant Forest will be reopened.
However, humans cannot guarantee whether the demon plants are still friendly to humans… So this passage cannot be opened.”

Luo Xiaobai introduced demon plants, but she didn’t seem to know more than Uncle Shu Shan.

Han Fei nodded slightly.
“I see.”

Han Fei smiled.
“By the way, is there a map? We don’t know where the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon and the Leafless Tree are.”

Luo Xiaobai pondered and then said, “According to the Thousand-Year Tree-Demon I control, the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon doesn’t have a fixed position but will run around.
However, the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon seems to want to leave here too.
I am afraid it is also trying to kill the Leafless Tree! So, if you find the Leafless Tree, you should be able to find the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon.
As for where the Leafless Tree is, we don’t know…”

Suddenly, a vine stretched out from the ground.
“However, we have a leaf of the Leafless Tree.”

Han Fei was stunned for a moment.
“Huh… Wait a minute.
Didn’t you call it ‘leafless’… Why is there a leaf?”

Le Renkuang grinned and said, “It’s said that it used to have leaves, but not that it’s old, its leaves have all fallen off.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes, calling out Little Black and Little White.

“Girl, smell where the old tree is?”

Xiaobai kissed the leaf, then turned for a while, and chose the direction to Han Fei’s left.

Han Fei immediately smiled.
“Are you leading your team in this direction?”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head.
“Not now.
We will continue hunting sea demons when we recover.
Otherwise, we have no room to back off in terms of the Leafless Tree.
After all, we have no numerical advantage.”

Le Renkuang sighed.
“The sea demons launched an attack on the Scattered Stars Island, so we don’t have enough manpower.”

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“The total number of sea demons who came in was no more than 250, 11 on each team.
I killed 9 of them.
7 escaped just now, plus those who had died.
Now they’re definitely less than 200 in number.”

Le Renkuang sighed.
“There are only 120 of us.”

Han Fei frowned.
“Don’t you have any trump cards? The sea demons have the Sea God’s Arrival.
It is very powerful! It is the one you just saw.
And, I have to remind you of one thing: the sea demons may carry Divine weapons, so be careful.”

Le Renkuang exclaimed, “Divine weapons?”

Han Fei nodded solemnly.
“They should be prepared for the Leafless Tree.
They won’t use them casually.
If you find the Leafless Tree, you must be careful.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“Okay, I see.”

Han Fei bared his teeth.
“Okay, go back now.
Otherwise, you won’t be able to explain what you’re doing.”

Le Renkuang sighed.
“Why don’t you come back with us? Isn’t it dangerous to stay with the sea demons?”

Han Fei kicked him.
“Cut the crap.
Get lost.”

Suddenly, Han Fei shouted, “Wait a minute.”

Le Renkuang quickly turned around, and Luo Xiaobai also appeared again: “???”

Han Fei suddenly asked coldly, “In the past few months, has there been a super-strong guy coming to the Scattered Stars Island?”

“Huh? What do you mean by super strong?”

Luo Xiaobai hesitated for a while and suddenly said, “No.
However, it has been raining heavily on the Scattered Stars Island for half a month.”

Han Fei was puzzled.
“What? Does that have anything to do with the question I asked?”

Le Renkuang also asked, “Isn’t this a weather thing?”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head.
“I read from a classified document that it was caused by a strong master conducting fortune-telling.
I’ve heard from one of my ancestors that the turmoil of the world is very likely to cause abnormal changes in weather.”

Han Fei frowned.
“Fortune-telling? The turmoil of the world?”

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“I see.
Ok, you can go back now!”

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