He Xiaoyu’s mother was all teared up and couldn’t bear to part with her daughter.

 He Mingtang was sad too.
He brought his daughter up with all his heart and was really reluctant to part with her.

 He Xiaoyu, also drenched in tears, hugged her mother and refused to get on the fishing boat.

 The village leader said, “Cough, cough! Xiaoyu! Going to the town is not like going to the city; you can come back every year.”

 He Mingtang smiled.
“You can go now! Remember you are my daughter and have got an exotic spiritual beast.
Even in the town, you are the best.”

 He Xiaoyu nodded.
“Dad, I will study hard and strive to become a great fishing master as soon as possible.”

 At this time, Han Fei stepped forward.
“Well, He Xiaoyu, I heard that the people in the town are all talented and have great strength.
I guess that you will have to practice other arts while practicing rod techniques… Here you are.
Tang Ge gave me this knife.
Keep it.
If anyone bullies you, cut them with it.”

 He Mingtang glared at Han Fei. Is my daughter the kind of person who will casually cut people?

 “Huh? This knife…”

 The village leader’s eyes lit up and he took the knife and looked at it.
Then he pulled out the Blade Fish dagger of He Mingtang and hit the two against one another, Hu Mingtang’s dagger broke in two in an instant.

 Everyone’s eyes lit up, and the village leader was amazed.
“Is this a mortal-level weapon? It’s at least a treasure knife at the mortal level, mid-quality, or even high quality.”

 He Xiaoyu also widened her eyes.
A mortal-level weapon! She had heard of such a thing before, but never used one.

 Han Fei scratched his head.
“It’s not a big deal.
It’s just a knife! A knife is used to cut people, but I don’t cut people, so this knife is not suitable for me.”

 Everyone was speechless.
You don’t cut people? Then what about the young master of the Tigers? Yes, you didn’t cut him but you did stab him to death…

 He Xiaoyu took the treasure knife happily and felt the coldness of the blade, asking, “What is the name of this knife?”

 “A knife is a knife.
It doesn’t have a name.
If you’d like, you can give it a name.”

 He Xiaoyu grunted, fondling the knife admiringly.
“This knife is black and white and its blade is sharp and shining, so how about I call it, Black-and-White Knife?”

 Everyone: “…”

 Wang Baiyu rolled his eyes and thought, What kind of shitty name is that?

 Han Fei said, “Whatever you like.
It’s up to you.”

 “Thank you, Han Fei, I will cover you when I come back from the town.”

 “You may not believe it, but honestly, I can kill an Iron-Head fish with one punch.
Do I need you to cover me?”

 “Bah, go on bragging!”

 The village leader interrupted the two of them.
“Okay, it’s almost time.
Han Fei, are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”

 Han Fei shook his head.
“No, Leader, I still have a lot of things to tend to.”

 The village leader just wanted to kick his ass. This kid speaks as though he is the village leader! He has a lot of things to tend to? Who does he think he is?

 As the fishing boat took off, everyone waved farewell.

 It was not until the fishing boat disappeared in the clouds that He Mingtang said, “Han Fei, that knife…”

He, it’s just a knife.
Tang Ge left me more than one!”

 He Mingtang: “…”

 This knife was certainly not given to him by Tang Ge.
Han Fei forged this knife with Li Lang’s Iron Rod and the nearly fifty Blade Fish daggers he got from the Fishing Trial.
Its quality was actually not mid-quality but divine-quality.



 Han Fei walked in with barbecue and spirits.

 “Grandpa, I’m back.”

 The old man lifted his eyelids.
“You’re finally back, brat? Without you here, soon the field will be lying waste.”

 “Haven’t you thrown some spiritual energy to the fields?”

 The old man sneered, “I’m old, so I’m not supposed to work.
Isn’t it too tiring for me to till the fields?”

 Han Fei was dumbfounded. It’s tiring to me too, alright?

 Han Fei threw the wine jar on the table, walked to the field humming, and sat on the ground.
Where did he stop last time? Oh, yes, instilling spiritual energy into the fields in a large area.

 Han Fei started experimenting, throwing spiritual energy into the field.

 The old man picked a garlic prawn, pondering while eating. Did this kid really wipe out the elites of the Tigers by himself?

 Huh? Has he reached the peak of… level nine?

 The old man twitched the corner of his mouth. Are today’s young people all upgrading so quickly? There are no shortages of 12-year-old level-nine fishers or even 12-year-old fishing masters in the town, but there are no 12-year-old level-nine fishers in the town who can kill a fishing master… 

 A month later.

 Han Fei and Old Jiang were standing in front of a large vat covered with thick fish skin.

 Old Jiang asked, “Are you sure you succeeded?”

 Han Fei replied, “Yes, but even if it has been made, it should be exposed for a period of time after the vat is opened.”

 “Are you sure this… What is it called? Vinegar, yes, are you sure vinegar is delicious?”

 Han Fei explained, “It doesn’t taste good on its own, but how many kinds of Spiritual fruits in the plantation are delicious to eat alone?”

 The old man nodded.
Han Fei seemed to be talented in cooking and he didn’t have any say in this field.

 Han Fei took out the Blade Fish dagger, poked a hole in the fish skin, and suddenly a sour taste floated out of the vat.

 The old man wrinkled his nose.
“It smells really bad.”

 “Some bad-smelling things are the most delicious.”

 “Let’s try this semi-finished product first.
Maybe it will be half-delicious.”

 “Let’s have a try?”



 When Han Fei began to live in the plantation, Jiang Qin started a rotation holiday.
When she came from the outside, she saw her grandfather and Han Fei standing around a big vat.

 Jiang Qin asked, “What are you doing?”

 Han Fei and Old Jiang said together, “Secret!”


 Since Han Fei learned how to spread spiritual energy over the land, he no longer tilled the land but focused on his hobbies, mainly cuisine.

 At first, the old man despised his hobbies, but after he tried the strange dishes Han Fei made, he began to study cooking together with Han Fei, saying that it was one of the great joys of life.
He was glad he had a gourmet’s luck.

 Half an hour later.

 The three of them sat around a table where a large plate of seaweed salad and a large plate of drunk shrimp, as well as three large sweet potatoes were placed.

 Roasted sweet potatoes were loved by both the old man and Jiang Qin.
They used to eat them raw, but they didn’t expect them to be so delicious after being roasted.
However, they dare not taste the other two dishes.

 Old Jiang asked, “Are you sure this is edible? Isn’t this seaweed? Is seaweed edible? And this, this White Shrimp is still alive… Look, it’s moving.”

 Han Fei tried to explain, “Is grass inedible? Bugs eat grass!”

 Old Jiang shot back, “That’s a bug.
Is a man a bug?”

 Han Fei rolled his eyes.
“Bugs are tiny compared to humans, but in front of the heavens and earth, aren’t human beings as tiny as dust particles? If bugs can eat grass, so can humans.
As for the White Shrimp, it’s only delicious when it is alive and it will lose its flavor when it dies.”

 However, neither Old Jiang nor Jiang Qin touched the two dishes.

 Han Fei cast a glance at the two with contempt, picked up a White Shrimp, and put it into his mouth.
As he spat out a piece of shrimp shell, the transparent shrimp flesh had slipped into his stomach.

 Old Jiang and Jiang Qin exchanged a glance.
Seeing that Han Fei seemed to really enjoy it, Old Jiang couldn’t help but pick one up and put it into his mouth.

 A soon as he tasted it, his eyes brightened, and then he copied what Han Fei had just done.

 Old Jiang questioned,”Is this vinegar?”

 Han Fei was curious about what he thought.
“How do you feel?”

 Old Jiang confessed, “Very good.
It’s simple and fast to make, and once you make a vat of it, you can eat it for a long time.
Good, good…”

 Jiang Qin frowned, wondering if the two were deceiving her together.
However, she had tried the dishes made by Han Fei a few times, which were really good, so in the end she also tasted a drunk shrimp.

 When the White Shrimp touched her tongue, it tasted so smooth and special.
It felt as if life was beating on her tongue.
The rich wine aroma and the sour yet delicious sauce made her narrow her eyes. That’s really delicious, she thought.

 “What about this seaweed?”

 Han Fei smiled.
“Why not have a try, Sister Qin?”

 Thinking of Drunk Shrimp, Jiang Qin no longer hesitated as she tasted it.

 Half an hour later, most of the seaweed salad and drunk shrimp were in the stomachs of Old Jiang and Jiang Qin, but the roasted sweet potatoes remained untouched.

 After a while, the old man lay lazily on the chair, chewing roasted sweet potatoes and seemed to be enjoying himself.

 Old Jiang clicked his tongue.
“Boy, I think you shouldn’t be a spirit gatherer.
Be a cook.
I bet you’ll be very popular.”

 Han Fei didn’t seem to be sold on the idea.
“I am not interested in cooking for so many people.
I only cook for myself.”

 Suddenly, Han Fei saw Jiang Qin winking at him, motioning him to follow her.


 Deep in the garden.

 Han Fei asked, “Sister Qin, what’s up? Why do we have to sneak around like this?”

 Jiang Qin looked at Han Feidao seriously.
“Do you want to learn combat skills?”

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