gh the attack.


Cao Jiaren was slightly surprised.
She unhurriedly took out another piece of jade and squeezed it.

The same attack appeared.
This time, the golden figure didn’t resist it again but chose to flee.

However, the attack was too terrifying for her to escape.

In the end, the golden illusion was shattered, and then the Amulet was broken.
Yu Ji was easily killed.

Seeing how casual Cao Jiaren was, Han Fei was lost for words, wondering if everybody from the Cao family was so rich.
She threw out three pieces of ancient jade just to kill two enemies?

Han Fei dashed out and said to Cao Jiaren telepathically, Spare this one for me.
She’ll be useful.

Naturally, Yu Ji hadn’t died yet.
She must’ve refilled her Immortal Seal in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, and the weird golden figure must be a new method she acquired.

However, Cao Jiaren suddenly said, “When did I say you could go?”

Suddenly, hundreds of sabers and swords were launched at him.

Han Fei was lost for words.
It seemed that Cao Jiaren didn’t trust him.

But why? He had helped her finish off a whole team!

Nevertheless, Han Fei grinned and charged at the torrents of knives and swords with the 64-Dimensional Fish Dragon Dance and the Sea Racing Art.

Instantly, one of the armorists cursed, “How is this son of a b*tch so fast?”

Hardly had Yu Ji shown up when Han Fei grabbed her and kept rushing out.

Although thousands of vines were flying at him, Han Fei extended his hands and unleashed a terrifying fist mark, blowing up the vines into pieces.

It was not the Sacrificing Punch, but a punch under the cover of the Art of Invincibility.

So, to some extent, it was the Art of Invincibility.

Watching Han Fei rush off, a hunter was about to chase after him, when Cao Jiaren called out to him, “No need to chase him.”

At this moment, Yu Bing was still fighting a soul warrior.
As they fought on, he found that the illusion was gone and he was surrounded by nine enemies.

Yu Bing: “???”

Having no idea what happened, Yu Bing thought that he had been ambushed.
He raised his head and let out a Demon Shrill.

He died in regret! It was all Yu Hun’s fault.
Han Fei had proposed to chase after human beings, yet he chose to avoid them! Yu Bing didn’t want to die here!

Cao Jiaren looked quite peaceful.
There was no telling what was on her mind.

Someone asked, “Captain, who was the hideous Inferior Man-Fish just now? Why didn’t you attack him?”

Someone was confused.
“How can an Inferior Man-Fish be so strong? He’s even stronger than the Half-Merman Heavenly Talents!”

Someone was baffled.
“He attacked his own teammates just now.

Cao Jiaren replied casually, “He isn’t an Inferior Man-Fish, but an Azure Sea Blue Demon.
He claimed to be an undercover agent that human beings sent.”


“An undercover agent?”

“Huh? We can turn a sea demon into an undercover agent for us?”

“Hiss! Is he the one who lured the sea demons to this place?”

“But he saved the Half-Mermaid in the end.

Someone analyzed the situation.
“Whether or not he’s an undercover agent, even though two of the five enemies didn’t have Immortal Seals, the other three were quite strong and we might have been no match for them if caught unprepared.”

Cao Jiaren said casually, “Don’t bother him.
If our destination is the same, we’ll run into him again.
The noise just now must be the Demon Shrill.
We have to get out of here as quickly as possible…”

Cao Jiaren looked at the direction where Han Fei left.
She only had one question: how did he know her name?

She only had three days to prepare herself before entering the treasure trove.

If her guess was correct, Han Fei must’ve entered the place from the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, which was a million kilometers away from the Scattered Stars Island.
Did someone inform the captains of the human team from a million kilometers away?

That didn’t make sense! Even if he was informed, someone should’ve told her that there were undercover agents for humans in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley…

“An Azure Sea Blue Demon? Interesting…”

On the other hand, Han Fei dragged Yu Ji fifty kilometers away before he finally stopped.

Yu Ji looked at Han Fei in shock.
“You weren’t affected by the illusion?”

Han Fei looked at her.
“You were the one who broke the illusions! Those human beings were tough.
Well, really tough.”

Yu Ji frowned and looked at Han Fei in surprise.
“Where are the others?”

Han Fei replied expressionlessly, “Yu Ying disappeared into a shadow.
I don’t know about the others.
When I woke up, I saw that Yu Ying disappeared and you were killed.
I broke free when they were all distracted by you and took you away when you reappeared.”

Yu Ji couldn’t have hated illusions more.
She also hated the cunningness of human beings.
Those human Heavenly Talents were truly terrifying to have broken her Sea God’s Arrival technique.

Han Fei pretended to cough out a mouthful of blood.

Yu Ji asked in shock, “Are you wounded?”

Han Fei grunted and said, “How did you break the illusion? What was that golden giant?”

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