Han Fei sneered. The more scared of death you are, the sooner you’ll die! I’m going to bring you to hell!

Half an hour later…

Han Fei’s team found three places that had battle traces.
Everybody thought that it was a safe way that human beings had explored, so they moved very fast.

Han Fei was the only one who was observing the concentration of spiritual energy and smelling the seaweeds that had been torn apart.

A moment later, on the fourth battlefield, Han Fei knew that they were catching up based on the concentration of spiritual energy.

Suddenly, Yu Hun frowned.
“Something isn’t right.
I sense that the human air is getting stronger.”

Yu Bing questioned, “Did someone on their team die here?”

Yu Hun considered for a moment.
“That’s possible.
However, it’s also possible that we’ve run into another human team.
The areas we’re exploring must be overlapping those human beings explore.
Let’s be careful.”

After only a quarter, Han Fei detected that some people were fighting a Hundred-Year Tree Demon up ahead.

Huh? Cao Qiu isn’t among them… Wait, Cao Jiaren?

Han Fei raised his eyebrows and sent a telepathic message. End the battle as quickly as possible.
Half-Mermen are catching up to you.

Cao Jiaren, who was commanding the battle, came to a sudden halt, but her expression didn’t change.

Cao Jiaren looked back casually, but the guy was beyond her senses.
So, she spoke to her team telepathically, Kill it in three seconds.
Hunter, hide.
Armorist, be ready to open shields.
Manipulators, submerge.
Soul warriors, protect the spirit gatherers… Be prepared for battle.

As she talked, she grabbed the flute that she had been carrying and put on a smile.
Whoever had sent the message and whether or not they were malicious, she was confident of dealing with them.

Han Fei continued sending his message, One of them has a Divine Weapon and battle suit, and the other three have Semi-Divine ones… Please disguise yourselves, or you will be detected in twenty seconds.

Cao Jiaren frowned, wondering who was talking.
Human beings were all in teams.
Was it a Thousand-Year Tree Demon that was trying to manipulate her to kill the sea demons?

Cao Jiaren instantly said to everyone, “Nobody is to land on the bottom of the sea.”

Suddenly, Yu Hun stopped and remarked in surprise, “Not good, we’ve run into human beings… Wait, there are only five of them?”

Yu Ji’s expression quickly changed.
“How is it possible? Haven’t human beings already explored this way? How can there still be anyone?”

Yu Ji looked at Han Fei, who frowned and said in confusion, “That doesn’t make sense! Are they fighting?”

Yu Hun shook his head.
“Not exactly… Huh! They’re healing their wounds.
A human spirit gatherer is healing his two teammates.”

Yu Hun was instantly tempted.
“This is a great opportunity.
They seem to have just been through a great battle with heavy losses.
We’ll go there and kill them.”

Han Fei looked as regular as before, but he couldn’t be happier about his senses.
Even if Yu Hun used to be a peak-level sea demon, so what? He was not even as strong as Han Fei as he was suppressed.
It was only natural that he was fooled.

Seeing that Yu Hun had already dashed out, Yu Da and Yu Bing quickly followed him.
They dare not fight a complete human team, but they wouldn’t mind dealing with a few individuals.

Because Yu Hun reacted too fast, Yu Ji and Yu Ying could only chase him.
Han Fei followed them about half a step behind them.

He dare not keep himself behind too much in case he was suspected.
He was sure of every human being’s position except the hunter, but it was impossible for the hunter to kill him.

The target was ten kilometers away.

On the human side, several guys rose and began to flee.

Yu Hun roared, “Move at full speed! They’re trying to run!”

When Yu Hun was only a thousand meters away, Han Fei suddenly realized that the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect started swallowing things as if it were having a feast.

“Shoot… Poison God?”

Han Fei should’ve seen it coming that Cao Jiaren, as Cao Qiu’s sister, definitely had Poison God, and it was absolutely a strengthened version.

Almost in the blink of an eye, Han Fei was filled with the urge of fighting.

After only one moment, Yu Ji suddenly said, “Wait, this is an ambush.”

Wu… Wu… Wu…

All of a sudden, a weird and mystical sound echoed, and those who were running dashed back.

Thousands of swords and sabers were sweeping, and a purple streak of light moved at Yu Hun like a flying ribbon.

All the spiritual plants were on a rampage.
Infinite leaves of the seaweeds were coming.
Some gigantic vines were slapping them like snakes too.

Han Fei quickly had the antidote to the strengthened version of Poison God, fearing that the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect couldn’t take care of it.

Then, Han Fei hopped among the vines like an agile monkey.
However, he found himself in a weird environment, and his eyes, nose and ears were malfunctioning.

Han Fei instantly said telepathically, Hey, we’re still cooperating.
I’m the Inferior Man-Fish who sent you a warning.
Why don’t you move your illusion away?

However, the moment he said that, Han Fei sensed soundwaves roaring in every direction.
Each of the soundwaves was as powerful as the strike of a peak-level Hanging Fisher.

Han Fei was instantly lost for words. Hey, Cao Jiaren, I’m an undercover agent that human beings sent to sea demons!

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