Chapter 779: Hundred-Year Tree Demon

Information about the sharp thorns popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

Hundred-Year Tree Demon

This is an intelligent spiritual plant that grew from the seed of an ancient demon tree.
It knows Hundred-Year Battle Stings that can penetrate ultra-quality demonic weapons.
It can control its roots and vines and travel underneath the soil.




Sea Demon

Hundred-Year Demon Stings

Spiritual plants don’t have veins and there’s no obstacles in their Demon Heritage.

When he read the information, Han Fei subconsciously glanced at the tree a thousand meters away and felt that his heart shivered.

“Is that a spiritual plant? It has no Demon Heritage or Companion Spirit, yet it has an inherited battle technique and infinite potential…”

Han Fei’s eyes flashed.
What did it mean? It meant that the demonic plants could keep growing stronger.
Of course, that wasn’t necessarily better than the techniques of human beings or sea demons.

However, this intelligent creature had quality even though it didn’t have a Demon Heritage.
Wasn’t it the same as contractual spiritual beasts and naturally-endowed spiritual beasts?

From that point of view, what kind of creature were they?

Was it possible for a human being to contract a spiritual plant?

Han Fei thought of many questions, but couldn’t find an answer yet.
After all, there were a lot of other people in his team.

Almost in the blink of an eye, Yu Hun, Yu Ying, Yu Ji and three other people took action and tore apart the vines, rescuing the victim.

However, when they got him back, they found that one of three stings had pierced between his ribs into his internal organs.

The wound was even thicker than Han Fei’s thigh.

That was not the end of it.
The Hundred-Year Demon Stings were poisonous, and the Half-Merman’s body was turning blue.

He opened his eyes, and his eyes lost focus.
He was a Heavenly Talent, yet he had died once for nothing when he tried to investigate the environment with a secret technique?

Yu Hun looked rather awful.
“Nobody is to approach the seabed, which is dangerous.
Based on the information of the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, the Hundred-Year Tree Demon must’ve done that.
It must be the tree up ahead.”

Everybody was infuriated when the Half-Merman died.
They had just moved for twenty kilometers, and someone already died?

While they were angry, they were also alarmed.
The forest seemed glamorous and splendid, but it was quite dangerous and called for caution.

Yu Hun roared, “Everybody, put on your battle suits, take out your weapons, and be ready for battle!”

As he spoke, the guy who was just killed ran out of the void in shock.
He was completely dumbfounded.

He had already died once after he came in.
If he died again, wouldn’t he be really killed?

Yu Ji looked at Han Fei’s reaction, only to be greatly disappointed.

Han Fei was as cold and indifferent as before the whole time.

It did make sense on second thought.
Han Fei had no sense of belonging to the Ten Thousand Demon Valley.
The guy played dumb when they first met and behaved very coldly afterwards, which made Yu Ji rather unhappy.

Yu Ying looked at Yu Ji and then Han Fei.
There was no telling what was on his mind.

After Yu Hun gave an order, everybody swam at the tree.

The tree was more than two hundred meters tall and almost reached the sky, but Han Fei didn’t see any information on it after he saw it.

Han Fei realized that it wasn’t the Hundred-Year Tree Demon.

Immediately, Han Fei released his senses and scanned the environment.

Everybody else, including Yu Hun, had already started attacking the tree.
They believed that the tree must be the Hundred-Year Tree Demon, because only a tree of such a size could’ve killed a Half-Merman Heavenly Talent in one attack.

The tree was half shattered by dozens of cold shiny weapons.

However, unlike what everybody expected, the tree showed no reaction at all.
Instead, a lot of green sap flowed out of the broken trunk and dispersed in the water.

Immediately, Han Fei frowned.
He had a bad feeling.

Seeing that the attacks were ineffective and Han Fei was deep in thought, Yu Ji roared, “Watch out for the poison!”

Yu Hun also roared, “Fall back!”

As he commanded, Yu Hun waved his hand and raised a huge tide, trying to push the sap away.

However, some of the sap had already touched everybody during the attacks.
Han Fei didn’t sense any reaction from the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect, so he was certain that it wasn’t poison.

After retreating for hundreds of meters, everybody floated in the sky and looked at the half-broken tree, hoping to see the result.

Han Fei was still scanning the area again and again.
The Hundred-Year Tree Demon was still around.
If this tree wasn’t it, it had to be one of the smaller trees.

However, there were dozens of smaller trees nearby, which had different heights but exactly the same appearance…


Han Fei’s pupils contracted.
He saw a tree that was only three meters tall.
The tree didn’t have many leaves, but it had a lot of branches.

Han Fei found it rather weird.
This place was abundant in spiritual energy and other plants all had long leaves.
Yet, this one had few leaves, which made it unfitting for the environment.

Suddenly, Han Fei had a sense of danger and moved horizontally for more than three meters.

In the next moment, the leaves on the algae behind them were tightened and swept like giant swords.

Other people were alarmed by Han Fei’s sudden movement.
In any case, it couldn’t hurt to move with him.

As a result, because of Han Fei’s dodging movement, everybody narrowly avoided the attack of the sword leaves.
Immediately, hundreds of leaves flew out and darted at Han Fei and the rest of the team.

Yu Hun roared, “They’re not very powerful.
Don’t panic!”

However, while the vines and grasses weren’t powerful, there were an overwhelming number of them, which was still scary.

At least, the Heavenly Talents who hadn’t been through a lot of real battles, were panicked when faced with the overwhelming attacks.

Some of them forgot the lesson and approached the seabed when they tried to avoid the vines and the sword leaves.


Almost eight stings rose more than ten meters high and stabbed one of them.

In the chaotic scene, although he was already alarmed and avoided most of the stings, the vines still clutched his feet and two of the stings simply pierced him through.

“Yu Lu!”

Someone roared and tried to rescue him, but the bountiful vines slowed him down.

Yu Lu, who was impaled, was not dead yet.
Although the Hundred-Year Demonic Stings could penetrate ultra-quality battle suits, it wasn’t so easy to kill someone behind the suits.

However, Yu Lu didn’t choose to unleash his strength and break free after he was hurt.
Instead, he summoned his Companion Spirit.

Seeing that, Han Fei knew that the guy was doomed and had to use his Immortal Seal.

It was true that he was a Heavenly Talent, but the enemy was a level-49 exotic Hundred-Year Tree Demon.
Why should it be scared of him?

As expected, after the Companion Spirit was summoned, another row of Hundred-Year Demonic Stings popped up and left five holes on him.

Yu Hun roared, “Don’t go down there! Come back!”

Yu Lu walked out of the void in fright.
Had one of his lives been wasted so easily?

Han Fei waved his harpoon quickly and chopped the grasses and vines.
Even if some of the vines touched him, they couldn’t pull him away at all.

While watching Yu Ji, Yu Ying and others fight, Han Fei speculated that the sap of the tree could increase the aggressiveness of other plants.

However, Han Fei wouldn’t tell them that.
He peeped at the tree and knew that the Hundred-Year Tree Demon couldn’t hide much longer.

He put on a smile and had an idea.

The Hundred-Year Tree Demon had already killed two of the Half-Mermen and done him a great favor, but it probably couldn’t kill anyone else.
Since it would be discovered sooner or later, he might as well reveal it to win the team’s trust.

When everybody was fighting vehemently, Han Fei suddenly dashed forward with his harpoon, cutting apart all the vines and leaves on the way.

Following Han Fei’s outburst and the direction of his attack, everybody spotted the tiny tree.

Yu Hun roared, “Damn it, I’m going to execute you today!”

However, beyond everyone’s expectation, the Hundred-Year Tree Demon suddenly grew taller, and a lot of roots appeared at its bottom.
It pulled itself out and ran off quickly.

There was no telling if it was because of the plentiful roots, but it ran quite fast.
Anyway, it was much faster than normal crabs.

Han Fei was quite shocked.
He didn’t expect the tree to do that.

You are a tree! How can you run even faster than crabs?

However, it couldn’t escape at all.
Han Fei moved so fast and had to lower his depth in the way, and almost ten stings rose.

But Han Fei had seen them coming.
He changed his course in the seawater and avoided the stings easily, before he hit the Hundred-Year Tree Demon.

The Hundred-Year Tree Demon was flung away after Han Fei left a hole on it.

Then, Yu Hun, Yu Ji, Yu Ying and everybody else arrived.
They riddled the Hundred-Year Tree Demon with holes with their harpoons.
The infuriated Half-Mermen vented their madness on the enemy, and Han Fei didn’t have to attack again.

Therefore, Han Fei simply stopped and watched the scene in silence.

Yu Ying drifted over.
“How did you find it?”

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