Chapter 754: Make A Name

When designing Overlord, Han Fei never thought that he could attach his soul to Overlord.
Therefore, Han Fei didn’t leave a battery groove-like slot for spiritual stones in Overlord.

It seemed that he needed to transform Overlord a little bit.

However, the first thing Han Fei had to do now was to continue deducing the Three Transformation Wondrous Book.

He pretended to be an Inferior Man-Fish and entered the Ten Thousand Demon Valley with the help of Yu Ji.

Therefore, Han Fei didn’t think anyone would see through his real identity in the short term.

But now, when he heard that Yu Ji’s master turned out to be one of the Eight Wings of Blue Feather, a powerful master of at least the level of a Law Enforcer, his heart did a flip.

He certainly needed to deduce the Void Fishing Art, but not now.

Besides, as far as Han Fei was concerned, it was easy for him to get 100 million points of spiritual energy now.
And right under his nose, there were 50,000 catties of spiritual spring.

Han Fei began to deduce the book.

After a while, information emerged.

“Heavenly Variation Technique”

Remarks: By observing the wonders of the evolution of creatures, obtain the power of metamorphoses.
There are also three methods of evolutionary mutation, with which one can perfectly simulate the three creatures, even simulating their breath.
After the variation, one has no difference from a real sea demon.
After one variation, it takes three days to make another variation.

Disadvantage 1: While the user is dying, his real breath will be exposed.

Disadvantage 2: “Heavenly Variation Technique” cannot control ordinary marine creatures.

Creatures that can be simulated: ordinary sea demon, Red Demon, Half-Mermaid.

Deduced Art: N/A

Deduction consumption: 0/100 million

Just as Han Fei expected, the Three Transformation Wondrous Book was more effective after the deduction! Now, no one would be able to discover that he wasn’t a real sea demon.
Besides, the simulation time had been reduced to 3 days.

Han Fei believed that if he continued deducing it, the effect might be even better.

However, it didn’t make sense.
He wouldn’t stay in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley long.
After plundering enough treasure, he would just slip away!

At that time, as long as Yu Ji took him to the front line, he could just kill Yu Ji and return to the human world.

Seeing that he still had more than 2 million points of spiritual energy in reserve, Han Fei thought for a while and still got into Forge the Universe.

Although he didn’t allow Yu Fu to come in, he couldn’t guarantee against accidents.

Next, he would evolve into a more perfect Inferior Man-Fish with the Heavenly Variation Technique.
The process would be painful and must not be discovered by anyone.

One hour passed.

Han Fei fell out of midair, panting.

“The pain has reduced a lot.
However, it is still very painful! I’d better not try it frequently.”

The next moment, the faint blue flame in the eyes of Overlord flickered.
Han Fei saw his current appearance with Overlord’s eyes.
There was no change in his appearance.
However, in terms of temperament, it seemed to be a level higher than before.

Han Fei was silent for a while.
Is there such a handsome Inferior Man-Fish?

“It’s okay.
Since Yu Ji thinks I’m a legend, I will just say that I am a legend.
It shouldn’t be a big problem.”

Han Fei glanced at Overlord and felt that he should re-refine it and install two grooves on its body to place spiritual stones.
In this way, Overlord would be even more perfect.

Three days had passed.

Han Fei walked out of the material room.

As soon as he came out, Han Fei discovered that besides Yu Fu, there were two Half-Mermaids of level-46 in the shop.

When the two Half-Mermaids saw Han Fei, they were also surprised.
One of them asked in astonishment, “Uncle Fu, where does this inferior sea demon come from?”

Uncle Fu’s heart trembled. Do you have any idea what a horrible person you are talking to?

Immediately, Uncle Fu said, “Well… Yu Fei is an Azure Sea Blue Demon, and he was brought back by Miss Yu Ji herself.”

The two Half-Mermaids glanced at each other, seeming a little surprised.

“Huh! Is he an Azure Sea Blue Demon?”

“He seems to be more advanced than the ordinary inferior sea demons.
His demonic heritage should not be low-level.
But why does Miss Yu Ji keep an Azure Sea Blue Demon here?”

Uncle Fu smiled and said, “Teaching him how to refine weapons.”

“Refine weapons? Him?”

Although the two Half-Mermaids knew that Han Fei was an Azure Sea Blue Demon, the contempt in their eyes still didn’t abate at all.
After all, an Azure Sea Blue Demon was still a kind of Inferior Man-Fish despite greater potential.

However, they never thought that an Azure Sea Blue Demon could really give a full play to his potential.

In their opinion… Crimson Blood Demons had a greater potential.

The so-called Crimson Blood Demons were a special species of Red Demons, and their status among Red Demons was equivalent to that of the Azure Sea Blue Demon among the Inferior Man-Fish.
However, there were very few Crimson Blood Demons.

Among the Eight Wings of Blue Feather, there was a Crimson Blood Demon, ranked seventh, named Chixue Huan, who was the only sea spirit-level Red Demon.

A Half-Mermaid said, “Hey! Yu Fei, right? Are you good at refining weapons? Show us then.”

Yu Fu immediately explained, “Well, Yu Fei has just learned to refine weapons…”

“OK!” while Yu Fu was still trying to explain, Han Fei suddenly said, expressionless and calm.

Uncle Fu paused and said to him via voice transmission, You’ve only studied it for six days.
If you can’t do it well, it may cause you unnecessary trouble.

Han Fei strode to the Refining Divine Platform and glanced at the two people casually.
“What would you like me to refine?”

The two Half-Mermaids were stunned, and one of them sneered.
“What a crazy little fish! Do you really think you have noble blood? Refine me a high-quality battle suit.”

Han Fei said coldly, “Materials.”

Yu Fu trembled.
“Are you really going to try?”

Han Fei ignored Yu Fu but looked at the Half-Mermaid.

The latter was annoyed by Han Fei’s attitude.
With a wave of his hand, a pile of materials was thrown on the ground.

“Humph, I’d like to see, is the so-called Azure Sea Blue Demon really a genius?”

Han Fei ignored her.
He grabbed at the materials on the ground and a few pieces of them floated in the air.
In an instant, they were wrapped both with spiritual energy and demonic energy.

This scene stunned Yu Fu.
Strange! This was not the case three days ago.
Three days ago, Han Fei could only refine lower-quality spiritual weapons.

Could it be that he was a special Azure Sea Blue Demon? But he was learning too fast, wasn’t he? Judging from his refining method and speed, he seemed to be better at refining even than him…

The two Half-Mermaids were also taken aback.
At this moment, they were looking at each other in astonishment.
Was the Azure Sea Blue Demon really so powerful?

Only half an hour later, everything was ready, and the materials were poured into the battle suit mold on the platform like juice.

Han Fei deliberately spent several times more time than usual.
But even so, it was still quick.

Yu Fu and the two Half-Mermaids were already dumbfounded.

Yu Fu exclaimed, “Only half an hour?”

The two Half-Mermaids looked shocked.
Is the Azure Sea Blue Demon really that strong?

Han Fei looked up and said indifferently, “It’s done.”

While the three of them were shocked, Han Fei felt a perception sweep past.

Sure enough, I was being watched.
But so what?

Han Fei smiled.
Now he tried to pretend to be a genius.

If he was only an ordinary Inferior Man-Fish, how could he discover the secrets of the Ten Thousand Demon Valley?

The two Half-Mermaids left with the battle suit without saying much.

However, from now on, Yu Fei, the genius Azure Sea Blue Demon, made a name for himself.

At this moment, Han Fei was standing at the door of the refining shop, watching the sea demons coming and going.

Many Half-Mermaids looked at him curiously and then swam past.
Not many of them stopped to talk to Han Fei.

From time to time, someone frowned and mumbled, “How can an inferior sea demon be in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley?”

Some people were astonished.
“An Azure Sea Blue Demon?”

Naturally, someone accosted Han Fei, asking if Han Fei would follow him…

Whenever this happened, Han Fei would point to the shop sign, so no one asked further.
They thought, this guy is Yu Ji’s man.

Han Fei was observing.
Only within the range of his vision, he saw two refining shops.
So, how many refining shops were there in this huge canyon?

“There are a lot of people!”

Han Fei was thinking, How do I plunder these refining shops? I certainly can’t do it when there are a lot of people around… Better do it when there are only refiners in the shops.

Besides, he needed to consider whether to kill the refiners or let them live.

But if not, how could he steal the spiritual spring and materials without being discovered?

Han Fei decided to try an ordinary refining shop first.
If he was discovered, he would just kill the refiner and break into the material room.
Anyway, this was a one-off deal, and it depended on his ability how many refining shops he could rob…

Suddenly, Han Fei turned around and entered the store.
“If I go out and walk around, will anyone stop me?”

Yu Fu froze for a moment.
“Go out? That shouldn’t be a problem.
It’s just that your identity is special.
If you are not led by someone, you’ll definitely be questioned.”

Han Fei looked at Yu Fu.
“I want to buy some spiritual fruits.
Are you with me?”

Yu Fu asked in surprise, “Do you have money?”

Han Fei shook his head.

Yu Fu: “…”

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