Chapter 733: Treasures Underneath the Spring of Demonic Qi

Han Fei didn’t know who was pressing through the mountain.

However, the guy was very strong.
He must be a boss among the Half-Mermaids.

Just one strike from him had made stones fall in the tunnel.
It nearly penetrated the mountain.

Han Fei grunted when he reached the center of the spring of demonic Qi.
As the demonic Qi entered his body, Han Fei felt that his eyes became bloodshot.

Inside his body, the spiritual energy and the demonic Qi collided heavily and hurt him.

“Seed, keep it up!”

Han Fei had absorbed demonic Qi with the seed earlier, but that was when the demonic Qi infiltrated his body while he was unconscious.

This time, Han Fei consciously directed the demonic Qi to the seed, only to find that the demonic Qi was beyond his control.
It was easier to deal with a tiny amount of demonic Qi, but such a huge amount of it made Han Fei’s mouth and nose bleed.

Fortunately, after Han Fei was hurt, the seed began to revolve slowly and absorb the demonic Qi.

But to Han Fei’s surprise, not just the seed, but the Demon Essence pearl in his body started glowing too.
Han Fei couldn’t help but wonder what that pearl was exactly.

Han Fei knew that its name was Demon Essence.

The master of the Snow God’s Temple once informed him of that.

He had never known how to make use of the Demon Essence… Until it started acting on its own at this moment.

Han Fei instantly dragged Xia Xiaochan with the Water Control Technique and bellowed, “Attach!”

Because Xia Xiaochan had dug demonic stones earlier here, there was a pit inside the cavern in the first place, and Han Fei combined with the nine chains and drilled down into the pit.


The stomach was struck again.
Han Fei sensed that the wall was already exploding.

He was greatly shocked.

This Half-Merman was so fast! Was he from a family of professional diggers? Even a driller couldn’t have been as fast as him!

However, the moment he spread out his senses, Han Fei discovered that they were all crunched by the violent demonic Qi, so he couldn’t tell when the enemy would break in at all…

“Forget it, I’ll just dig down first.”

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Han Fei was so anxious that the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers all left his body and dug the pit with the Ten Thousand Knives in One Technique.


The belly of the stomach was opened, and a Half-Merman who wore a golden battle suit looked down coldly.

Behind him, the relatively weak Half-Mermen, under the shock of the demonic Qi, all retreated.

The Half-Merman declared, “Those below the level of sea demon, back off.
The rest of you, activate the Sea King’s Secret Technique, put on your battle suits, and turn on the water shield!”

In front of the Half-Merman boss, a glowing barrier was blocking the demonic Qi.

He was quite confused, wondering how a human being could have resisted such violent demonic Qi.

As a matter of fact, Han Fei couldn’t really resist it.

He was digging so crazily in the pit like a human-shaped drill… No, even a real drill wouldn’t have been as fast as him.

Han Fei discovered, to his surprise, that there were a lot of demonic stones down below.

There were low-quality, mid-quality and high-quality demonic stones, and even a few ultra-quality demonic stones.
Han Fei instantly realized why the demonic Qi was so turbulent in this place.

“Come here!”

Han Fei didn’t refuse them.
While the demonic stones were useless to them, it would be faster for him to dig when they were absorbed by Forge the Universe.

Also, apart from the Hexagon Starfish, Little Black and Little White, the others such as the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp all turned slightly rampant after absorbing them.

There were so many demonic stones that even he was almost going crazy.
He simply threw all of them into Forge the Universe, to reduce the demonic Qi as much as possible.

Thousands of demonic stones were taken into Forge the Universe by Han Fei.
As a result, the violent demonic Qi inside the mountain was greatly weakened.

“My lord, is he really a human being? Why do I feel that he isn’t?”

“My lord, he has passed the demonic Qi barrier.
He can’t possibly survive that, can he?”

The leading Half-Merman frowned.
“The demonic Qi here is too violent for me to detect the surroundings.
However, whether he’s a human or a demon, he’s dead for sure.
Nobody can survive such violent demonic Qi…”

“My lord, is it possible that he’s a top expert?”

The Half-Merman shook his head.
If he were a top expert, he wouldn’t run at all after seeing us.
If he were capable of passing the demonic Qi barrier, it would’ve been more than an easy task for him to annihilate us.
It’s too late to inform the Ten Thousand Demon Valley now, or the experts from there can surely tell who he is.”

Han Fei had thought that it couldn’t have been easy for the enemies to locate him in such a huge mountain which blocked all senses.

Yet, those people had found him after only slightly more than a day.

It seemed that he had underestimated the Half-Mermaids after all.

At this moment, Han Fei’s muscles were tightened.
Even though the seed in his body was revolving and the Demon Essence was flashing, absorbing the demonic Qi crazily, Han Fei’s whole body still started to bleed under the push of demonic Qi.

At this moment, Xia Xiaochan slowly woke up.
She knew what was going on the moment she saw that Han Fei was covered in blood but still digging down crazily.

She cried anxiously, “Big starfish, open your gate.”

The Hexagon Starfish was not in the best condition either.
Its six eyes were unfocused, and it kept throwing arrays onto itself and Han Fei, hoping to block or escape the demonic Qi.

However, things didn’t quite go as planned.
It could block some demonic Qi, but not all of it.

At this moment, the Hexagon Starfish’s six tentacles were squirting demonic Qi like flamethrowers.
They discharged all the demonic Qi it absorbed.
That was quite an unusual talent!

After Xia Xiaochan cried out, the Hexagon Starfish came back to itself and glowed in purple light.
In the next moment, Han Fei was packed into a gate by the Hexagon Starfish.

Xia Xiaochan split some of the Metamorphosis Water and covered up the Hexagon Starfish.
She also created a giant Mess Swallowing Worm with the Metamorphosis Water to take over Han Fei’s job.

Actually, Han Fei had already dug deeply enough.
Xia Xiaochan thought that they could change the direction after digging another hundred more meters.
Then, it would take the Half-Mermen a long time to track them…

Although this area had probably been locked down, it was not a problem for Xia Xiaochan to escape with the Metamorphosis Water!

Even without the Metamorphosis Water, no sea demons could possibly catch up with her as soon as she went to the surface of the sea and escaped on the Wind God Boat.

However, after Xia Xiaochan just dug fifty meters, her eyes were filled with a green glow, which was a large area of Spirit Awakening Fluid.
She was completely dumbfounded.

The Hexagon Starfish was shocked.
“We’re getting rich! There is so much Spirit Awakening Fluid!”

Unfortunately, Han Fei was hiding in the Hexagon Starfish’s gate and crazily digesting the demonic Qi.
He emanated weird redness, and he looked like a bloody man.

After the area was dug open, the Spirit Awakening Fluid flowed out and soon surrounded Xia Xiaochan and the Hexagon Starfish.

Also, the Spirit Awakening Fluid was still popping up.

The Hexagon Starfish quickly loaded the Spirit Awakening Fluid into its gate.
Seeing that Han Fei was rather badly wounded, it simply poured a handful of Spirit Awakening Fluid on him.


When the Spirit Awakening Fluid encountered the weird demonic Qi in his body, Han Fei felt that a basin of cold water was just poured over his head.
He shivered and opened his eyes.


Han Fei vomited blood.
A tremendous amount of Spirit Awakening Fluid was entering his body and soothing the demonic Qi with a mysterious power.

There was less redness in Han Fei’s eyes.
He asked in surprise, “Where is the Spirit Awakening Fluid from?”

The Hexagon Starfish said, “We’ve fallen into a pit of Spirit Awakening Fluid.
There’s nothing but Spirit Awakening Fluid here.
I’ll repay you ten thousand kilograms first.”

Han Fei was stunned.
“A pit of Spirit Awakening Fluid? Weren’t we inside a spring of demonic Qi? How did we come to a pit of Spirit Awakening Fluid?”

Han Fei quickly said, “Open the gate and let me out.”

“Huh? What about the demonic Qi?”

Han Fei examined himself, only to discover that the seed and the Divine Essence were still crazily swallowing the demonic Qi.
Also, the Spirit Awakening Fluid was neutralizing the demonic Qi and increasing his resistance to it.
They seemed to be modifying and bettering his body.

Han Fei assured him, “I’m fine.
Open the gate.
Don’t even think to monopolize the loot.”

The Hexagon Starfish was lost for words.
It couldn’t possibly monopolize so much Spirit Awakening Fluid!

At this moment, the Hexagon Starfish saw that Xia Xiaochan was also absorbing the Spirit Awakening Fluid crazily after she fell into it.

So, the Hexagon Starfish opened the gate and urged him.
“Hurry up, or there won’t be any for you left.”

“It’s gone?”

Han Fei blinked out of the gate, only to be shocked in the next second.
How much Spirit Awakening Fluid was out there?

Han Fei saw that Xia Xiaochan was floating in the Spirit Awakening Fluid with a blue halo around her, from which steam was popping up.

Noticing that the Hexagon Starfish was loading more Spirit Awakening Fluid into its gates, Han Fei instantly slapped it.
“Stop and let Xia Xiaochan absorb it first.”

Han Fei spread out his senses and looked around.
He found that the Spirit Awakening Fluid wasn’t as much as he had anticipated, but there was definitely more than a hundred thousand kilograms of it.

The Hexagon Starfish had stolen at least twenty thousand kilograms of the Spirit Awakening Fluid in such a short amount of time.

The Hexagon Starfish didn’t feel wronged.
It had claimed a lot anyway.
If it didn’t digest it quickly, Han Fei would loot it sooner or later…

So, the Hexagon Starfish simply stuck itself to Han Fei and absorbed the Spirit Awakening Fluid.

Seeing that Xia Xiaochan was crazily absorbing the Spirit Awakening Fluid, Han Fei thought that she probably wouldn’t be affected if he made use of ten thousand kilograms of it.
He had developed the Demon Spirit Shift anyway.

So, Han Fei simply summoned Little Fatty, Little White, Little Gold and Little Black.

All of them were dumbfounded by what they saw, wondering how their master got rich.

They swallowed the Spirit Awakening Fluid crazily the second after they were out.

Han Fei’s eyes flashed.
He didn’t expect to find so much Spirit Awakening Fluid during his digging.
If things turned out as planned, all of them were going to become level-40!

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