Chapter 730: Exposed

The Hexagon Starfish was dumbfounded, as Han Fei was absorbing the spiritual energy too fast.

Also, how could he absorb for such a long time? Shouldn’t his body already be full?

Little did it know that Han Fei was having the best time.
The intake of such a huge amount of pure spiritual energy finally made him less angry.

Although the spiritual stones didn’t contain too much spiritual energy, there were still several dozen million points worth of energy.
And he hadn’t dug more tunnels yet.

If he stayed in the mountain long enough and dug hundreds of tunnels, he might get hundreds of millions of points of spiritual energy.
After all, this place was the sea demons’ base, and spiritual energy would be copious here.

About four hours later, Xia Xiaochan returned running and spraying the demonic stones on the way.

Seeing that Han Fei was still swallowing spiritual energy, Xia Xiaochan couldn’t help but say, “Stop absorbing and collect the spiritual stones.
We’ll dig another way out.
We have to catch a captive first.”

Han Fei opened his eyes in surprise.
“Huh? Is it so easy to dig up demonic stones?”

Xia Xiaochan replied casually, “The demonic stones underneath the spring have been accumulated for countless years without being dug up.
Of course it was easy.”

Han Fei instantly waved his hand and collected all the spiritual stones on the ground.
He then kicked the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp.
“Change the direction and let’s keep digging.”

Above the Sea Demon Mountain.

Hundreds of Half-Mermaids were waiting for the spiritual energy to gather and burst out.

Suddenly, one of them opened their eyes.
“Not good.
The spiritual energy has turned into demonic Qi.”

A Half-Merman who was absorbing spiritual energy accidentally took in abundant demonic Qi.

Instantly, the Half-Merman’s eyes were bloodshot.
He roared and stabbed his harpoon at his partners while demonic Qi raged in his body.

“Damn it! Everybody, stop cultivating! Something is wrong.
Those of you whose Associated Spirits are crabs, dig down and see what’s down below.
Don’t dig up the spiritual stones, or you will be severely punished.”

The sea demons finally noticed something wrong and were going to dig a few tunnels for investigation.

However, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan had initiated a new round of digging.
The sea demons were quickly digging holes too.

Dum! Dum! Dum!

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan stopped digging and pricked their ears in confusion.

Xia Xiaochan frowned.
“Not good.
We seem to have been exposed.
Are they digging down from above?”

Han Fei grimaced.
He had been digging gently enough with the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp.
Had he still been detected?

Han Fei was briefly stunned.
“Don’t panic! Let’s just wait here and catch some of the diggers.
Then we’ll run back to the spring of demonic Qi.
They can’t know that it’s our base.”

Xia Xiaochan tilted her head and looked at Han Fei.
“You’re truly bold.
In that case, they’ll know that someone is inside the mountain.”

Han Fei replied unconcernedly, “It’s fine.
We’ll dig a few wrong paths for them to search.
After the spiritual energy in your body is fully transformed, we’ll go out and capture people in the sea, which will be easier than catching people here.”

The Hexagon Starfish pleaded, “I think we should go! What if the sea demon experts are digging down?”

Han Fei pondered for a moment.
“Are those experts good at digging?”

Xia Xiaochan: “…”

The Hexagon Starfish: “…”

Xia Xiaochan was much more sensitive about demonic Qi than regular sea demons were, so she locked onto one of the diggers very quickly.

Then, Han Fei placed all the spiritual stones he found in the digger’s way and waited for him to arrive.

He waited for half a day.

In the middle of the Concealment Array and the Breath Concealing Array, Han Fei was holding a giant web, and Xia Xiaochan had turned into a giant crab with the Metamorphosis Water.

“Little Six, do you think something is wrong with the Sea Demon Mountain? Why do I feel that there’s less spiritual energy? Has the barrier of demonic Qi been broken by the earthquakes?”

In a tunnel, two Half-Mermen were quickly digging down.
It was hard to dig an undersea mine, so they were not in a rush, but chit chatting while doing their work.

Dum! Dum!

The Half-Merman named Little Six snorted.
“I don’t think so.
The barrier of demonic Qi has existed for years and would’ve already been broken if it can be broken.”

The other Half-Merman sighed.
“I’m told that human beings have a great many Heavenly Talents.
I wish we could directly absorb the power in the barrier of demonic Qi.”

Little Six smiled and said, “Lady Yu Ji said that in the depths of the sea, some Heavenly Talents can absorb and transform demonic Qi with their powerful techniques, but I don’t think we can do that.”

“I don’t know how much longer we have to fight human beings.
Why do we have to loot human beings’ Spirit Awakening Fluid? Can’t we get it from other places?”

Little Six bared his fangs.
“There are great demons in the deep sea.
We might not be able to beat them.
Besides, we’ve been born to fight the war with human beings.”

“Why do we fight the war?”

Little Six was stunned.
“I don’t know! We were already fighting human beings when I was awakened.
However, Lady Yu Ji told me that human beings are on the wrong path.
They try to loot the Spirit Awakening Fluid because they want to become stronger and kill us, so we have to fight back in order not to get killed!”

“It’s said that Lady Yu Ji lives in the royal capital! That’s millions of kilometers from here.”

Little Six was quite eager.
“I’m told that there will be a chance to go to the royal capital if we become real sea demons.
Let’s work harder.
I think it will happen soon.”



While the two Half-Mermen were talking, the ground collapsed and all the stones fell down.
The two of them were buried by the stones.

However, they weren’t weak at all.
The two Half-Mermen quickly attacked and crushed the stones.

Right then, Little Six said, “Huh! There’s a minor cave down below.
I sense spiritual stones in that place.”

“Little Six, the boss said that we cannot steal the spiritual stones.”

“Don’t listen to everything he says.
We’re alone here.
If we don’t tell, who will know that we’ve picked up a few spiritual stones?”

The two of them were delighted and quickly dug down.
However, the moment the tunnel was dug through, a gigantic crab raised its pincers at them.

They were about to fight back, but their expressions changed as a huge net covered them from their back.

Han Fei caught the two Half-Mermen with the Spirit Forbidden Net and roared, “Let’s go!”

Han Fei then waved his hand and collected the spiritual stones.
The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp quickly punched the wall of the cave.


The huge rocks almost filled the tunnel in the blink of an eye, and Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan quickly ran off.

Above the Sea Demon Mountain, some Half-Mermaids gathered.

One of them asked in surprise, “Huh? Weren’t Little Six and Seventeen digging here? Are they buried?”

A Half-Merman spread out his senses.
“I sense nothing but stones down below.
Where are Little Six and Seventeen? Inform the boss.”

Han Fei ran crazily and collected the spiritual stones on the way, and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp pummeled the tunnel now and then.
Very soon, noises of collapsing rock echoed.

The Half-Merman boss above the mountain roared, “Let all the diggers come out.
It’s an earthquake… Huh? Why is the collapsing area so small?”

“My lord, Little Six and Seventeen went missing.”

The boss frowned.
“Were they buried inside the mountain?”

“No, my lord.
They just disappeared.
The tunnel they dug collapsed, but we couldn’t detect anything with our senses.”

The boss asked in surprise, “Huh? They couldn’t be detected?”

A moment later, the Half-Merman boss stood in a pit with an awful expression.
“Inform others that human beings have infiltrated this area.
Lock down the Sea Demon Mountain and search for them.”

The boss sensed the lingering smell of human beings in this pit.
He couldn’t possibly be mistaken.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that what had been going on wasn’t earthquakes, but the digging of certain human beings.

The boss roared, “Focus on the mine and the big mountain that has already collapsed.
Those vicious human beings must’ve dug in from those places.”

While the sea demons searched for Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, the two of them had taken the Half-Mermen back to the spring of demonic Qi.

The two sea demons were frightened to see the spring of demonic Qi.

The taller of them looked at the spring of demonic Qi in fear.
“Human beings, you’ve entered the spring of demonic Qi.
You are dead for sure.”

The other Half-Merman howled and tore the Spirit Forbidden Net.
“You’ll be corrupted by demonic Qi.
You’ll die a miserable death.”

All of a sudden, a head craned out of the big crab.
“Does either of you know how a sea demon can turn into a human being?”

The two Half-Mermen were shocked.
This crab had a head inside its body.
What kind of monster was that?

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