Chapter 693: The Soul Splitting Technique

There were a lot of things that Han Fei wanted to talk to this man about.
After all, the man had existed for countless years, and his last memory must still be the Age of Doom.

However, it was clearly not the time to ask questions, as Su Hongye and Ye Xiangxiang would be coming soon.

Meng Guiyi couldn’t have been stalled by the Half-Mermaids for long and must’ve already come in.
As for Chen Chen who went his separate way earlier, he might pop up again anytime too.

Han Fei said, “You have a chance to surrender the Soul Splitting Technique before a third person shows up.
If a third person shows up and I still haven’t seen the Soul Splitting Technique, you won’t need to surrender it.”

Why did Han Fei demand the technique? Because it was truly terrifying and had sealed a soul for such a long time! Also, the soul still had a chance to possess someone else!

That would be a great life saving method.
Han Fei might be able to survive an accident with it.

More importantly, this Soul Splitting Technique seemed quite advanced, as the man had summoned so many ice creatures with a single thought.
It would be useful in a group fight.

The third eye between the man’s eyebrows flashed.
He extended his hand, and a small piece of ice appeared in his hand.
As spiritual energy flashed in his hand, he tossed the ice to Han Fei a moment later.

“There’s no grudge between us.
The Snow God’s Temple has already sunken.
There’s no treasure better than the Soul Splitting Technique in here.”

The man was slowly stepping back as he talked, and Han Fei immediately roared, “Wait, you stay there!”

The man looked rather awful.
“I’ve already given you the technique.
What more do you want?”

Han Fei sneered.
“I need to examine it first.
I was tricked once before.
If you dare to trick me again, I think you know what will happen to you.”

Han Fei grabbed the ice and was about to examine it, when Tang Ge said quickly, “Wait, will it be dangerous?”

Han Fei shook his head.
“It doesn’t matter.
My soul power isn’t weak.
Since I survived it last time, it will be fine this time.
Just keep an eye on him.”

Tang Ge pointed his spear at this fake Xu Mo, and Han Fei scanned the ice with his soul.
There was nothing wrong.

After Han Fei finished the whole jade slip, a series of information popped up:

Remark: This technique can split your soul and make you reside in another body or control an unconscious creature.
When your body dies, you can absorb the power of the soul from other creatures to sustain your soul until you possess someone.

Shortcoming: This technique is incomplete.
If you practice it, you may become mentally damaged or get killed immediately.

Superseding Art: Soul Splitting Technique (complete version)

Deduction Cost: 5,000,000

With no change of expression, Han Fei said casually, “There’s nothing wrong.
Right, brother, I’m a man of my word and you can go, but before you go, can you tell me more about the Age of Doom?”

Slightly relieved, the man said, “In the Age of Doom, stars fell from the sky, the divine palaces in the sky lost their splendor, and the aliens in the sea rose and fought human beings.
Human beings and sea demons had been at war all the time, but in the Age of Doom, many aliens arrived from the sky and killed a great number of experts in the divine palaces, who then hid in mountains.
As a result, there were few experts left in the human world.
The horror lasted three thousand years, until…”

While the man was still talking, someone suddenly jumped out of the water.

Han Fei simply performed the Draw Technique and roared, “Kill him!”

The man was distracted by the newcomer and was about to flee.
He had no idea that Han Fei, who seemed all friendly a moment earlier, would suddenly attack with full strength.

He wouldn’t have been scared if he were to fight in his own body during his prime years, but in this possessed body, he was no stronger than a regular Hanging Fisher.

Besides, it was his soul that was most powerful.

Immediately, the man attempted to create arrays again, but then a wave of water surged close and tied him up.

The Infinity Water was activated and rubbed against the defense array that the man created.

Tang Ge activated the best spear technique of the Heavenly Sword Sect.
His spear cut down in a red and brilliant aura along with dragon auras.


On the other side, Ye Xiangxiang was still flashing close, but this fake Xu Mo had already been killed.

This guy was truly unlucky.

He ran into Han Fei and Tang Ge the moment he came out.
It wasn’t easy for him to possess a cultivator, but the cultivator hadn’t been fully grown yet, which made it impossible for him to carry out his full strength.

Little did he expect that he would be killed again in the end.

However, while Ye Xiangxiang was running close, Han Fei roared, “Defend your soul and don’t get any closer!”

Ye Xiangxiang was briefly stunned.
Even Su Hongye, who just surfaced in the war, hurriedly defended her soul too.

As it turned out, although Xu Mo was cut apart, a weird stream of power dashed from the void to Tang Ge.


Tang Ge vomited a mouthful of blood.
At the same time, the most daunting pressure burst out from Tang Ge and held Han Fei to the ground, making it impossible for him to move.

Ye Xiangxiang, who was still midair, wasn’t any better.
She fell on the ground with blood on her lips.

Su Hongye was the furthest, but she had to sit on the ground palely under the enormous pressure too.

Han Fei was so shocked that he unleashed all his spiritual energy, ready to stand up and help Tang Ge.
Although he didn’t know exactly how he could help, he had to do something.

But the pressure disappeared in the blink of an eye, as quickly as it appeared.

Tang Ge, on the other hand, breathed heavily holding his long spear.

With an awful look on his face, Han Fei jumped to his feet and pointed his knife at Tang Ge.
“Son of a b*tch, come out right now, or I’ll tear down this Snow God’s Temple and whip your master’s body.”

Tang Ge tilted his head and looked at Han Fei.
Then he grinned.
“I’m fine.”

Han Fei couldn’t be angrier.
“Stop pretending! You don’t think I’d dare to do that? I… I… I… I’ll chop down this tree first, I will!”

Ye Xiangxiang and Su Hongye were stunned, wondering what was going on.
The two of them were dealing with Xu Mo together a moment earlier.
Why did Han Fei get so excited all of a sudden as if he were going to fight Tang Ge?

Tang Ge was amused.
“I’m really fine.
For some reason, a weird power just popped up in my head and tore apart his soul.”

Naturally, Han Fei was unconvinced.
He roared, “Then answer my questions.
Where is our home? What’s in the tank in our home?”

Tang Ge grinned even harder and replied telepathically, Our home is just a ragged house on the cliff near the east market in the Heavenly Water Village in the Blue Sea Town.
There’s a tank in front of the house with twelve clams in it all the time…

Han Fei was greatly relieved.
Then he asked in surprise, “Wait… What happened just now?”

Tang Ge shook his head.
“I don’t know.
I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

Tang Ge looked rather awful.
“That man was indeed horrifying.
He attempted to swallow my soul.
Then, for reasons I don’t know, a weird power appeared out of nowhere and ripped apart his soul easily.”

Han Fei was dumbfounded. What just happened?

Was there a Demon Purification Pot, or some similar treasure, in Tang Ge’s head?

He didn’t know until a while back that the Demon Purification Pot could be used as a protector of his soul and prevent him from being possessed.

What about Tang Ge?

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Is there anything unusual in your head? Say, a marvelous weapon, an unusual treasure, an artifact, a calabash or an old grandpa…”

Dumbfounded, Tang Ge subconsciously shook his head.
“Well… Why would there be a calabash or an old grandpa in my head?”

Han Fei heaved a long sigh of relief.
“It’s fine, it’s fine… I thought that an old grandpa may live in your head that would rip your enemies apart at critical moments.”

Tang Ge: “…”

At this moment, Ye Xiangxiang and Su Hongye had already approached.
Both of them were apparently shocked.

Ye Xiangxiang asked in a panic, “What was that? Xu Mo’s last resort?”

Su Hongye said warily, “His pressure was enormous.
I couldn’t put up any resistance, as if I would be ripped apart any moment.”

Tang Ge said, deep in thought, “It must be Xu Mo’s last counterattack.
Good thing that he died quickly, or things might have not ended well.”

Han Fei quickly echoed with him.
“You’re right! This Xu Mo is so strong! Look, he’s not a human being at all.”

At this moment, half of Xu Mo’s body had been cut open, and there was still shock and disbelief in his eyes.
However, weird scales appeared on his body after he died.

Ye Xiangxiang instantly exclaimed, “Is it possible? He’s a Half-Mermaid? That can’t be right.
If he was a Half-Mermaid, how could he have lived among human beings for so long?”

Su Hongye asked in shock, “Even the eight-star expert didn’t realize it? How was it possible?”

Han Fei nodded thoughtfully.
“It means that the man must’ve been an unparalleled Heavenly Talent among sea demons, and he could completely transform into a human being.”

Su Hongye said gravely, “This is a serious matter! We need to take his body back to inform other people of the sea demons’ new methods.”

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