Chapter 681: Professional Demon Trappers

Meng Guiyi knew that Han Fei was familiar with arrays, but a small array was completely different from a great one, which depended not just on its size.

Han Fei pretended to be pale.
“Of course.
It won’t be easy to set up the Coiled Turtle Array for twenty people.
I might as well set up a great array to save some time.”

Someone on the Half-Mermaids’ side noticed that and said, “Try to kill that spirit gatherer later.”


When the Soul Parasites were flying everywhere, a furious pillar of flames rose to the sky on the Half-Mermaids’ side and burnt up a lot of them.

On Meng Guiyi’s side, he had set up a Shaking Blockage Array, which Han Fei wasn’t familiar with but had seen in the “Spirit Gathering Scripture” before.
It was one of the common killing arrays.

It was generally used to deal with sea creatures in the mud through shaking, but it was not destructive enough.

When the Soul Parasites broke through, they were not dead yet.
Therefore, a swarm of red Soul Parasites were stuck to the Great Coiled Turtle Array Han Fei set up.

Han Fei asked, “So we’ll just wait?”

Someone said, “The gate can definitely be opened.
There should be a pattern behind it.”

Su Hongye asked, “Duan Jiang, how much longer can you keep up your array?”

Han Fei smiled.
“Until I run out of spiritual energy.”

Xu Mo asked, “How much spiritual energy have you used?”

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“Maybe thirty percent! Why do you ask?”

Zhao Jiayi exclaimed, “You’ve only used thirty percent of your spiritual energy?”

“What’s there to be surprised at? I’ve been growing.”

Meng Guiyi shot them a look.
“Okay, enough chit chat.
This treasure trove is very dangerous.
Our way out is definitely behind the gate, but let’s find out how to open it first…”

Outside of the array, a lot of Soul Parasites had already been killed, but their total number didn’t dwindle.

The Half-Mermaids seemed to be looking for a way out, and their burning flames seemed to be more destructive to the Soul Parasites, which gave them an edge.

Dum! Dum! Dum!

The puppets were already attacking the Great Coiled Turtle Array.
The armorists couldn’t block so many of them with Torrents of Knives and Swords at once.
A crack had been left on the array.

Su Hongye said, “If we fully unleash our power, we should be able to fling those worms aside, but then what? We can’t open the gate.”

Xu Mo thought for a minute.
“Wait a moment longer.
There will be a turning point.
This feels like a test.”

Suddenly, Han Fei exclaimed, “Look, isn’t the man’s hand on the dome pointing at five of the eight gates before us?”

Instantly, everybody changed their expression.

Su Hongye yelled, “Why are you shouting?”

After a stun, Xu Mo said, “Idiot, can’t you keep your discovery to yourself?”

On the other hand, the Half-Mermaids already took action after Han Fei’s cry.
They chose the other three gates that were not far away from Han Fei.

At this moment, everybody heard that the gates were being opened.

Shocked, everybody was about to take action, when their expressions changed again.

It was because Han Fei said telepathically, That was a lie.
The real gate is up above us, but let’s wait for them to leave first.

Xu Mo stared at Han Fei. What do you mean?

Su Hongye was puzzled. Make yourself clear.

Han Fei was lost for words. Are you idiots? Why do you think Brother Meng asked you to take the gate in the middle?

Meng Guiyi smiled. That gate isn’t pointed at by the hand on the dome, so it’s only natural that it can’t be opened.

Xu Mo declared angrily, Then why did you ask me to open it?

Han Fei snorted. It’s just a show to trick them!

As they talked, all the sea demons had entered the gate, and Meng Guiyi suddenly roared, “Let’s go up there! Su Hongye, it’s showtime.”

Flames raged in Su Hongye’s eyes, and a great number of red leaves blew the Soul Parasites into pieces.

Three armorists led the way with the Torrents of Knives and Swords.

Everybody seized the chance to dash to the dome.
They found an unusual crack in the palm of the portrait.
Then, Chen Aochen hammered it and opened a gate that was three meters wide.

After everybody came in, their first feeling was that it was truly cold.

When they regained their eyesight, they found themselves in a snowy world above the dome.
They saw an enormous temple that was covered in ice and snow.
It was definitely more than eight hundred meters tall.

The temple was so spacious that it stretched out to at least twenty kilometers away.

The temple was so deep that one could not see anything in it until they entered it.

Everybody couldn’t help but gasp.

Meng Guiyi swallowed.
“We’ve found a place of relics?”

Zhao Jiayi exclaimed, “We’re going to be rich!”

Xu Mo quickly said, “Not good! We need to kill those Half-Mermaids.
If the relics are exposed to them, it will mean war.”

Su Hongye laid one hand on Han Fei’s shoulder.
“Spiritual energy.”

While filling spiritual energy into Su Hongye’s body, Han Fei asked in surprise, “Isn’t this palace too huge? Why has it never been found before?”

Ye Xiangxiang explained, “There are too many treasure troves.
Some of them are eternally buried in the sea and will never be seen.”

Su Hongye looked at Han Fei.
She remembered that Han Fei was the first to reach the dome.
He even fetched a pearl from there.
Was it a coincidence?

Su Hongye asked, “Duan Jiang, did you know since the very beginning that the entrance was through the dome?”

Other people looked at Han Fei, and Han Fei said casually, “There were many gates in the hall just now.
I didn’t know that the real entrance was up above.
I think the five gates that the man pointed at were all accessible, but more difficult than this one.”

Someone was grim.
“So, you and Meng Guiyi knew this from the beginning?”

Meng Guiyi shook his head.
“Of course not.
I simply didn’t want you to enter these five gates, but I didn’t notice the one on the dome either.”

Han Fei shrugged.
“I didn’t realize the answer until the sea demons opened the other three gates.
Those gates were opened too easily to be anything good.”

At this moment, many people slightly frowned, as this Duan Jiang seemed more observant and judicious than the others.

Gong Yuehan had been following Han Fei.
She suddenly realized that she never considered those details.

Xu Mo’s eyes flashed.
“The problem is, what are we going to do with those Half-Mermaids? I think someone should block their retreat.
I volunteer for that task.”

Meng Guiyi said, “You can’t.
We’ll set up a killing array and then enter the temple.”

Chen Aochen grinned.
“It doesn’t matter.
Even if the Half-Mermaids come here, they will definitely come into the palace.”

Meng Guiyi was already setting up the array.
He said to Han Fei telepathically, Help me keep an eye on Xu Mo.

Han Fei frowned. Why? What’s wrong?

Meng Guiyi replied, I’m not sure.
Something feels wrong.
He intends to block the Half-Mermaids on his own? That doesn’t make sense.

Han Fei was instantly alarmed.
He secretly opened the Eyes of True Vision.
Spiritual energy circulated in his eyes, but he didn’t see anything unusual with Xu Mo.

Han Fei remembered Mo Qianshang from the level-three fishery who turned from a Half-Mermaid into a real human being.
It was terrible when he blended into human society.

Xu Mo was silent.
After his suggestion was refused, he didn’t do anything unusual but simply waited for Meng Guiyi to set up the array along with everybody else patiently.

It took Meng Guiyi half an hour to set up the array this time, but Han Fei still recognized it to be the Hundred Water Profound Killing Array, which was a neat array that could simulate a hundred killing techniques with the power of water.

Unfortunately, the array’s power depended on the person who set it up and what it was made of.
It was far weaker than what Han Fei made with Infinity Water.

So, Han Fei said, “Cough! Well, Brother Meng, I bought some lethal poisons from the Logistics Division a couple of days earlier.
Do you want to put them in your array? If the Half-Mermaids do come, they will get poisoned.”

Meng Guiyi asked in surprise, “You have poisons too?”

Han Fei pretended to speak in surprise, “I paid a fortune for them, but I’ll just contribute them to the team.
No need to thank me.
I’m just a selfless man.”

Gong Yuehan’s eyelids were cramping.
She had heard how dreadful Han Fei’s poisons were before!

He had won the battle in the Steps into the Sea, and defeated peak-level Hanging Fishers as an advanced Dangling Fisher, with poisons.
Was he going to use them again?

Ahead of them, Ye Xiangxiang, Su Hongye and other girls all spat.

All the cultivators hated poison.
Although Han Fei didn’t seem like a frequent user of poison, he had still left a bad impression on them.

Xu Mo’s eyelids were cramping too.
There was no telling what was on his mind.

The Poison God was directed into the array and melted into the snow, colorless and flavorless.

Han Fei finally smiled.
“Everybody, let’s go! If they get to the palace through other paths, we may already be one step behind them.”

Tang Ge added, “All methods can and should be used against the sea demons.
Duan Jiang is right.
Let’s head off to the temple.”

Meng Guiyi simply roared, “Let’s move out!”

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