Chapter 676: Challenge Accepted

In fact, Han Fei didn’t even need to look at the five of them to know that they were very strong, otherwise they wouldn’t have been asked to test him!

Nevertheless, the test where he was not allowed to attack anyone when he was attacked seemed rather ridiculous.
Would he be caught in a passive position?

Among the five people, a girl came out first and said cutely, “I’m a hunter, and I’m best at speed.
You need to prevent me from hurting you, or you will lose.”

Han Fei had already been used to Xia Xiaochan who moved very fast.
Seeing that the girl was a hunter, he thought to himself, Could you be trickier than Xia Xiaochan?

Han Fei smiled.
“Let’s give it a shot.”

As they talked, the girl had already disappeared, and Han Fei instantly sensed wind blowing towards him.

She’s indeed fast.

Han Fei moved and narrowly dodged a dagger when it was only one centimeter from him.

He then sensed as if something was stinging his back.
He lowered his body and laid his hand on the ground, turning his body upside down.

After that, he saw a dagger that was almost piercing into his chest.
Instantly, Han Fei clutched the woman’s wrist, but she seemed to be smiling and wasn’t panicked at all.

Han Fei wasn’t panicking either.
He grabbed the woman’s hand and, seeing that her other hand was approaching his shoulder, leaned aside and snatched for the girl’s breasts.


The girl instantly stepped back and roared at Han Fei in fury, “You are shameless!”

Han Fei chuckled.
“Why am I shameless?”

“You… Are just shameless…”

Everything had happened very fast, but the people here were all strong enough to see what Han Fei just did.

Immediately, someone coughed and said, “Well, don’t bother him… It’s my turn.”

The girl stomped in fury and then returned to her team.

The second challenger was a man.

Han Fei asked, “What’s your trick?”

The man replied, “I’m not good at speed.
I’m told that you’re quite strong.
You will win if you can take a punch from me without stepping back.”

Han Fei instantly smiled.
“That’s easy.
Bring it on.”

The man bellowed.
Airwaves spread out from under his feet, and flames were surging on his fist as it was pressed towards Han Fei.

Han Fei frowned.
His fist emitted golden brilliance.
He didn’t use the Majestic Mystic Spell, but his punch was still magnificent.

Han Fei didn’t think that the man was using his full strength, or he would’ve had to use the Majestic Mystic Spell.


Grasses and dust were fluttering everywhere.
A twenty-meter-long trail of fire was left behind Han Fei, and the plants on it were all cracking.

Under Han Fei’s feet was a lying turtle that was emitting spiritual energy.
It turned out to be a Coiled Turtle Array.

Seeing the spiritual array under Han Fei’s feet, the man took his fist back and smiled.
“An array? I thought you were going to use secret techniques…”

As the array dispersed, Han Fei tilted his head and looked at the other three.
“Who’s next?”

A young man who was holding a sword stepped forward.
“You only need to take one attack from me.”

Han Fei tilted his head and looked at the eight-star expert.
“I’m still not allowed to fight back?”

The guy replied, “You can parry his sword.”

Han Fei grimaced.
Didn’t it still mean that he could only take the attacks?

Immediately, the Blood-Drinking Knife appeared on Han Fei’s waist.
“Bring it on!”

The young man’s eyes glimmered.
Without further ado, the longsword in his hand swirled crazily before him and jabbed at Han Fei slowly.

Han Fei’s lips curled, as that was kind of similar to Le Renkuang’s Bloodthirsty Broadsword.
The longsword seemed slow, but it was swallowing spiritual energy and growing in midair.

Han Fei didn’t intend to find out how strong those people were, so he wouldn’t refrain from taking any action until the sword approached him.

So, he performed the Draw Technique.
The brilliance of his knife resembled the dazzling sunlight when it hit the sword.


Out of Han Fei’s expectation, the guy’s sword wasn’t broken but survived the Draw Technique, even though Han Fei’s Draw Technique contained Invincible Knife Intent…

Han Fei looked at the young man solemnly.
“Knife intent?”

Han Fei’s heart slightly shivered.
As expected of the unparalleled geniuses of the Scattered Stars First Unit.
Even he hadn’t fully understood the will of weapons yet, yet someone here already grasped it.

The young man was quite shocked too.
“Was that Knife intent? No…”


The longsword was bounced back, and Han Fei’s Draw Technique pressed on with its remaining momentum, until it was shattered by another attack from the young man.

Not far away, Bei Huo and the eight-star expert was more or less astounded too, not expecting a mere junior Hanging Fisher to be so strong.
No wonder the bosses had been watching him.

Han Fei, however, looked at the other two.
“What else have you got?”

One of them stepped forward.
“As it happens, I know a thing or two about arrays too.
Why don’t you try to destroy the array that I’m going to set up?”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes.
“Let me ask you something.
Are the tests of the Scattered Stars First Unit always so hard?”

The young man smiled.
“They are not hard at all.”

After he finished, blade edges swept within a thirty-meter radius of Han Fei.
Spiritual energy that was as sharp as knives carved a killing array on the ground in thirty seconds.

Han Fei was lost for words.
“So you’re asking me to destroy a killing array? Shouldn’t it be an imprisonment array?”

The young man smiled.
“It shouldn’t be a problem.
I don’t think it can kill you.”

Han Fei sneered and stomped, covering himself with the Six Spirit Armor.
He then summoned the Coiled Turtle Array around him.

In the next moment, clinking noises were coming from the Coiled Turtle Array, as a blizzard of sword Qi was attacking it.

Han Fei looked around and saw flashing lines, which must’ve been intentionally kept that way for him to see and crack the array.

At first, Han Fei thought to destroy the killing array with another killing array.
But on second thought, the killing arrays were more difficult than all the other arrays, and it would be too shocking if he could use a killing array to crack a killing array.

After all, he had already distinguished himself in refining.
If he showed his expertise in arrays too, he would seem too smart.

Therefore, Han Fei simply summoned a hundred ultra-quality daggers, which formed a tornado and raged thirty meters around Han Fei.

Han Fei smiled.
“No arrays are impregnable and untraceable.
You can always destroy them with pure strength.”

On the ground, the array quickly collapsed, and the blizzard of sword Qi came to an abrupt halt.

Han Fei smiled.
“Thank you for going easy on me.”

The young man slightly nodded.
“I thought you would crack it with an array… Now I have to look at you from another perspective.”

At this moment, there was only one young man left.
He was tall, strong and familiar.
Han Fei had already recognized that he was none other than Tang Ge.

Han Fei never thought that Tang Ge would be here.
That guy was always surprising, and obviously levels above himself.

Han Fei chuckled.
“Why don’t we just drop the last test?”

Tang Ge smiled.
“Some formalities are still necessary.
Let’s see how much stronger you’ve become in the past year.”

Bei Huo was surprised.
“Do you know each other?”

Before Tang Ge said anything, Han Fei had replied, “We’ve fought before.”

The eight-star expert hummed a response and asked, “Which of you won?”

Tang Ge simply said, “It was a tie.”

Everybody was rather intrigued when they heard that it was a tie.

The young swordsman said, “Okay, everything makes a lot more sense now.”

The Embroidery Needle appeared in Han Fei’s hand, and he looked at Tang Ge and said, “Let’s compete in physical strength!”

Tang Ge nodded.
“But of course.”

Immediately, a long spear was smashed into the ground just like back in the Steps into the Sea.
Three waves of force spurted out of Tang Ge’s arm, and the long spear ripped apart the air.

Han Fei threw the Needle and filled spiritual energy into it, making it look like a shining pillar.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Deafening explosions burst out one after another.
Sparks and airwaves raged out.
The grasses on the ground were all bent by the strong wind.

After ten collisions, the two of them looked at each other and put their weapons back.

Tang Ge didn’t use his spiritual beast, and Han Fei didn’t use his secret techniques.
In fact, Han Fei didn’t think Tang Ge used his full strength, and he had taken advantage of the Needle.

Therefore, both of them were at a crossroad as if they were on par with each other.

After the battle, Tang Ge took off his mask.
“I was puzzled why you went to the Fourth Unit…”

The rest of them took off their masks too.
Han Fei discovered, to his surprise, that the guy who punched was Chen Aochen.

Chen Aochen was also staring at Han Fei.
“I could’ve used more strength, but I was afraid that you might slack because you didn’t want to come to the First Unit, so I saved my strength.
Let’s have a proper fight later.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes.
“I remember how you messed up my plans twice.
Don’t give me any chance, or I will beat you to the ground.”

Han Fei didn’t know the other three people, especially the little girl, who was still staring at him furiously.

“Shameless scoundrel.”

Han Fei chuckled and suddenly raised a shiny item.
He then tilted his head and looked at her.

Surprised, the girl reached for her ears and demanded furiously, “When did you steal my earring?”

Han Fei threw it back to her.
“You’re rather slow.”


The young man who used arrays gasped.
“Bro, you are really good.”

The girl frowned.
“You think I’m slow? Do you want to try again?”

Han Fei shrugged.
“No, thanks.
I’ve been traumatized by hunters, and stop brandishing your dagger in front of me!”

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