Chapter 65: Spiritual Beast Upgraded

During the night, the moon was clear and stars were sparse, and in the plantation, only the wind could be heard.

Han Fei was still struggling to control the spiritual energy in his body, but he gradually mastered the new skills.
Now he could succeed five or six times out of ten attempts and his speed was much faster than the first time.

The old man could see that this lad was so immersed in building his skills that he was completely free from outside interference.
He was simply a born spirit gatherer.

“Are you sure you want him to manage such a large plantation by himself?”

If Han Fei was sober at the time, he would have found a person he knew very well standing next to the old man, Jiang Qin, the registrar from the port.

The old man said, “He asked for it.
I didn’t ask him to come.”

Jiang Qin questioned further, “Perhaps he has a certain talent for spirit gathering, but does he have a talent for alchemy?”

The old man answered, “I don’t see it that way.
This brat has a very good ability for control.
This kind of person usually has good alchemy and refinery skills too.
Of course, I just gave him a chance.
Let’s see how long it will take him to familiarize himself with the thousand kinds of useless spiritual fruits in this low-level plantation.
I don’t expect him to become an alchemist.
Let him take his chance.
If he succeeds, I’ll recommend him to the plantation in town with hundreds of thousands of acres and tens of thousands of different spiritual fruits.
What if he can make a difference?”

Jiang Qin was silent for a moment.
“I think he can become a soul warrior.
He survived so many small fish tides, indicating that he has certain combat ability.
In the Fishing Trial, he beat Li Hu and Xia Wushuang with low level spiritual heritage, which further proves this.”

The old man sneered, “Nonsense! What’s the point of fighting and killing? Can ten soul warriors put together beat one spirit gatherer?”

Jiang Qin said after a short pause, “I don’t care what he will become! I’m just wondering why he upgrades so fast.
If the spiritual heritage test wasn’t wrong, it must be because he has some sort of chance.”

The old man said, “He is good at body tempering, far better than his peers and even better than the Heavenly Talents in the town.
The opportunity he got should be about body tempering.”

In the morning.

The old man was still sleeping but someone kept exclaiming, “Wow! Wow! Wow!”

“Shut up, brat.”

Han Fei grinned.
“Grandpa, I made it.

Han Fei stood still and about seven or eight seconds later, a spiritual point was gathered at his fingertip.
He laughed triumphantly.

The old man rolled his eyes.
“You spent a whole night just learning to separate spiritual energy? What a disgrace it took you so long!”


Han Fei asked timidly, “Grandpa, how long is it supposed to take?”

The old man said with a straight face, “When you shorten the time to about a second, you’re close to success.
A real spirit gatherer can mobilize spiritual energy with his thoughts and doesn’t even need a second.”

“I see.”

Han Fei tilted his head.
“Grandpa, it’s just a matter of practice.
Practice makes perfect.”

“Then practice,” the old man encouraged.

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei scratched his head and thought to himself, Is it so difficult to be a spirit gatherer? It’s surely difficult to separate spiritual points in an instant!

This old man seems to be a big shot.
Let me just do what he said!

Han Fei sat down again.

Han Fei laughed out loud.
“Grandpa, I succeeded.
Hahaha! I’m a genius… Grandpa, I made it.”

As Han Fei raised his hand, a spiritual point fluttered on his fingertip.

The old man said grumpily, “Stop calling me Grandpa.
I’m not your Grandpa.
Genius my ass! It took you so long to separate a spiritual point within standard time.
Can’t you see that I’ve even drank all my liquor? Hurry and get me some more…”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei muttered as he went out, “What’s the problem with this old guy? Although it took me some time, I still succeeded!”

Han Fei didn’t know that soon after he walked away, the old man quickly took a mouthful of liquor to calm down.
He was shocked.
Does this brat have such a great aptitude for spirit gathering? How long did it take him to separate spiritual points? It seemed to be half a year!

In the ‘Most Delicious in the World’ barbecue stall.

Li Gang and his wife had completely become barbecue masters, so their barbecue stall was still very busy.
Although many people lost interest in barbecue after tasting it, they could still sell half as much as before.

Seeing Han Fei coming to help, Li Gang quickly said, “Oh, Young Master, we will do this ourselves.
How can we trouble you to do it?”

Han Fei said, “It’s alright.
Go about your business.
I’m here to feed fish!”

Li Gang looked puzzled.

With a twinkle of light between Han Fei’s brow, the Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fishes appeared.
Of course, Li Gang could only see the white one.

Li Gang’s mouth twitched.
“Young Master, do Spirit Swallowing Fish eat these fish? Aren’t they supposed to eat spiritual energy?”

Han Fei turned his eyes to him.

Li Gang’s words reminded him.
Yes! Spirit Swallowing Fish eat spiritual energy! Why the hell do I feed them fish?

Dozens of spiritual points immediately appeared on Han Fei’s fingertips and he moved his fingers to the fishes, only to see Xiaobai quickly swim over and swallow them in one bite.

As I guessed, Little White likes eating spiritual energy, but I don’t know how much I should feed him in a day.
Come eat some, Little Black.

However, Han Fei discovered that Little Black didn’t eat his spiritual energy at all.
Instead, he swam into the fishes and soon a fishbone appeared in the bucket.

Oh! Little White eats spiritual energy but Little Black doesn’t?

Questions kept popping up in Han Fei’s head, as after he checked the data, he realized that the two fishes should have two sets of data but there was only one.
So what does ‘twin fishes’ mean? Can spiritual energy be shared by the two fishes? If either one is full, the other won’t be hungry?

With these thoughts, Han Fei quickly took Little Black out of the bucket while the spiritual energy from his fingertips was constantly supplying Little White.

100… 200… 500… 800 points…

Han Fei’s face was all dark.
Well aren’t you a f*cking pig! Do you think spiritual energy is for free? It’s been only a few minutes and you’ve eaten 800 points of spiritual energy, you little foodie.

When Little White ate as much as 1000 points of spiritual energy, he stopped.
Then as a light flashed across his surface, he seemed to grow up a little bit, which could hardly be detected.

Han Fei immediately looked at the data.

Spiritual Beast

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fishes

They’re the descendants of the mysterious primitive Yin-Yang Sky-Swallowing Fish.
The black and white fish accompany each other.
The white fish is docile, whereas the black one is cruel.
They are symbiotic.
As long as one lives, the other doesn’t die.



100 points

They can swallow everything.

[Note] The black fish is not visible.
Except for the owner, only people with naturally-born Yin-Yang Divine Eyes can see it.


Li Gang stuck his head out from the barbecue booth.
“Young Master, what’s wrong?”

Han Fei said, “Uh, nothing.
You may do your own work.”

Han Fei didn’t know what to say.
He spent 1,000 points of spiritual energy to upgrade the fishes to level 1 and his spiritual energy reserve was cleared to zero! That’s ridiculous! I’m a human being, a big, strong man and I worked so hard to reach the upper limit for spiritual energy of 326 points.
But now I feel as though I’m good for nothing compared to this level-one fish.

Although he was shocked, Han Fei still took Little White out, no longer feeding him spiritual energy, and then threw Little Black back into the bucket.
It just swam in the bucket, ignoring Yellow Fish, Little White Fish, and all others fishes.

“Wow! Are you guys full?”

Just as Han Fei guessed, the two were actually one.
If one was full, the other one would not be hungry.

Han Fei was quite happy.
Although he hadn’t learned the other abilities of these two fish yet, he was glad to find out about their upgrading conditions and spiritual energy storage capacity.

After Han Fei refilled the 1000 points of spiritual energy he had lost, he headed for the plantation carrying barbecue and liquor.

Han Fei asked, “Grandpa, do you think I can go check those spiritual fruits now?”

The old man was impatient.
“Why are you in such a hurry? Learn to walk before you run.
Can you absorb spiritual energy drifting in the air? Give it a try.”

Han Fei asked this with a purpose.
He actually wanted to plant the fruits into “Forge the Universe.” Why? It was convenient for him to pick fruits directly from “Forge the Universe” in the future so that he could eat spiritual fruits for free! Then he wouldn’t have to work in the damned plantation anymore.

In fact, he had done so already, throwing in condiments such as garlic, chili, ginger, etc..
Unfortunately, they hadn’t sprouted yet, and he didn’t know if they could.

After being scolded by the old man, Han Fei could only continue his cultivation pitifully.


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