Chapter 652 30% Off Every Day

Han Fei’s goal was achieved.
The Refining Hall was always in short of refiners, let alone a refiner as excellent as Han Fei.

He could refine an ultra-quality spiritual weapon in half an hour! How many people were capable of this?

Although the Scattered Stars Island was a higher-level than the level-three fishery, ultra-quality spiritual weapons were still the mainstream, let alone those with sealed spirits.

Ultra-quality spiritual weapons were way more powerful than high-quality ones.
In the level-three fishery, how many people could own an ultra-quality spiritual weapon? There, mid-quality and low-quality spiritual weapons without sealed spirits were the mainstream.

That was because the refiners who could seal spirits were either on the Scattered Stars Island or in the Thousand Star City.
Only in the two places could they make money.

Han Fei did not dare to perform too outstandingly, and it took him about ten minutes before he walked out of the door.

Han Fei carried the spear in his hand.
“OK, it’s done.
Have a try.”

Han Fei threw the spear in his hand to the soul warrior.

The latter injected spiritual energy in with excitement, and immediately, a dazzling glint appeared on the tip of the spear, which was the tail needle of the Giant Feathered Scorpion.

In the eyes of everyone, not only this tail needle, but there were also shining needles on the body of the spear, which was the effect of other spines on the tail of the Giant Feathered Scorpion.
The spear body was dazzling with a glamorous brilliance.


“Is it done?”

“So fast, did he also seal the spirit so fast?”

The soul warrior grinned from ear to ear.
However, before he paid the money, a group of people had rushed over.

“Master Han, it’s my turn.
I have an abundant amount of points.”

“Master Han, it should be my turn.
I am the first to come.”

“Don’t shove! You’re squeezing me!”

The people passing all glanced at the crowd.
Someone couldn’t help but ask, “Who is this? One-stop service for refining and spirit sealing, with a 30% discount every day… This sign is crazy!” The person who was asked said warily, “Don’t you even think about jumping in the line.
This position is mine.”

Han Fei said, “Please line up in order.
Come one by one… But you can pay me in points first…”

When the 40,000 points were obtained, Han Fei laughed happily.

This business was really profitable!

Han Fei couldn’t help exclaiming in his heart this was literally a windfall.

Half a day later…

The Refining Hall was already overcrowded.
In front of the No.
18 refining room, it was jammed with people.

Outside the Refining Hall.

Someone passed by and couldn’t help asking, “Hey! Brother, what happened to the Refining Hall? Why are there so many people?”

Someone responded, “It’s said that a Master Refiner came today, providing a one-stop service for refining and spirit sealing with a 30% discount.
This person is extremely fast and good at refining, and the customers can get the weapons on the spot.” “Wow! Really?” “Of course, It’s full of people inside.”

Mu Jia’er and Guan Qingyan had just received the news.

Guan Qingyan was concentrating on designing weapons.
He was wondering whether he could refine a sort of Divine Weapon by engraving arrays on it.
To refine a Divine Weapon, first of all, required good materials, and secondly, the technique.
And then, the level of the spirit sealed in it must be high.

There were already many great refiners who had been studying the refining technique and refined the materials to the extreme, but still failed to refine a Divine Weapon.
So Guan Qingyan was determined to study arrays.
All of a sudden.

Mu Jia’er rushed over yelling, “Guan Qingyan, Guanguan… Do you know what happened?!”

Guan Qing didn’t even raise his head, and just responded indifferently, “Don’t bother me.”

But Mu Jia’er didn’t listen to him.

She grabbed Guan Qingyan’s arm directly.
“Come on, let’s go.
I heard that a refining maniac went to the Refining Hall, with a success rate of 100% in refining, and even in spirit sealing.”

Guan Qingyan looked up suspiciously.
“One hundred percent?” “Yes! He must be a five-star refiner.
He seems to be refining on the spot.
Let’s go have a look.”

Guan Qingyan frowned.
“A five-star refiner? Let’s go…”

When the two hurried to the Refining Hall, they were dumbfounded.

There was already a long queue outside the Refining Hall, and hundreds of people were waiting outside.

Mu Jia’er was dumbfounded.
“Are these people sick? Even if he is a five-star refiner, how can he be refining so fast? With so many people waiting, when can he finish refining?”

Guan Qingyan nodded solemnly.
“He is undoubtedly a refining master.”

The two were about to go in when a staff member walked out of the Refining Hall.
“Everyone, the Refining Hall has talked to Master Han.
Master Han will only refine 300 spiritual weapons this time.
So, if you’re behind No.
300 in line, please go back and come next time.”

“Master Han?”

Mu Jia’er and Guan Qingyan glanced at each other and said at the same time, “Han Fei?”

Mu Jia’er said awkwardly, “That’s impossible! That guy, how long has it been since he got the three-star refiner certificate?”

Guan Qingyan frowned.
“Why impossible? We’ve both seen Brother Han refining.
His speed is fast indeed.”

Mu Jia’er said unhappily, “Let me get in to take a look.
One-stop service? 30% discount? It must only be a gimmick.”

Mu Jia’er and Guan Qingyan were both three-star refiners and refining geniuses, so they didn’t have to line up to enter the Refining Hall.

However, when the two entered inside, they saw a long line all the way to the door like a grocery store.

The dozens of people in the front, all holding tied-up creatures, were waiting quietly.

When Mu Jia’er and Guan Qingyan appeared, someone immediately exclaimed, “It’s Mu Jia’er and Guan Qingyan, who are known as the three genius refiners alongside Master Han.” Mu Jia’er was taken aback and asked that person, “Who are the three genius refiners?”

The man grinned and said, “Of course Master Han.
By the way, Miss Mu, can you offer a 30% discount? If you do, I’ll go to your side.”

Mu Jia’er bared her teeth.
“Humph… No way.”

Mu Jia’er ran to the door with interest and was about to rush inside.
The shop assistant was about to stop her when a hand had already stopped Mu Jia’er.

Guan Qingyan said lightly, “Don’t be so reckless.”

Then he said to the shop assistant, “Please go in and tell Brother Han that we are here,”

The shop assistant took a breath.
Are these two genius refiners here to make trouble?

“Okay, just a minute.”

In the room.

Han Fei was eating dried fish.
Sealing a spirit was a breeze for him, so he took the time to take a rest and eat some snacks.

Seeing the shop assistant come in, Han Fei stuffed the dried fish into his mouth.
“Why did you come in?”

The shop assistant was also taken aback and thought, Isn’t he sealing spirits?

However, she didn’t ask much, but respectfully said, “Master Han, Miss Jia’er, and Master Guan are here.”

Han Fei paused.
“Who? Mu Jia’er and Guan Qingyan?” “Yes, shall I let them in?”

Han Fei was speechless.
Why did these two guys come?

Han Fei immediately said, “OK, let them in.” Han Fei’s mind raced.
The two can be useful to me, but how can I cheat them to earn points for me?

Mu Jia’er and Guan Qingyan had already walked in.

Mu Jia’er let out a surprised cry and pointed at Han Fei.
“You, you… How can you keep refining?” Han Fei scoffed.
“What’s it… Got to do with you? You can give your customers a 30% discount too.”

Guan Qingyan curiously asked, “Brother Han, is your spiritual power enough?”

Han Fei frowned.
Why did they ask me this?

Han Fei immediately smiled and said, “Oh! In fact, not enough.
Don’t you see I am taking a break now?”

With that said, Han Fei took out the dried fish and handed it to the two of them.
“Have a try?”

Mu Jia’er took the dried fish and stuffed it directly into her mouth.
“Can dried fish increase spiritual power? Huh… It’s yummy.”

Guan Qingyan took the dried fish suspiciously and chewed it.
“This is ordinary dried fish.”

Han Fei smiled and said, “Yes, it is.
I eat spiritual fruits to replenish my spiritual


With that, Han Fei took out a spiritual fruit, took a bite, and then ate it in a couple of mouthfuls, and the aroma immediately filled the room.

Guan Qingyan breathed a sigh of relief.
“So that’s it.”

Mu Jia’er said with arms akimbo, “Since when have you been listed as a genius refiner along with us?”

Han Fei said, “Have I? The customers are too enthusiastic.
Don’t take it seriously, hahaha…”

Mu Jia’er scoffed.
“If you offer a 30% discount, how can others do business?”

Han Fei said sternly, “Sorry, but I have to criticize you on this matter.
Are we refining tools to make money? No.
Our goal is to help more people get the weapons they need with the least cost… Why am I trying to reduce costs? I am doing this for the Scattered Stars Island, for the warriors risking their lives fighting all the time! Refiners have already made a lot of money, haven’t we? An ultra-quality spiritual weapon, plus spirit sealing, will cost at least 60,000 credits.
Is it something ordinary people can afford?”

Mu Jia’er pouted.
“No, not that much, only about 40,000.”

Han Fei grinned and sneered.
“That’s when the customers provide the materials themselves.
Look at me, I provide them the materials and help them save a lot of money! Therefore, girl, only with the world in mind can we accomplish greatness.”

Mu Jia’er was totally speechless.
After a long while, she stammered, “I… I… I…”

Han Fei interrupted, “Well, it’s not too late for you to understand me… Why don’t you come to help me do this job, which is a good deed.
Everyone will appreciate you.
Come, I still have more than 200 sets of materials here.
Let’s divide them and finish the job early, and I can treat you to hot pot.”

Mu Jia’er asked in confusion, “What is hot


Han Fei smacked his tongue.
“It’s the most delicious food in the world!”

After that, Han Fei looked at Guan Qingyan.
“Brother Guan, would you like to do this good deed?”

Guan Qingyan smiled.
Only a silly girl like Mu Jia’er could be fooled by Han Fei.
He could tell at the first glance that Han Fei just wanted to make money.

But Guan Qingyan also wanted to take a look at how Han Fei refined spiritual weapons, so he said, “I’d like to learn from Brother Han…”

Han Fei grinned.
“I’m flattered.
You’re too modest.”

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