Chapter 642: Each With His Own Axe to Grind

Han Fei’s mind was racing.
He was thinking about the possibility of trading.

He stretched out with his mind, Not to mention whether or not I even have the demon weapon that you say, if I do, why do you think I will sell it to you?

The Half-Mermaid replied, You, can’t use it…

Han Fei sneered. I can’t use it, so I have to give it to you? If you use it to deal with humans, wouldn’t I become a traitor to humans?

The mermaid said, spitting and swallowing seawater, 5,000 catties.

Han Fei was speechless. Is this a problem of how many catties? This is a matter of principle!

The Half-Mermaid thought for a moment. From the remaining breath, only worth 5,000 catties.

Han Fei frowned.
He wouldn’t have thought that the sea monster would f*cking trade with a human.

However, he was reluctant to give up 5,000 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid! Even if he spent all his money, he wouldn’t be able to buy so much.
He was certainly tempted by the mermaid’s offer.

Han Fei immediately said, 10,000 catties, if you can give me this much, I’ll sell it to you.

The Half-Mermaid retorted, 5,000 catties, it’s only worth so much.
You can choose not to sell it, but I’ll take this place.

Han Fei was speechless. No bargain? And you even threatened by me? How dare you threaten me?

Han Fei pondered for a moment. Let me think about it for a day.
If I agree to sell it to you, I’ll be waiting for you at the bottom of the sea at this time tomorrow.
But don’t play any tricks.
I won’t come alone.

The Half-Mermaid was silent for a moment. More than 10 people, more than four stars, the transaction is canceled.

With that, the mermaid turned around and disappeared into the vast sea.

Han Fei frowned.
He certainly wouldn’t trade with this mermaid.
Otherwise, if it was found out, Han Fei might be killed on the spot.

But he did want 5,000 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid.

Han Fei licked his lips and said to the Hexagon Starfish, “Master Hexagon, how do you think we can fix this mermaid?”

The Hexagon Starfish squirmed.
“I didn’t dare to probe its strength.”

“It’s okay.
That Half-Mermaid is definitely not weak though.
Let’s kill it tomorrow night.”

When Han Fei said ‘kill’, it meant poisoning it to death or killing it with those two ancient jade pieces Cao Qiu gave to him.

It was unrealistic to turn to others for help because he couldn’t explain it.
Why would a mermaid come here? Why did the mermaid come here with Spirit Awakening Fluid?

Besides, once the Spirit Awakening Fluid was exposed, it was uncertain how much he could get.

Han Fei wanted to turn to Wang Dashuai for help, but then he thought, wouldn’t it arouse others’ suspicion? After all, a six-star master would easily draw others’ attention.

Only by killing the mermaid alone could it be possible for him to take all the Spirit Awakening Fluid.

Of course, the risk was huge, but the gains would also be huge.
If Little Black upgraded to level-39 or 40, he would be a better help to him, which would be like giving wings to a tiger.

At this moment, the only thing Han Fei wasn’t sure about was how far the mermaid’s perception range was.

After pondering carefully, Han Fei still decided to do it.
He was a crazy adventurer in nature.
His reason simply couldn’t rein his craziness underneath.

“That’s it.
Take Cao Qiu with me and give him a little bit of Spirit Awakening Fluid as a reward.
Umm, 200 catties should be enough…”

That night, in the place of the arrays, 2,000 meters away, Cao Qiu was flying.

Cao Qiu shuddered.
“Why did you only bring me here? If the sea monster army comes, I can’t save you.”

“It’s okay.
I have a way to escape.
Besides, there won’t be any sea monster army at all.
We might face a sea monster of the Hidden Fisher level.”


Cao Qiu immediately took a breath.
“Are you crazy? How dare you provoke a sea monster that strong!”

Han Fei said, “That’s why I asked you to come with me! I’ll count on you to save me.”

Cao Qiu was speechless.
“Me? No, I don’t fight, I don’t fight…”

Cao Qiu’s head was shaking like a rattle, and he had already made up his mind no matter what Han Fei said, he wouldn’t join the fight.

Han Fei patted him on the shoulder.
“You don’t have to fight.
Just throw your trump cards out at that time! I promise I’ll pay you back… By the way, stay away from the battlefield.
The attack range of a Hidden Fisher is large.
I can’t guarantee that you won’t be affected.”


Under Han Fei’s astonished gaze, Cao Qiu had flown far away.
Han Fei put a hand on his shoulder and pressed the Hexagon Starfish who was about to run.
“What are you doing? Don’t tell me you don’t have confidence in the array you set up yourself.”

The six big eyes of the Hexagon Starfish turned like a top.
“Starfish has no confidence.
Starfish hasn’t set up a killing array before.”

Han Fei sneered.
“If you have no confidence, then let’s die together in the coming fight!”

In the arrays, Han Fei opened the concealment array a little bit, revealing a trace of flaw, and he was practicing the 108 Desolate God Body in the center of the arrays.

Han Fei solidified these arrays as much as he could and today he specially added three high-quality spiritual stones to solidify them.

It would be a good thing if the Half-Mermaid couldn’t find the flaws of the concealment array, which showed that its strength was much weaker than what he imagined.

An hour passed.

Two hours passed.

There was a breeze on the sea, and no fishing boats passed by.
At this moment, almost all members of the Eighth Battalion were waiting for news on the Skeleton Shore.

Han Fei just sent eight squads to patrol the sea areas as usual.
Otherwise, if the mermaid found out that no one was patrolling on the shore, it might alarm it.

When the three moons hung high and the moonlight shone brightly on the sea, Han Fei suddenly stopped practicing.
He saw someone coming over as fast as lightning.

That figure was rushing at Han Fei’s concealment array.
Its goal was very clear.
Han Fei couldn’t help but wonder whether these arrays could block it.

Thousands of meters away from Han Fei, the Half-Mermaid’s voice came. Why… Is there an array?

Han Fei stood in the array and smiled faintly. Of course it’s to prevent you from killing me.
I set up a two-layer defense array and a spirit gathering array to support the former.
Why, are you afraid of the arrays?

Remove them!

Han Fei shook his head. No chance! Since you have seen through the concealment array, you shouldn’t be afraid.
I thought, rather than bring people with me, it is better to set up some arrays.
Otherwise, unless I brought a Hidden Fisher over, who can resist you? Only when I trade with you in the arrays can I feel safe.

The Half-Mermaid just thought for a moment, and then entered the concealment array with a deadpan look.

As Han Fei said, unless there was a Hidden Fisher, no one would be able to resist it.
Besides, it found no abnormalities around.

At this moment, a string of data appeared in Han Fei’s eyes.

Half-Mermaid (Ordinary Sea Monster)

A sea monster with consciousness and sanity, an opposite race of mankind, good at mermaid combat skills.
Because they take different cultivation methods from humans, their combat characteristics are different and unknown.



Level-Five, Mid-Quality

Sea Monster

Overlord Squid

After seeing this information, Han Fei was shocked.
As he expected, this Half-Mermaid was a Hidden Fisher and was about to be a peak-level one.

Trading with such a creature was like asking a tiger for its skin.

Han Fei could be sure that this Half-Mermaid’s combat power was much greater than the Red Demon of the same level.

Mo Qianshang he killed in the level-three fishery was also a Half-Mermaid.

It was fair to say that he could be number one among the younger generation in the 36 towns in terms of strength.

Concealment, concealment meant preventing others from discovering you.

When the Half-Mermaid entered the concealment array, Han Fei calmed down, purposely glanced at his shoulder, and then said to the mermaid, Where is the Spirit Awakening Fluid?

The Half-Mermaid stared at Han Fei. The demon weapon…

Han Fei said coldly, Show me the Spirit Awakening Fluid first.
I know you are very strong, but I also have some trump cards.
Otherwise, how can I dare to trade with you?

The mermaid was not good-looking.
There was no flesh on its face, its cheekbones were prominent, and gills could be seen undulating on its neck.
And they always bared their teeth, which made them look scary.

The Half-Mermaid’s mouth opened, and a Sea Swallowing Seashell was spat out.
It opened and there was a pool of blue liquid inside.

With just such a quick glance, Han Fei didn’t see how much Spirit Awakening Fluid there was.

If Han Fei hadn’t bought Spirit Awakening Fluid from Faceless before, he would have thought that the mermaid was cheating him.
But just now, he did perceive it was Spirit Awakening Fluid and its quantity was quite large.

The Half-Mermaid said again, The demon weapon.

Han Fei perceived again.
Although the other party would notice it, it didn’t matter.
Only when he was careful could the other party believe him.

When he confirmed that there were no other people within 5,000 meters, he issued an order in his heart and a strange red book suddenly appeared in front of him.


The eyes of the mermaid suddenly widened as if it was looking at something incredible.

However, before it could see it clearly, Han Fei had put the book away.
This book could injure his brain, so Han Fei was usually reluctant to touch it.
Every time he entered Forge the Universe, he would just ignore this book.

However, seeing the mermaid’s expression, Han Fei frowned.
It seemed that this book was definitely worth more than 5,000 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid!

However, he wasn’t anxious because he didn’t plan to give it to this mermaid in the first place.
He suddenly glanced over his shoulder again.

Before the Hexagon Starfish did anything, the Half-Mermaid suddenly jumped up and clawed at the defense array with its five dark blue claws.

Han Fei immediately shouted, “Do it now!”

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