Chapter 617: The Refining Hall

On the first day of vacation, Han Fei was sleeping in his hut.
He had crafted five ultra-quality spiritual weapons and sealed souls in them the previous night.

He worked for half a night and even practiced the 108 Desolate God Body once before he finally went to bed.

After he slept for only an hour, Han Fei was woken up by Wu Xiaoxiao’s cute voice.

Han Fei heaved a helpless sigh.
Some girls had cute voices but unremarkable faces, which was a suffering.
He had personally learned that lesson.

Han Fei craned his head.
“What are you yelling for? I’m still sleeping!”

Wu Xiaoxiao cried, “Captain! Not good! Someone stole the creatures to be sealed that we caught!”

Han Fei rubbed his eyes.
“They weren’t stolen at all.
My senior took them away last night.
Your weapons will be given to you in a couple of days.”


Wu Xiaoxiao’s eyes bulged.
“Are you serious?”

“Why would I lie to you? My senior has six stars… Well, he came in the middle of the night, so of course you didn’t hear him.”

At this moment, You Lingyun and the others joined them too.
They were all intrigued by what Han Fei said.
Six stars? Did Han Fei really have a senior on the Scattered Stars Island? If the man had six stars, wouldn’t they be a Hidden Fisher?

You Lingyun simply asked calmly, “Captain, are you going scavenging today?”

Han Fei shook his head and got down from the hut.
“No, I need to go to the island.
Let me ask you, where is the Command Room?”

“The Command Room?”

You Lingyun instantly realized what he wanted.
“You want to visit your former teammates, right? It’s right in the West City where I picked you up the other day.
The Command Room has two soul warrior statues that are more than fifty meters tall before its door.”

Han Fei nodded.
“Then where is the Logistics Division?”

Gu Daliang immediately said, “Everybody knows that.
There’s a huge ball on the top of the center of the Logistics Division.
It’s where we exchange our points for items.”

Han Fei’s eyes glittered.
“Ho! Impressive.”

Han Fei quite admired Le Renkuang for his luck and wondered if he could pull some strings through that fatty later.

Han Fei didn’t ask where the Dark Hunter Legion and the Trans-Island Inspectors were based.
He decided to talk to Le Renkuang and Luo Xiaobai first as they probably knew what he wanted.

Han Fei was going to split up with You Lingyun and the others, when he suddenly turned around and asked, “What about the Refining Hall? How can I get there?”

“It’s even easy to recognize.
There’s an engraving of an enormous hammer on the gate of the Refining Hall.
Also, it’s only three thousand meters from the Logistics Division.
You won’t miss it.”

Han Fei said with a casual smile, “Okay then.
You have fun scavenging! But don’t go too deep into the sea.”

When they were assigned to different posts, only Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan had two days off, and Luo Xiaobai and the others only had one day.
So, Han Fei wasn’t sure if he could meet them on this day.

Flying the boat forward, Han Fei ran into several huge birds.

However, those birds circumvented the boat when they spotted it far away, as if they were rather scared of human beings.

Han Fei didn’t intend to go explore the Transverse Mountain just yet.
He had a lot of things to do.

About half an hour later, Scattered Stars City revealed itself before his eyes.
The streets were as crowded as a central business district.
Most of the buildings were made of gray and white rocks.
Statues could be seen everywhere.

Han Fei saw a lot of people walking on the street towards the Refining Hall with fish and crabs on their shoulders.

It was needless to say that they were going to the Refining Hall to have those creatures sealed.
Han Fei couldn’t help but feel that sealing souls was truly a great skill.

Han Fei descended with the boat and landed before the base of the Logistics Division.

The base of the Logistics Division was quite vast.
It was ten thousand meters long and wide and was in an arch shape with an enormous ball on the top.
It was easy to recognize.

Han Fei strolled into the magnificent gate, only to find that the place was jam-packed with people.
There were two doors in the hall that were wide open, but it seemed that only the staff were allowed to enter those doors.

The only thing left in the hall was a counter with a super huge curve.
Han Fei saw that the maximal number on the counter was more than five hundred.
It meant that there were five hundred receptionists in this place for people to exchange assets.

Han Fei glanced at his badge, which was still empty.
It would be rather embarrassing if he went to the counter without any money.

Therefore, Han Fei grabbed the badge and shouted at Le Renkuang’s remaining aura, “Le Renkuang, are you there?”

Le Renkuang responded in the next second.
“I’m here, but I’m busy at work! You contact Xiaobai and see if she’s free!”

The badge seemed able to represent the voice right in his head.
Seeing that Le Renkuang was busy, Han Fei simply asked, “Then are you free tomorrow?”

Le Renkuang replied, “Yes, it’s my vacation tomorrow.
Don’t you have two days off? Stay in the city and find a place to stay! There are quite a few hotels near the lake.
You can stay there…”

Han Fei was about to reply, when Le Renkuang said again, “Forget it.
You don’t want to stay here.
If Xia Xiaochan knew , she’d probably kill me.”

Han Fei was rather confused.
“Why would she kill you?”

Le Renkuang replied, “There are a lot of young ladies in that area.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was lost for words.
Was there an open red-light district in Scattered Stars City?

Han Fei said unhappily, “Okay, get on with your business! I’ll reach out to Xiaobai.”


Because the Command Center wasn’t far away, and Han Fei had just seen the status, he simply made the call from the lobby of the Logistics Division.

“Xiaobai, Xiaobai, are you there?”

However, there was no response at all.
Han Fei called out again, and the result was the same.

Immediately, Han Fei realized that Luo Xiaobai must’ve left to inspect the island and wasn’t at home.

After all, unlike the phones in his previous life, such a way of communication had a distance limitation.

He tried reaching out to Zhang Xuanyu and Xia Xiaochan, and neither of them responded.
He was caught in an awkward position.
The only person who replied to his call was busy.
Where should he go?

Han Fei thought for a moment and decided to go to the Refining Hall to check what was going on there.

Old Bai had already given Han Fei a book on refining before he came to the Scattered Stars Island.
However, that book was about the fundamental knowledge of refining and elaborated on the general information on how to choose materials and use spiritual energy.

The book didn’t include any real tricks for refining.

Apparently, Old Bai wanted Han Fei to find the tricks on the Scattered Stars Island by himself.
Or maybe, the Thug Academy didn’t have books in that aspect at all.

The Refining Hall was much bigger than Han Fei thought.
It was about half the size of the Logistics Division’s base.

Hardly had Han Fei entered the Refining Hall when he sensed the hot waves that were the aftermath of high-temperature forging.

There were a lot of people in the Refining Hall, but not as many as in the Logistics Division.
The lobby here was huge too, but the counter was only numbered to a hundred.

However, there was another counter in a circle at the center of the Refining Hall that said “Shopping Guides”.

As their title suggested, a shopping guide would guide someone in their shopping.

Han Fei immediately realized that it wasn’t easy for the customers to find the weapons they desired in the vast Refining Hall, so a shopping guide could take them to the right place accurately and quickly!

Therefore, Han Fei walked to the counter.

A girl stood up upon seeing Han Fei and looked straight at Han Fei’s badge.
Then she asked with a smile, “Sir, do you need a shopping guide?”

Han Fei glanced at the girl’s badge, only to discover that she had two stars.

Han Fei nodded.
“This is my first trip here.
Why don’t you give me a general introduction?”

The girl walked out of the counter and stood before Han Fei.
“For ten points or ten high-quality pearls, I can introduce it to you for an hour.”

Han Fei casually took out ten high-quality pearls and gave them to her.

The girl said with a smile, “Do you want to ask questions, or do you want me to tell you everything from the beginning?”

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“Let me just ask questions! If I want to become a refiner, do I have to take an exam and get a certificate?”

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