Chapter 616: The Way to Make Money

On the same night, Han Fei and his teammates secretly went thirty meters into the Transverse Mountains to have the hotpot.

At this moment, the horn and stings on the five-meter-long Silver Shark had all been removed by Han Fei, and he had cut the blue fins on the fish to leak the poisons in them.

There was also a poison sac that Han Fei had extracted completely.

Han Fei didn’t recklessly try the toxicity of the poison.
He was going to see if he could find any anti-poison fruits on the land during their vacation time a few days later.
He would also get to know the regular poisons on the Scattered Stars Island.

At this moment, Han Fei had cut the big fish into halves, as he had to share one of the halves with Le Renkuang and the others.

Han Fei cleaned the fish meat, and the oil in the pot was already boiling.
He threw more than ten kinds of spiritual fruits into the pot, and an intense fragrance spread out.

Wu Xiaoxiao and the others all swallowed.
Even Leng Hui and You Lingyun were sniffing and swallowing hard.

Han Fei threw the half of the fish to the sky and quickly cut it into slices while it fell into the pot.
As the pieces of fish rolled into the seething pot, flames popped up meters high.
Han Fei grabbed the pot with one hand and began to fry the fish.
The grease on the meat flashed like stars in the sky.

Han Fei pulled a mass of water out of the void and threw it into the pot, and cracking noises echoed.

The noises weren’t too loud, but when Wu Xiaoxiao and the others heard it, they felt that they could almost smell the fragrance of the meat.

Wu Xiaoxiao scratched her head and almost couldn’t wait to lift the cover of the pot to check if it was cooked.

Han Fei grinned.
“We need to wait for half an hour while the energy disperses and circulates in the soup.
It will be over soon.”


Wu Xiaoxiao sat on the ground and looked up at Han Fei.
“Captain, just tell the truth! Who are you exactly?”

Han Fei: “???”

“What truth can I tell? Cooking is just my hobby.
Right, let me ask you, which of you wants the horn and the Natural Silver Stings?”

Everybody was stunned, and You Lingyun asked quickly, “Do you not want them? They’re your spoils.
We aren’t capable of hunting a Long-Snouted Silver Shark like you…”

Han Fei grinned and said, “It’s not a big deal.
I gave it a thought while I was cooking.
Since you will be my teammates for a long time, I should try to strengthen you right now.
I can refine the horn and the Natural Silver Stings into ultra-quality spiritual weapons and sell them to you on credit.
Yes, on credit.
I’m not giving them to you for free.
You’ll pay me back with points in the future.”


Leng Hui’s eyes glittered.
“Are you serious?”

Han Fei’s lips curled.
“Of course, it’s just a few ultra-quality spiritual weapons.
I can afford them.”

You Lingyun gasped and gazed at Han Fei.
“Are you not afraid that we’ll die by accident?”

Han Fei chuckled.
“What did you say is the price of a regular ultra-quality spiritual weapon?”

Leng Hui blurted out, “It’s usually ten thousand points apiece, and the price can be thirty thousand if it has a sealed soul.”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “The sealed souls are so expensive?”

You Lingyun said, “That’s only the price when the sealed souls are below level-40.
If they are above level-40, the price would be even higher.
Someone once sealed an exotic level-58 creature in an ultra-quality spiritual weapon, and it was sold for 800,000 points.”

Wu Xiaoxiao quickly nodded.
“Every level above level-45 means a new price.
They’re very expensive.”

Gu Daliang added, “Yeah, and the price is partly dependent on the quality of the sealed soul.
It’s very high if the sealed souls are exotic creatures.”

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
Suddenly, an idea occurred to him.

Why did he think that ultra-quality spiritual weapons weren’t very useful? Was it because the sealed souls were too weak?

What was sealed inside his daggers were the Mess Swallowing Worms.
So, those weapons could be broken not because they weren’t advanced enough, but because the sealed souls weren’t good enough.

For a moment, Han Fei was breathing heavily.

Damn it.
Why was he so stupid? Why didn’t he try sealing some of the tougher creatures? What if he could create an unparalleled ultra-quality spiritual weapon?

Then, Han Fei did some calculations, only to find that it was really easy to make money.

One ultra-quality spiritual weapon could be sold for 800,000 points.
Then what counted as an ultra-quality spiritual weapon?

Instantly, Han Fei swallowed and looked at his teammates.
“Anyway, I’ll visit the seniors of my family in a few days.
What creatures do you want to be sealed in your weapons? It will be best if you can catch them on your own.
I’ll give you a 30% discount.”


Gu Daliang rose quickly.
“A 30% discount?”

Han Fei said with his head held high.
“That’s right! The little money is trivial to me.
Whatever creatures you catch, I’ll give you a 30% discount.
So, who wants to place an order?”

Leng Hui immediately said, “I want a pair of daggers made with the Natural Silver Stings.
As for the sealed souls, I’ll see what I can catch in the next two days during our reconnaissance mission.”

You Lingyun jumped in, “I want to make the horn into a sword.
I haven’t settled on a sealed soul yet either.”

Wu Xiaoxiao pouted.
“Huh, I don’t think there are enough materials!”

Han Fei immediately grinned.
“Don’t worry! I can lend you materials! Don’t care about where they’re from.
I’ll give you whatever weapons you need, and you’ll pay the points back to me in good time.”

Wu Xiaoxiao’s eyes glittered.
“I-I want an ultra-quality battle suit, and a sweet demon-level technique.”

Han Fei was briefly stunned.
“A battle suit? That requires much more materials than a sword or a saber does.
I don’t think it’s fair.
How do you want to pay me back?”

Wu Xiaoxiao said quickly, “I can give myself to you.”

Han Fei said in despise, “Pay attention to what you say.
I have a girlfriend… Forget it, your wish is granted.
Just pay me the points later.”

Han Fei looked at Gu Daliang, and Gu Daliang said, “I want an ultra-quality spiritual shield and a single-handed broadsword.”

Han Fei considered for a moment and said, “Okay, it’s all good! So, you’ll all be in my debt for some time, right? But I won’t give you any more stuff.
Should you really die in the sea, I’ll suffer a great loss.”

Wu Xiaoxiao and the others didn’t mind owing him a debt.
They didn’t have much money in the first place.

Also, once their equipment was renewed, their combat ability would soar, and it would be a lot easier to get more points.

While You Lingyun and the others were delighted, they also speculated about Han Fei’s identity.

But at this moment, Han Fei’s mind was somewhere else.
He decided to listen to Old Bai and went to the Refining Hall during the vacation to register as a refiner.

Then, he could start a store and seal creatures for other people… Well, that might be too high-key… He could start by crafting ultra-quality spiritual weapons for others and get to the soul-sealing business when the timing was ripe.

Han Fei wondered if it was too outrageous.
He had plenty of materials, and it only cost half a million points of spiritual energy for the Demon Purification Pot to do the refining.
He seemed to be ripping them off by selling them weapons for ten thousand points.

On second thought, Han Fei realized that they would have to pay a higher price if they were to buy weapons from someone else.

Therefore, he might as well take the money for himself.
Later, he could monopolize the business in the Eighth Battalion and make the three hundred people think about repaying their debt to him every day…

It was like collecting rent.
Even if each of them paid him only a hundred points each day, he would be earning thirty thousand points in total for a day!

There might be risks, but in the long run, he wouldn’t suffer any losses!

Besides, since the cost was so low, he wasn’t afraid of losses at all…

Recalling the two bones, two enormous chains, and the Big Red Trunk that were still stored in Forge the Universe, Han Fei thought that they could finally be put to use.

What should he buy after he got the points? Well, he definitely needed a lot of Spirit Awakening Fluid and anti-poison fruits.
As for the Soul Crystals, his mental power had hit the bottleneck, so he didn’t need them badly.

“This is really easy money!”

Han Fei subconsciously spoke it out.

Wu Xiaoxiao was confused.
“Captain, what’s easy money?”

Han Fei quickly shrank his neck.
“Oh, right… Well, I’m saying that it’s really easy money for you! How I envy you to have such a distinguished captain like myself!”

Everyone: “…”

Wu Xiaoxiao and the others spoke to each other telepathically, Sister Lingyun, are all geniuses so unique?

Do you really think there are geniuses in this world? The Long-Snouted Silver Shark wasn’t easy to deal with at all.
Even Daliang couldn’t have taken that electric shock.

Gu Daliang agreed, Indeed I couldn’t have.
Our captain’s body is too sturdy.

Leng Hui confessed, We have to improve ourselves quickly.
I’m afraid that Han Fei won’t stay long in our squad but will be transferred soon.

Other people felt pressure too after hearing that.

In their eyes, Han Fei was too distinguished.

They found it unbelievable that such a man was their captain.
They felt that they were truly lucky.

Han Fei led them to scout the Skeleton Shore in the following two days.

It was truly rather dangerous, particularly in the area beyond two hundred kilometers.

During their reconnaissance, they ran into another exotic creature, but it was a worm and managed to escape underground.

Still, You Lingyun and the others caught the creatures they wanted to seal.
Because the creatures must be alive when they were sealed, and living things couldn’t be stored in Sea Swallowing Seashells, they were all tied up under Han Fei’s tree hut.

It was absolutely dark and quiet in the middle of a night.

Han Fei secretly carried the creatures under the tree deep into the woods.

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