Chapter 599 Departure

Han Fei and the other four had to give up prying into the academy’s gossip.

They complained in their hearts, Didn’t you say that we could ask any questions?

Luo Xiaobai took the lead to change the topic, “President, what should we pay attention to when we go to the Unknown Place?”

Old Bai said leisurely, “Keep a low profile!” “Huh?”

Han Fei asked weakly, “President, are you sure you don’t mean a high-profile?”

Old Bai pondered for a moment.
“The main reason is that even if you are high-profile, you may not be able to stand out.
I told you there are a lot of talents there.
You may think you can keep a high-profile and steal the show, but in fact, others are stronger than you.”

Han Fei grinned.
“Now I’m really looking forward to it.”

Old Bai coughed.
“However, there is no need to worry too much.
Our Thug Academy has people in the Unknown place.”

Everyone: “???”

Wenren Yu and Xiao Zhan smiled, giving Han Fei a strange feeling.

Han Fei’s first reaction was Old Jiang and Jiang Qin.
These two must be in the Unknown place! He must dig them out this time.
These were two big shots and he must not let go of the chance of riding on their coattails.

Although the Unknown place was huge, there would be a great chance to meet them since he would have to stay there for four years.

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Is there another junior uncle there?”

Le Renkuang added, “This junior uncle won’t rob us, will he?”

Old Bai’s face immediately darkened.
“Don’t be misled by Faceless! When you get there, your Senior Brother Dashuai (Marshal) will receive you.”

“Senior Brother Dashuai?”


“Huh? Do we have a senior brother who is a marshal?”

Old Bai paused and a cold gleam flickered in his eyes.
“Hmph, you’ll know when you get there.”

For some reason, Old Bai seemed suddenly to be in a bad mood.
Everyone guessed that this senior brother must have some sort of conflict with the academy.
Otherwise, how come they had never heard of this senior brother before?

Zhang Xuanyu nodded.
“I guess he is probably on the same level as Junior Uncle Faceless.
Being a marshal, he can’t be weak.”

However, since Old Bai said that Senior Brother Dashuai would receive them and they would meet him in the Unknown Place, he didn’t ask anymore.

Wenren Yu smiled strangely.
“You should be careful when you get there.
Don’t be reckless.
The Unknown place is not like the 36 Towns, and not everyone there is so easy to get along with.
When you get there, follow the rules.
Of course, don’t be afraid and lose the face of the Thug Academy, understood?”

Xiao Zhan nodded and said sternly, “When you get there, don’t think about exploring secret realms all day long.
The Unknown place is vast and boundless, and the secret realms in the sea are as many as the stars.
Even in the near-sea area, there are countless unexplored secret realms.
But it’s different from the level-three fishery there.
You’ll find out when you get there.”

Luo Xiaobai suddenly asked, “Teacher, can we still form a team there?”

Xiao Zhan answered, “Yes, you can, but you may want to go about your own business.
If you get rid of some constraints, you can still choose to form a team.”

Old Bai suddenly said, “Han Fei, come with me.
The others, stay here and continue asking questions.”

Han Fei: “???”

After a while, Han Fei came to the library with Old Bai.

Han Fei asked in confusion, “President, is there something you want to tell me alone?”

Old Bai threw him a few Sea Swallowing Seashells.
“I’ve exchanged your mid-quality pearls for high-quality ones.
There are a total of 15 million high-quality pearls.
I know you might think these are too few, but that’s all I can give you from the Floating Islands.”

Han Fei was overjoyed and took the Sea Swallowing Seashells.
Although 2 billion mid-quality pearls were only exchanged with 15 million high-quality ones, the qualities are completely different.
If he took 2 billion mid-quality pearls to the Unknown Place, there might be no place for him to exchange them.

Then, Old Bai handed him a jade slip.
“This is a book about refining, but it is only a preliminary introduction.
Learn some refining techniques in the Unknown place.
I don’t know whether you have any refining techniques or not, but I guess you must have some.
When you reach the Unknown Place, find a way to get a refiner certificate from the Refining Hall.
Otherwise, you’ll arouse people’s suspicion.”

Han Fei’s eyes widened.
“Is there a certificate for refining?”

Han Fei never imagined that there was actually a certificate for refining!

Old Bai smiled.
“That thing is of high value.
In the Unknown Place, the status of refiners is not low.
Especially the refiners who can seal spirits, they are all one in a million.”

Han Fei memorized what Old Bai said in his mind.
From what Old Bai said, it could be seen that the status of refiners who could seal spirits enjoyed a high status.
In the Blue Sea Town or the level-three fishery, there were actually very few refiners, especially those who could seal spirits.
On the Floating Islands, it was because most people couldn’t afford it.

In the dangerous level-three fishery, with dragon boats around, which refiner dared to show what he was capable of easily?

Han Fei couldn’t help but think, In the Unknown Place, can I give a full play to my talents?

Han Fei asked weakly, “President, anything else?”

Old Bai thought for a moment.
“I know that you will definitely go find Old Jiang when you reach the Unknown Place, but I suggest you don’t be in a hurry to find him.
Wait for the right time.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Why? I think I can definitely find him in the plantation of the Unknown Place.”

Old Bai snorted.
“And then?”


Han Fei scratched his head.
Yes! What would he do after?

Old Bai cast a look at Han Fei.
“Don’t think that with the Sea Token, you are someone.
It’s uncertain whether it’ll be a blessing or a curse.
You are still an advanced Dangling Fisher.
What makes you think you’re qualified to explore the secrets of the Sea Token?”

Han Fei was speechless.
“So when can I be qualified to explore the secret of the Sea Token?”

Old Bai thought about it.
“Perhaps when the number of the stars on your waist tag becomes seven.”


Han Fei was a bit shocked.
In the 36-town exchange competition, a total of 100 three-star waist tags were issued, which represented the top 100 among the countless students in the 36 towns! It could be seen that it wouldn’t be easy to increase one’s number of stars.

Old Bai said seven, but what did a seven-star waist tag stand for?

Seeing Han Fei lost in thought, Old Bai said, “OK, you can go now! You can take away the Hexagon Starfish, but not the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile! Of course, if any of you can make that thing your contractual spiritual beast, you can take it away.”

Han Fei thought for a while and decided not to do it.
The crocodile was of no use to him now and he already had enough contractual spiritual beasts.

After talking with Old Bai, Han Fei walked casually to Xiao Zhan’s small hill.
In the past six months or so, the Hexagon Starfish had almost grown into a Hexagon Sea Pig.

As for the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile, since he came to this place, he had been in panic all day long.
Who would have believed that a mysterious creature would be bullied here every day?!

He was only a legendary creature, so he’d better keep a low profile.

But fortunately, Han Fei and the others were leaving, and the president and teachers didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and the two younger students dared not to mess around with him.

Relatively speaking, the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile found itself much more comfortable than the Hexagon Starfish.

Besides, the spiritual energy here was very abundant, so he promised Old Bai to be the guardian spiritual beast of the academy for several years.

The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile liked to lie on its stomach in the plantation because there was the most spiritual energy there.
As a lazy starfish, the Hexagon Starfish liked the Bull Conch pit most, because there he could have Bull Conches massage him every day.

At this moment, two Bull Conches were massaging the two tentacles of the Hexagon Starfish.
He was lazily basking in the sun, a little too cozy.
Han Fei said with a black face, “Come out.”

“Do you want to ask me about arrays again? I really don’t know anything about them… The starfish’s arrays are inherited, not learned.”

Han Fei grinned and said, “Do you remember the sign I asked you about?”

The Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes rolled.
“300 years ago, I was too young, so I forgot where the black card came from.”

Han Fei chuckled.
“It doesn’t matter.
I’ll take you to revisit the old haunt.”

The Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes rolled, and he immediately became cautious.
“Where? I’m not going.
This is my home.
I’m not going…”

Han Fei directly took out its essence blood and said, “Alas, then you’re of no use to me! Fine, let me crush this useless essence blood then!”

“No, no, no… Wait a minute, let’s talk.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes at the starfish.
“Come out.
You have enjoyed this pit for so long, it’s time for you to work.”

The Hexagon Starfish: “???”

Han Fei grabbed a tentacle of the starfish, waved and a large mass of clean water wrapped the Hexagon Starfish.

A few minutes later, the palm-sized Hexagon Starfish appeared on Han Fei’s shoulder.
“You said you would return the essence blood to me.”

Han Fei said leisurely, “I’ve fed you for more than half a year, and there are big Bull Conches giving you a massage every day.
Do you think this was for free? The labor contract is renewed for four years, and I’ll return your essence blood to you four years from now…”

The Hexagon Starfish: “…”

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