Chapter 587 The Selection Has Started

Han Fei could see that these two people were eager to learn more.
In fact, the only thing they lacked in this problem was the guidance of their teachers.

Han Fei didn’t believe that there was no decent teacher in such a big place like the Cloud Soaring Town!

However, Zhang Fan sighed slightly.
“Senior Brother, maybe you don’t know about this, but the Cloud Soaring Town has been weak for a long time.
Since the Cloud Soaring Town lost a lot of talent a hundred years ago, it has been ranking last among the 36 towns.
Because of this, anyone who had even the slightest strength in the town has left the town.

Some people went to the level-three fishery, and some went to the Unknown Place, but in the end… Perhaps because of the strength gap, most of them died, so the students in our town don’t have enough teachers.
Not only in knife techniques, but also in many other combat skills, in fact, the teachers are not very good.”

Han Fei wondered, “But I heard that you have a new mayor in the Cloud Soaring Town? Didn’t he plan to cultivate new young talents?”

Xu Fu smiled bitterly.
“Well, our mayor didn’t even come this time.
It’s said that he is healing his wounds.
It seems that he has been healing his wounds for more than ten years.”

Zhang Fan hurriedly said, “But our mayor is a good mayor.
When he took over office, he brought us a lot of resources.
Among them, there are hundreds of combat skills and techniques.
But the mayor cannot teach us personally.
We still have to cultivate on our own.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“What about the president of your academy? Doesn’t he teach you? Are the human resources in your town scarce to this level?”

Xu Fu nodded.
“The president has tried his best to teach us, but because there are too many students, the president doesn’t have the time to answer questions from each of us!” Zhang Fan shrugged.
“So we become weaker and weaker.
The Cloud Soaring Town was not weak at first, but a large number of our talents died a hundred years ago for unknown reasons.
Since then, we gradually declined.
Although we had some outstanding talents from time to time, they didn’t have the time to teach us!” Han Fei asked, “Do you have few peak-level Dangling Fishers?”

Xu Fu nodded.
“Pathetically few.”

Han Fei thought for a while… “What kind of combat skills and techniques do you practice?”

“Some of them are of spirit-level, and most of them are demon-level low-quality and mid-quality.
There are fewer high-quality ones, and even fewer heaven-level ones.”

Han Fei frowned.
“Didn’t the other towns help you?”

Zhang Fan looked glum.
“Our generation is determined to return home to serve our town after we become strong.
This is why we only have 100 people going to the Unknown Place this time because the remaining people need to stay in the town to gradually improve the education of our town.”

Xu Fu nodded.
“Yes, compared to 10 years ago, the strength of the cultivators in the Cloud Soaring Town has improved a lot.
We have been improving all the time.
I believe that in another ten years, we will be able to compete for the second last place.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was speechless.
Is there a big difference between the last and the second last?

Han Fei patted the shoulders of the two of them.
“Although I sympathize with you, I can’t help you.
To make a town rise up is a big event that can’t be achieved by one or two people.
But I can give you an idea.”

Zhang Fan and Xu Fu: “???”

Han Fei blinked his eyes and said, “Make money! Is there anything that money can’t buy?”

“Make money?”

Han Fei curled his lips.
“You should spend money to cultivate some outstanding talents first, which will work.
Anyway, I can’t help with this matter, and your words don’t count.
Forget it.
Go about your business, I’m going to cultivate.”

With that, Han Fei jumped up the tree.

Zhang Fan and Xu Fu hurriedly thanked him, “Thank you for your guidance, Senior Brother.”

Han Fei thought that the Cloud Soaring Town was wrong in their education policy and resource planning, but this had nothing to do with him.

At first, Han Fei helped the Cloud Soaring Town just because Lin Miaomiao was from the Cloud Soaring Town and the people from the Fiery Dragon Town were too arrogant.

But he just owed Lin Miaomiao, not anyone else.

Now, Lin Miaomiao had died and Han Fei had avenged her.
The only pity was that a young life perished early.
Maybe he felt guilty for her, but as time went by, the guilt gradually faded.
He didn’t want to do a stupid thing to save a whole town for one person, and he didn’t have that ability.
After Han Fei jumped up the tree, he saw Old Bai looking at him.

He asked, “Oh, I didn’t know you were capable of teaching others now!”

Han Fei answered helplessly, “They came to ask for my advice modestly, so I didn’t have the heart to turn them down.” Old Bai shook his head slightly.
“You three fools.
Do you really think that the Cloud Soaring Town is that weak? No, it used to rank among the top three in the 36 towns, no weaker than the Wind Thunder Town.
Do you think they are all weak?”


Han Fei was taken aback.
“How come they have declined to this point?”

Old Bai sneered.
“Because they offended someone!”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Just because they offended someone, the whole town was punished?”

Old Bai said leisurely, “Yes, the Thug Academy declined for the same reason, but where there is decline, there will be rise.
Those people are much smarter than you.
They are just waiting for the opportunity to rise in one fell swoop again.
Don’t poke your nose into others’ affairs.
You’ve learned a lot of skills but are proficient in none of them.
If you don’t change this situation, you’ll learn a bad lesson in your future.”

Han Fei laughed awkwardly and climbed the tree to continue to study the Spirit Gathering Scripture.
Although he was surprised that this entire town had become so miserable, Old Bai should know better than him, so he’d better not get nosey.

What troubled Han Fei now was the problem Old Bai just mentioned, which was a big problem.

After he came up with the knife Qi, his data changed and his upper limit of spiritual energy was broken again.

Making a breakthrough was supposed to be a good thing, indicating that he still had potential that had not yet been tapped.

But the problem was that Han Fei didn’t know how much potential he had now, just like his data at this moment:

Han Fei

Level: 39 (Advanced Dangling Fisher)


Spiritual Energy: 128,526 (6501)

Spiritual Power: 1299/1299 Perception Range: 9999 meters

Spiritual Heritage: Level-Two High-Quality

Spiritual Beast: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (Level 36]

Main Art: Void Breaking Technique, Volume Four of Void Fishing (Demon-Level, Divine-Quality)

His upper limit of spiritual energy had broken through the level of 6499.
Although it only increased by 2 points, it meant that he still couldn’t break through to be a peak-level Dangling Fisher and had to work harder.

But this raised a question, why was the upper limit of spiritual energy related to combat skills?

Wasn’t the upper limit of spiritual energy related to physique, strength of meridians, etc.? But when he comprehended the invincible knife light, this level was broken inexplicably.

Because of this matter, coupled with the fact that Old Bai kept nagging that he was Jack of all trades but master of none, Han Fei felt that maybe he really should think about his next steps.

But he wasn’t in a hurry.
Since he couldn’t make a breakthrough, he would practice harder.
He didn’t mind spending half a year to lay a solid foundation and study arrays.

The next day, everything was normal.
There were also about 800 games in the arena.
Zhang Xuanyu fought and won easily.
Xia Xiaochan and Le Renkuang didn’t have their turn yet.

On the third day, Le Renkuang played, but Xia Xiaochan didn’t have her turn.

The fourth day, the fifth day, and the sixth day…

On the seventh day, it was finally Xia Xiaochan’s turn and she won easily.
The preliminary round was finished and a total of 5,200 people won.
There was no team battle and no one had a second chance.

At the moment, in the arena.

The mayor of the Wind Thunder Town was speaking, “Everyone who has passed the preliminary round, you are selected through layers of selection and are the Heavenly Talents of the 36 towns.
You are the best among hundreds of millions of people.
I am proud of you.”

Clap… Clap…

There was applause off the court, and everyone was listening attentively.

The mayor of the Wind Thunder Town continued, “The first round of the game has been finished.
Those who have passed it, gather in the arena tomorrow morning.
By then, the students who have been eliminated and the spectators won’t be allowed to enter the arena again.”

Many locals in the Wind Thunder Town knew that this happened every time.
After the first round was over, the second round wouldn’t be open to the public.

But the students were all astonished.

“Why can’t we watch the second round?”

“What, we don’t have a second chance?”

“Why are we not allowed to watch the following battles?”

The locals had no objection, the students were at a loss, and the teachers remained silent or even sighed.

Han Fei was puzzled.
“Teacher, how come I feel that something is wrong.”

Luo Xiaobai added, “Yes, it doesn’t make sense.
Isn’t it an exchange game? Why do they prohibit other students from continuing watching the game?”

Wenren Yu shook her head slightly.
“It’s not only an exchange match, but also a qualification trial.
When the first battle begins, the selection has already started.”

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