Chapter 579 A Huge Profit

After Han Fei revealed his true appearance, everybody from the Blue Sea Town couldn’t be more shocked.

He Xiaoyu grinned.
She had just placed all her belongings, including the money she just earned, on Han Fei.
The investment of eighty thousand mid-quality pearls got her five times more in return.

He Xiaoyu couldn’t have even imagined the number.
She had no idea that she would return with so much money when she was just here to watch the games.

Xia Wushuang, Xiang Nan, and the others, dumbfounded, all wailed regretfully.
Xia Wushuang asked, “He Xiaoyu, did you know that this Octopus Weirdo was Han Fei? Why didn’t you tell us? Or I would’ve bet all my money on him.”

He Xiaoyu snorted.
“I didn’t realize that until just now.
Also, there was too much suspense in the third game.
Even I wasn’t sure that Han Fei would win.”

Xiang Nan bashed his chest and stomped.
“There was a great bet before my eyes, but I didn’t cherish it.
I don’t think I will ever have such an opportunity again.”

In his private room, Jiang Tong’s mouth and eyes bulged.
It was him?

“This asshole.
That’s why I felt that he was familiar.
I didn’t realize it was him.”

Jiang Tong was only surprised for a moment, then he felt that he was going to pass out overjoyed.
Twenty percent? Was he going to become a billionaire?

At this moment, Jiang Tong felt extremely lucky about the decision he made.
He thanked his intuition, which made him trust Han Fei and fool everybody he knew into betting on Han Fei.

He was absolutely sure that his greatest gain on this trip to the Wind Thunder Town wouldn’t be the match, but the money that he unexpectedly earned.

As for Xia Xiaochan, Zhang Xuanyu and the others, they didn’t know what approach Han Fei adopted, but they knew that Han Fei was definitely confident in doing what he did.

The girls that Zhang Xuanyu summoned all jumped to their feet excitedly.
They had all become millionaires all of a sudden.
Could there be anything more exciting?

As for Xue Nan and the students from the Fiery Dragon Town, they were all stupefied.
It was him?

“How is it possible? How can a student be so strong?”

When the Heavenly Talents from other towns saw Han Fei, many recognized him.

Someone said, “It’s him! That explains a lot.
The person who ranks top of the Wanted List in the level-three fishery is definitely not a joke.”

Someone asked, “He is Han Fei? The man who killed Mo Qianshang, the best expert on the Wanted List in the level-three fishery?”

Someone nodded.
“Not just him.
This man is bold enough to rob anyone…”

The man then stopped talking, as certain things had to be kept confidential.
If he were to disseminate them, he might be caught and imprisoned.

As to what kind of person Han Fei was in the level-three fishery, those people might as well find it out on their own after they made it to the level-three fishery!

Those who participated in the match had mostly been to the level-three fishery, but they generally didn’t stay as long as Han Fei’s crew.
Some had only spent several months there, and some were planning to gain more money from the matches before they embarked on the voyage.
No matter whether they knew Han Fei or not, Han Fei had undoubtedly become a rising star.

The Hidden Fisher of the Wind Thunder Arena didn’t say anything, but he made up his mind to add another rule to the Wind Thunder Arena, which was that the results of whoever participated in the games in disguise wouldn’t be acknowledged.
He admitted that he miscalculated this time, partly because the bet was open in the first place, and Han Fei didn’t really cheat.
He had fought all the battles merely as an advanced Dangling Fisher.

But nobody expected that Han Fei would be so tough as to crush Ming Kun, who had a winning streak of 138 victories and could even compare to the Heavenly Talents in the Thousand Star City.

At this moment, many natives of the Wind Thunder Town who secretly observed sent messages about how tough Han Fei was to their bosses…

At this moment, Han Fei squatted before the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile and said telepathically, As of today, you are free.
You have two choices.
Firstly, you can become my contractual spiritual beast, but I’m sorry, I don’t have any opening for contractual spiritual beasts anymore.
Secondly, you can work as a guardian beast of the Thug Academy for ten years.
If you want to leave after that, I won’t stop you.

Han Fei even winked at the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile as he talked.

The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile was rather suspicious.
I won’t become anyone’s spiritual beast.
As for being a guardian beast like you mentioned, did you mean it?

Han Fei winked and thought to himself, With Old Bai and Xiao Zhan here, you think you can run off? It won’t be half bad to work as a guardian beast.
Just look at the Hexagon Starfish, which is enjoying its life in the muddy pond every day!

He said to the beast, Whatever you want.
I’m only interested in making money.
However, I do think you should visit the Thug Academy first.
Not just legendary creatures, the Thug Academy even has a few mysterious creatures.
None of them are worse than you.

The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile was stunned by this bragging human.
In its entire life, it had only seen mysterious creatures once.
How could there be mysterious creatures in this human beings’ territory?


The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile accepted the fate.
At this moment, its top priority was to let this man take it out of the Wind Thunder Town, or someone would probably catch it back even if it fled at this moment.

Then, the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile roared, in a smaller and smaller sound.
In the eyes of the outsiders, it had been subdued by Han Fei.

The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile’s body shrank and soon became a giant crocodile more than two meters long.
Even so, the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile still looked ferocious.
The fangs that it bore, in particular, were soul-stirring.

Han Fei grinned at everybody.
“Do any of you want to challenge me?”

The audience burst into a fury again.
“Fight? Fight my ass! We’ve lost all our money, and you still want to fight?”

The Hidden Fisher snorted.
“Take your money and this Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile, and leave.”

Han Fei stretched his limbs and waved his hair.
He was absolutely unscathed despite his ragged clothes.
He didn’t have to pretend to vomit blood any longer now that he had won.

Han Fei swaggered out of the Wind Thunder Arena.
Many people were cursing and pointing fingers at him on his way.

Han Fei wasn’t bothered at all.
He thought to himself, I’m a rich person, I don’t need to look at those misers.

As for Xia Xiaochan, she had come to Jiang Tong right after the game and was smiling at him, giving him goosebumps all over his body.
Jiang Tong wasn’t an idiot.
After knowing that Octopus Weirdo was Han Fei, he easily guessed that the girl with mushroom hair was Xia Xiaochan.

Jiang Tong said, “Cough, cough.
Give me some time.
I need to collect the money!”

Han Fei left in delight and flew to the Tree Core City on a boat with the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile.

He decided that he would not be seen again until the people forgot him and the arena was closed.

Xiao Zhan soon arrived after Han Fei, followed by Luo Xiaobai and the others, who had each earned more than five million mid-quality pearls.

The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile didn’t feel good when it saw Xiao Zhan, as this man seemed even stronger than the person in the Wind Thunder Arena.

Observing the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile for a long time, Xiao Zhan asked, “You can talk, can’t you?” The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile didn’t say anything, planning to keep it a secret.
Han Fei, however, nudged it with his foot and said, “You can’t escape Mr.
Xiao Zhan’s eyes.
Seriously, you aren’t the only animal that can talk.
There are more in our academy.” The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile roared at Han Fei and then said helplessly, “I can talk, but what we have is just a deal.
I’ll help you make money, and you’ll help me escape.” Xiao Zhan held his chin and said, “Huh, not bad.
Little crocodile, are you sure you don’t want to be a contractual spiritual beast for one of the students in my academy? The boys and girls in my academy are all remarkable.
It will be your privilege to work for them as a mere legendary creature.”

The big eyes of the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile were filled with disdain and disbelief.

Xiao Zhan said, “Han Fei, let out Little Gold and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp.’

Han Fei grinned, and Little Gold and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp instantly came out.
Little Gold nuzzled Han Fei the moment it saw him without looking at the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile at all, but the curious Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp had already laid its nine chains on the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile, ready to hump…


The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile simply knocked the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp away.
I’m already an adult! It would be humiliating if I got raped by a shrimp…

But the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile was truly shocked.
It was true that both of the creatures had higher bloodline levels than itself.

As they talked, Zhang Xuanyu and the others returned.
He was laughing aloud, “Hahaha! We’ve made a fortune! A big fortune!”

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