Chapter 570 King of a Hundred Men

Supposedly, one would have to wait in line after they signed up for the games, but Han Fei’s application was very unique.
Immediately, the staff talked to their superiors and told him that he could enter the field after the next two games.

Holding a tiny badge, Han Fei walked to the betting area.


Han Fei slapped the badge on the counter and said, “I’d like to bet…”

Before Han Fei continued, one of the clerks had quickly interrupted him.
“Sir, to prevent other people from hearing you, please speak telepathically for confidentiality.”

After a brief stun, Han Fei said, Okay, I’ll bet a million on myself.

The clerk slightly shook his head.
Sir, we only accept half a million mid-quality pearls at most for one bet.

Half a million was not nearly enough!

Han Fei was instantly lost for words.
There was a cap? It seemed that the Wind Thunder Arena was very shrewd and prepared for frauds like him! If the cap was half a million, there would be nothing they were scared of, because their loss wouldn’t be too huge.

Also, Han Fei suspected that if he played the trick of the weak beating the strong too often, the arena would also bet that he would win in order to balance the odds.

In that case, the audience would be the only people who really suffered a loss.
Han Fei realized that arenas were really profitable and wondered if he should start an arena of his own.

Han Fei made the payment.
He didn’t expect that the arena would have so many strict rules that even placing the bet must be kept confidential.
Then, what could the million that he gave Jiang Tong do? If the man could fool other people into betting on his failure, should he have cooperated with the man at all? It would be good if the man had other backup moves.
If he didn’t, this attempt probably wouldn’t be worth it.

After that, Han Fei saw that Jiang Tong winked at him.
He was immediately reassured, knowing that the guy probably had other moves prepared.
Since Jiang Tong had no problems, his fancy way of application should be able to play its role now.

Han Fei couldn’t help but heave a sigh.
It was time to resort to his acting skills again!

On the other hand… Jiang Tong and his pals were considering how to place bets too.
They had no idea about the Wind Thunder Arena’s strict rules on betting either, but Jiang Tong simply winked at Han Fei casually and said to his classmates, “Junior brothers, bring more men to me!” “Huh?”

Jiang Tong said, “Everybody will be given a thousand mid-quality pearls if they come.”

“Senior brother, rest assured.
I’ll be right


Next, Jiang Tong spoke to a clerk at the main hall of the arena.

“What’s the price for the most luxurious private room in your place?” The clerk responded, “Sir, I’m afraid it’s not very cheap.
Each private room costs five thousand mid-quality pearls.
But of course, it comes with special services.”

Jiang Tong asked, “What about the private rooms in a lower tier?”

“Those would be two thousand mid-quality pearls for each private room.”

Jiang Tong rolled his eyes.
“Oh? It seems that there aren’t many rich guys in the Wind Thunder Town.
The price gap is rather huge.”

The clerk said courteously, “Sir, the main reason is that there are only two hundred top private rooms.
There are actually many magnates in this place.”

Jiang Tong said, “I’d like a two-thousand pearl private room!”

“At once, sir.”

“Senior brother, you reserved a private room for two thousand mid-quality pearls? That’s not how we should spend our money!”

Jiang Tong scoffed.
“You can only make money from the rich people, and publicity from the poor guys.
There’s still a lot you need to learn.”


“But there’s a cap to the stakes, Senior Brother.” “That’s why I called for more people!” As he spoke, Jiang Tong leaned closer to Xia Xiaochan, who was also reserving a private room, right in front of the waiter and gave her a hint.

“Lady, Cao Dapang will surely lose.” Xia Xiaochan shook her head.
“That’s impossible.
Cao Dapang is one of the best guys from the Fiery Dragon Town.”

“I have a top secret.
Do you want to hear it?”

Jiang Tong and Xia Xiaochan walked to the private room.
A waiter was right before them leading the way, but Jiang Tong simply revealed the so-called top secret openly.

In such an arena/casino, everybody was eavesdropping.
They might not believe the things they heard for the first time or second time, but they would be convinced sooner or later as they heard it again and again.

Jiang Tong’s trick was unbelievably simple.
It was just like the deals in the stock market.
When someone overheard a casual conversation, they might be tricked and trigger an astonishing chain reaction.

Of course, Jiang Tong didn’t really count on this method, which depended on luck.
He had other approaches.

Xia Xiaochan asked telepathically, Will a million be enough for you?

Jiang Tong slightly shook his head.
Not really.
Xia Xiaochan secretly tossed a Sea Swallowing Seashell to him.
What about this?

Examining the Sea Swallowing Seashell Xia Xiaochan gave her, Jiang Tong immediately gasped.
Damn it.
She has given me five million so easily? It’s more than all my belongings! Is this for real?

Xia Xiaochan glanced at Jiang Tong and said, I can take it back as easily as I give it to you.
Don’t be obsessed with the little money!

Jiang Tong grimaced, impressed by the two arrogant advanced Dangling Fishers.

However, Jiang Tong really loved making friends with such magnates.
Who could possibly give away six million mid-quality pearls so easily?

About an hour later, the two games in the field were over.

Then, the host was roaring and shrieking in madness.

There were two hosts, and the male one roared, “May I have your attention, please? The Wind Thunder Arena has received the craziest challenge of the year.
An advanced Dangling Fisher has specifically asked to challenge Ming Kun, the King of the Hundred Men in the Wind Thunder Arena!”


The arena almost imploded with everybody’s exclamations.

“Who? Did the host just say that an advanced Dangling Fisher would challenge Ming Kun?” “Is he crazy? Wouldn’t it be suicide if he challenges Ming Kun?”

“An advanced Dangling Fisher? I can’t believe it.
He’s a sure loser!”

“How long has it been since anyone challenged Ming Kun?”

“Ming Kun has a winning streak of a hundred games.
Is this guy an idiot to confront him?”

In two different private rooms, Xia Xiaochan and Jiang Tong almost asked the waiters simultaneously, “Who’s Ming Kun?”

The waiters replied, “Ming Kun is the King of Hundred Men in the Wind Thunder Arena.
He’s supposed to fight one game each day.
He has won 137 consecutive games, and many people have failed to defeat him… It has been 32 days since anybody challenged him.”

Jiang Tong’s reaction was, “Oh? What are the odds?”

“The host will announce it to the audience soon.”

Xia Xiaochan’s reaction was, “What’s his specialty?”

“You have to pay for the Wind Thunder Arena’s intelligence…” “Pa!”

Xia Xiaochan threw a case out.
“Take however much money you need.”

The waiter immediately replied, “Ming Kun is a peak-level Dangling Fisher.
His naturally-endowed spiritual beast is a Green Tide Tortoise known for its invulnerability.
His contractual spiritual beast is a Mad Blood Worm that can double his combat ability.
His second contractual spiritual beast is a Three-Eyed Mantis Shrimp that grants unparalleled speed.
But as for himself, he is a body cultivator… His fists are extremely tough and can rumble like thunder when he punches…”

The host roared from the field, “This is the 33rd day of Ming Kun’s break.
He has sent applications to the Wind Thunder Arena many times, but nobody dared to fight him, until today, and his challenger is an advanced Dangling Fisher… Dear audience, let’s remember his name — Octopus Weirdo!”

“Who’s Octopus Weirdo?”

“Who is he? I’ve never heard him before!”

“Where did this clown come from?” “He’s a sure loser.
Nobody with such a fancy nickname could be capable of fighting.”

The female host said, “Our Octopus Weirdo comes from the distant Fiery Dragon Town and claims to be invincible in the Fiery Dragon Arena.
Nobody can resist his iron fists within a distance of a hundred meters…” The male host continued, “That’s right.
Our Octopus Weirdo is very unusual.
He also said that he would give everybody a surprise if he wins.”



“Surprise? Doesn’t the Fiery Dragon Town rank 18th or 20th? Would he stop bragging about himself?”

The male host continued, “Now, let’s give it up for Octopus Weirdo…”

Then, Xia Xiaochan and Jiang Tong saw that Han Fei hopped out of the passage of contestants.
As if to show his crazy nature, Han Fei even rolled up one of his sleeves.

After announcing his entrance, Han Fei waved at the auditorium.

There were plenty of people in the Wind Thunder Arena on this day, mostly because the Wind Thunder Arena would be closed for the students of the 36 towns to compete.
So, many people had come for a last day of fun.

“Go back to your Fiery Dragon Town!” “Octopus Weirdo, stop being an embarrassment!”

“Octopus Weirdo, I’ll bet one mid-quality pearl on you, and a hundred on Ming Kun!”

The female host said in a shivering voice, “Dear audience, the odds for this game will be announced.”

“Ming Kun: 1:1.2”

“Octopus Weirdo: 1:10”

“Dear audience, you will have 15 minutes to place your bet.
Please give some credit to our Octopus Weirdo.
Maybe he will be the one who will perform a miracle!”

“What can he perform? I don’t believe in miracles.”

“Tsk! You can’t get a miracle so easily.”

“Are you kidding me? We have to bet on Ming Kun! You should never bet on the losing side no matter how rich you are!”

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