Chapter 565 Tree Core City Inn

Xiao Zhan didn’t ask, and Han Fei didn’t tell, so the thing was over just like that.

However, Han Fei felt that there were more mysteries to the fact that birds didn’t appear on regular floating islands.
It was like nobody ever used a fishing net in the town.
Did they never think of creating that? They certainly did.
How could there be no nets in a place where people lived on fishing? Han Fei knew that there were nets in this world after seeing the Spirit Forbidden Net, but it remained unknown why nets didn’t exist on the normal floating islands.

When the boat passed by the central islands, everybody saw a vast forest where the trees were exceptionally tall and thick.
Some of them were even dozens of meters tall.
The closer a tree was to the center, the taller it would be.

Han Fei saw a super tree almost a hundred meters tall at the very center, which was surrounded by other trees like the moon around stars.

Between the two floating islands were very thick chains.
People were walking on them and looking at the sky now and then.

When the boat flew above the forest, Han Fei sensed that those trees had been hollowed, and people were living in them.

Also, Han Fei discovered, to his amazement, that many of those trees had horizontally-growing branches that turned into roads people could walk on.
However, while Han Fei and the others sensed the forest with their mind, a boat flew close from the sky.
Someone looked at Han Fei and his companions.
“Honorable guests from the Blue Sea Town, please don’t pry into the ordinary people’s life with your mind.
They can’t detect you, but we


Xiao Zhan nodded.
“Okay, let’s cancel our senses!”

The peak-level Dangling Fisher ahead was stunned.
They could sense it from an altitude of more than five hundred meters? Also, there was another distance of dozens of meters between the tree crowns and the living area.
Could Han Fei and the others sense the residents?

The people from the other academies were all shocked.
“What? A perception range of more than five hundred meters?”

Some people’s eyes widened as they whispered to each other.

Someone said, “Do you think it’s true? My perception range is only five meters, and theirs is five hundred?”

Someone was appalled.
“Five hundred meters? Is that their upper limit?” “How can their perception range be so huge?”

Even the grand fishing masters who were here to attend the training sessions were at a loss.

“Perception? What perception?”

The regular students of the three academies didn’t know what perception was yet! Under normal circumstances, their teacher wouldn’t teach them that until they became peak grand fishing masters or Dangling Fishers.
It would only be interpreted and inculcated into them by the time those students were to set off to the level-three fishery.

In fact, their teachers wouldn’t really teach them that, because the level-three fishery wasn’t a place where one’s senses could be trained.

But Han Fei and his companions were different.
They ran into a Rock-Holding Turtle when they were still beginner grand fishing masters, and grasped perception abilities when they were intermediate Dangling Fishers.
After absorbing abundant amounts of Soul Crystals in the level-three fishery, their perception range was astonishingly large.
The peak-level Dangling Fisher who led the way thought to himself, Thug Academy? Those five people seem really strong.
They have only one peak-level Dangling Fisher, but their perception ranges are all greater than mine? Also, it’s significantly greater, as my perception range is only three hundred meters.

The boat landed in the Tree Core City at the center of the eighth island.
The team of five hundred people was rather crowded.
Behind them, the students from other towns were flying close too.

They didn’t realize exactly how tall the tree was until they landed.

Luo Xiaobai gave an answer very quickly.
“It’s 990 meters tall and 150 meters wide.
It’s almost entirely hollowed.”

The peak-level Dangling Fisher smiled, as this couldn’t be kept a secret from a distinguished manipulator.
He didn’t say anything but simply extended his hand courteously.
“This is the best inn in the Tree Core City.
Normally speaking, it’s for the merchants of the Wind Thunder Town, or the people from other towns, but the mayor has decided that the Tree Core City Inn will be exclusively reserved for the contestants of the upcoming match.”

Han Fei and the others secretly complimented the mayor’s generosity.

The man continued, “Ladies and gentlemen from the Blue Sea Town, because the Blue Sea Town ranks high among the 36 towns, we’ve arranged the top two hundred meters for you to stay in.
Of course, only the students who are above Dangling Fishers can stay here.
The grand fishing masters can go sightseeing there, but I’m afraid you’ll have to stay in the regular tree houses around.”

Naturally, Xiao Zhan was fine with that.
Seeing that no presidents were around, he said matter-of-factly, “The Thug Academy will take the best place.”

The teachers from the other academies were quite bummed, but there was nothing they could do as Xiao Zhan’s level was much higher than theirs.

Also, Han Fei and his companions were the top five of the Blue Sea Town.
They were justified to stay on the top.
Han Fei grinned.
“Let’s go to the top!”

There were stairs in the tree house, but nobody was willing to climb 900 meters of stairs.
So, although people from the Blue Sea Town seemed to have been given the best rooms, it was a test on them too.

At this moment, many residents of the Tree Core City were observing them.
It was absolutely impossible to climb the stairs.

Xiao Zhan found it simple.
He didn’t even activate his wings but simply stepped onto the air and flew to the heights.

Everybody including the peak-level Dangling Fisher gasped.
A Hidden Fisher? Someone said in amazement, “As expected of a major town that ranks 12th! The contestants of the Blue Sea Town are led by a Hidden Fisher! He’s strong enough to be a mayor, right?” Next, Luo Xiaobai pointed her finger, and five vines descended from the top of the tree.

Han Fei and the others grabbed the vines, and the vines automatically retracted and took them up like elevators.

The peak-level Dangling Fisher was rather disappointed that he didn’t witness other people’s abilities, but he could tell that the manipulator was very strong to summon vines without causing any spiritual waves.

Behind them, some people jumped upward.
After all, there were plenty of branches, and it wasn’t disgraceful to jump on them.
Some other manipulators took “elevators” upward like Luo Xiaobai did, but their manipulation range wasn’t as big as hers and could only reach the middle of the tree.

Some went up with wind manipulation techniques, some asked other people to throw themselves up, and some controlled their weapons to transport them…

The peak-level Dangling Fisher adopted the same approach as Luo Xiaobai did.
He seemed to have a manipulator partner up above, so he didn’t reveal his strength at all.
On the top, Luo Xiaobai and the others were already in the room, which was fully furnished with natural ornaments.
There were fish grass patterns on the door, and the windows were hollowed out.
The bed was even round, like that in a themed suite.

They claimed the second layer of space from the top.
The problem was that the place was too huge for the five of them.
How could there only be five rooms in a space of 18,000 square meters? Even a presidential suite wouldn’t be that big! Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Bro, this place is too huge.
If we can’t occupy it, can we invite other people to stay with


The peak-level Dangling Fisher said with a smile, “You can certainly do that if you’re up for it.
You’re free to make arrangements during the match.”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “But you just said that the grand fishing masters couldn’t stay here, didn’t you?”

The man smiled.
“It’s only meant to reserve more living space for you so that you can have the best experience, but if you’re willing to give some of the space to your grand fishing master students, you can certainly do that.”

Suddenly, the man realized that the other people from the Blue Sea Town all went to the floor below.
He was stunned.
“Guys, you aren’t with them?”

Han Fei smiled.
“Of course not.
We’re not from the same academy, and we certainly don’t stay together.” The man was shocked.
“Wait, there are only five people in your academy?” He was completely dazed.
Are you kidding me? Other academies sent hundreds of students here, but you only have five?

Han Fei, however, laid his arm on the man’s shoulder and said, “Bro, don’t bother how we’re going to stay here, and tell me all about your local specialties! I want cheap things, preferably one mid-quality pearl for each.” “Well… About that, why don’t you go shopping? There are plenty of stores on the ground.
If you can’t find them, we’ve arranged twenty tour guides who can show you around.”

Le Renkuang immediately said, “Why didn’t you tell me that sooner? Han Fei, let’s go down and take a tour.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “Let’s go.
I’m dying to go down.
We live in tree houses all the time.
It’s boring.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded too.
“This place looks nice.
I want to take a look around too.”

Han Fei grinned and patted the man’s shoulder.
“Bro, see you soon.
We’ll take a tour first.
You can welcome the others!”

Then, Han Fei and his companions jumped off from the tree like fish diving into the sea in delight.

The peak-level Dangling Fisher was quite amused, as these people did not seem to have the demeanor of top experts!

Before Han Fei and the others landed, they had found that many people seemed to be quarreling at the bottom of the tree.

Someone roared, “Are you accusing us of seizing the Cloud Soaring Town’s room? You don’t have enough people to hog the floor anyway.
What’s wrong with making use of the additional space? Also, the Cloud Soaring Town ranks last among the 36 towns.
You aren’t supposed to be here in the first place.”

A woman in her twenties, trying to hold back her fury, argued, “It’s the mayor of the Wind Thunder Town’s arrangement.
Are you questioning his authority?”

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