Chapter 562 Ninety-Eight Pearls In Exchange For A Spiritual Weapon

There were 36 towns under the Thousand Star City.

Among them, the status of the Wind Thunder Town was just like the status of the Heavenly Heart Village in the Blue Sea Town.
It ranked the top among all the towns and was the strongest in overall strength.

Aside from anything else, its strength could be seen from one thing alone, which was teleportation arrays.

The Wind Thunder Town had teleportation arrays to other 35 towns, but other towns only had teleportation arrays to the level-three fishery and the Wind Thunder Town.
Even in a more developed town, there were generally no more than 5 teleportation arrays.

Xiao Zhan was speaking to Han Fei and the other four.

Xiao Zhan said, “This time, our opponent is actually only the Wind Thunder Town, provided that you try not to use secret methods and ultra-quality spiritual weapons.
If they agree, don’t use your spiritual beasts or contractual spiritual beasts either.”

Old Bai coughed.
“But, don’t lose the face of the Thug Academy.
If necessary, you can use them.
It’s up to you.” Luo Xiaobai nodded.

Xia Xiaochan said, “Are the other towns weak?”

Xiao Zhan said, “Of course not.
There may be powerful characters in every town, but this is just relative.
For example, Li Hanyi, that kid is not bad in the town.
But in the Thousand Star City, he is very weak.
In fact, even in the Cloud Soaring Town, the weakest of 36 towns, also has heavenly talents.”

Hearing the name of this town, Han Fei frowned.
Lin Miaomiao was from the Cloud Soaring Town! He thought that the Cloud Soaring Town should be very strong.
After all, Lin Miaomiao seemed to have been there for a long time when he arrived at the level-three fishery.
Han Fei couldn’t help asking, “Teacher, is the Cloud Soaring Town really the weakest of all towns?” Xiao Zhan nodded.
“Yes, the Cloud Soaring Town has been declining in the past 100 years.
The main reason is that the Cloud Soaring Town hasn’t selected a mayor for decades, which made it impossible for the Cloud Soaring Town to compete with other towns.” Zhang Xuanyu said, “Why don’t they select one?”

Old Bai slapped Zhang Xuanyu’s head.
“Do you think anyone can be the mayor? Firstly, the mayor must be a Hidden Fisher; secondly, he must be born in the town; thirdly, all those who can be mayors come back from the Unknown Place.
And of course, his strength can’t be too strong.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t want to be a mayor…”

Han Fei said in amazement, “Isn’t it said that very few people can come back from the Unknown Place?” Old Bai glanced at him.
“Do you think that all the people who go there die? Some people do die there… The Cloud Soaring Town only had a new mayor a few decades ago, but he seemed to be disabled.”

Le Renkuang couldn’t help but say, “President, we can’t look down on the disabled!”


Old Bai angrily said, “Do I need you to teach me this?”

There were still not many people on the teleportation island, but many people were seeing them off outside the island.

Among them, most people hoped that those who went to the competition could win.
As long as they won, the Blue Sea Town would have more resources in the coming year and its ranking would be higher.

Only a small number of people were reluctant to see them leave.

These people were mostly the parents of students from the three major academies.
They were not that concerned about the results of the competition.
What they worried about was that after this competition, within half a year, their children would go to a place they didn’t even know.

The Unknown place was a secret for most people.
No matter how developed the intelligence in the Blue Sea Town was, ordinary people had no right to know anything about the Unknown Place.

Even the children of the big clans in the Thousand Star City actually didn’t know anything about the Unknown Place before they went there.

When the Thug Legend team arrived, shouts erupted from the crowd.

“Han Fei, come on! Defeat them.” “Xia Xiaochan, bring your violence out.”

“The rise of the Thug Academy is just one step away.” “Brother Yu, you must make a name in the 36 Town Competition this time!”

“Goddess Luo, don’t fall for a handsome guy in the other towns.”

As representatives of the town, the Thug Legend team would fight for the benefits of the town, so no one would be stingy with their appreciation and encouragement.
However, someone ruined the atmosphere.

Han Fei said to the crowd, “Does anyone want to sponsor us? We can bring you featured products when we come back.
Starting with 1,000 mid-quality pearls.
If you’d like to sponsor us, you can go to the Fish Dragons to pay the money!”

Old Bai and the others were taken aback.
“Excuse me?!” The people seeing them off were speechless.
No f*cking way, Bro! However, immediately someone shouted, “When you bring the featured products back, we will go buy them.” Han Fei rolled his eyes and said, “When I bring them back, are you sure you can still get them? Trust me, your investment will be worth the money! 1,000 mid-quality pearls… Uh… OK, I can give you a discount, 998 will be enough.
Only 998 mid-quality pearls! So hurry up and sign up if you need it!” However, in the crowd, large numbers of people rolled their eyes at Han Fei.

Someone taunted, “He must be crazy.
I don’t even have 998 mid-quality pearls.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “Feifei! Maybe the price is a bit high.
This is not the level-three fishery.”

Han Fei was stunned.
“Really? I thought that people were very rich now!”

Han Fei shouted again, “Hahaha! I was just kidding.
Actually, not 998, not 888, but 98.
As long as you pay 98, you can take featured products home.
You won’t lose anything.
Sign up now and you may get a mysterious gift.
One hundred low-quality spiritual weapons will be given out at random.
For every 100,000 people who sign up, an additional 100 low-quality spiritual weapons will be given… What are you still waiting for?”


Someone exclaimed, “Really?” Some people didn’t believe him.
“How is it possible for you to give out spiritual weapons for free?”

Han Fei patted his chest and said, “You have my word! Where are the members of the Fish Dragons?”

A dozen or so people immediately popped out of the crowd.
“Yes, Leader, we are here.”

“Leader, I’m always at your service.” “Leader, please command us.” Han Fei said, “Remember to keep accounts.
Remember to promote.
You won’t let me down, will you?” “Yes, Leader!”

“Leader, you can rest assured.” Seeing this, someone said, “98 mid-quality pearls doesn’t seem too much.
Maybe I can have a try.”

Someone nodded.
“Yes, it seems like a good deal.
I can afford 98 mid-quality pearls.”

“I wonder what he will bring back? By the way, is he going to travel?”

“Hey! Bro, come, sign my name up first.”

This man thought that being the first person to register, maybe he could get a low-quality spiritual weapon!

No one thought Han Fei was cheating them all.
After all, the Fish Dragons were a new rising power in the Blue Sea Town.
They made tons of money every day.
The Fish Dragons could absolutely afford 100 low-quality spiritual weapons.
The members of the Fish Dragons were immediately overwhelmed by the crowd.
“Brother, come on, sign me up.” “Hey, I came first.
Get in line.” “I was here already! I should be the first to register.”

Old Bai and the others were dumbfounded.

Le Renkuang tugged at Han Fei’s sleeve.
“Can this work? In the Blue Sea Town, 100 low-quality spiritual weapons are definitely not cheap.
They will cost hundreds of thousands of mid-quality pearls.”

Xia Xiaochan grinned.
“I have a lot of them here! Much more than 100! Almost 1,000.”


Old Bai stroked his beard.
“It seems to be feasible.”

Le Renkuang asked, “98 mid-quality pearls in exchange for a spiritual weapon? Isn’t it better to sell them?” Han Fei rolled his eyes at him.
“Have you seen anyone in the town spend hundreds of thousands of mid-quality pearls to buy spiritual weapons? Our purpose is to exchange those rubbish low-quality spiritual artifacts for money.”


Zhang Xuanyu took a breath.
“You are a real snake!”

Old Bai smacked his lips and thought to himself, If this kid were a full-time businessman, he would be very successful.

Han Fei asked, “President, since you and the teachers are so strong, won’t you easily make a fortune if you randomly get something to sell? Why is our school so poor?” Xiao Zhan smiled.
“You’ll find out in the future.”

Everyone: “…”

In front of the teleportation array, there were as many as 500 people.
The heavenly talents of the Blue Sea Town were all here.

In this exchange contest, the mayor and the four presidents would jointly lead the team, and the mayor shouted, “Let’s go.”

The 500 people lined up and stepped into the teleportation array in order.
Han Fei poked Xiao Zhan and asked, “Teacher, why doesn’t Miss Wenren, Qu Jinnan, and Ling Yuan go with us? The other three academies almost brought all their excellent students with them.” A smile appeared on the corner of Xiao Zhan’s mouth.
“They will go there someday, but not now.
These two days, they’ll have their own business to do.
Let’s go.
It’s time to show you off as the strongest in town.”

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