Chapter 540 You Should Buy Life from Me

Generally speaking, what happens in the level-three fishery would not spread to the towns.

The thirty-six towns deliberately blocked the passage of news in this regard because they worried as the people in the villages and towns knew more about the level-three fishery, they would be distracted from cultivation.

The teenagers in the schools in each town usually yearned for the level-three fishery.
They felt that there were many resources, money, and opportunities there, so they yearned for it.

But they didn’t know that there were also many people who died in the level-three fishery.
Everyone who was going to the level-three fishery would be told a lot of things about it before leaving.
So were Han Fei and the others.
Wenren Yu was responsible for telling them the basic knowledge about the level-three fishery.

However, there were still some people who knew what happened in the level-three fishery, such as major chambers of commerce, teachers in schools, and managers of the towns.

The town was small, so what Han Fei and the others had done in the level-three fishery soon spread wide.
And the Thug Academy, a school with only a few people in total, had known this news quickly.
When they got to know that Han Fei and the others had killed a Hanging Fisher in the level-three fishery, Qu Jinnan and Ling Yu were dumbfounded.
Qu Jinnan asked incredibly, “A Hanging Fisher?”

Han Fei and the others had been out for more than 8 months, and the strength of him and Ling Yuan had improved by leaps and bounds with Xiao Zhan and Wenren Yu acting as their sparring partners.
Now, Qu Jinnan had become an advanced great fishing master.
Ling Yuan was slightly behind, who was only an intermediate great fishing master, but she was about to make a breakthrough.
They had planned that before Han Fei and the others came back, they had to break through to the peak-level of a great fishing master.
They shouldn’t be a drag on their senior brothers and senior sisters, should they?

But it had only been eight months! They were still great fishing masters and far from being Dangling Fishers.
But their peers were already capable of killing a Hanging Fisher?! A peak-level Hanging Fisher! Ling Yuan took a deep breath.
“Nannan, I’m going to the level-two fishery.”

Qu Jinnan was taken aback slightly.
“But we’ve only got a 50 winning streak in the arena, still far from a hundred winning streak!” Ling Yuan looked at Qu Jinnan.
“There are only two of us and the school hasn’t recruited any new students.
Do you know how difficult it will be for us to get a hundred winning streak?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded beside the two of them.
“Ling Yuan, don’t be rash.
It is good for turning pressure into motivation, but you should act according to your ability.
Han Fei and the others didn’t go to the level-two fishery until they got a hundred winning streak.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gained so many fighting experiences.” Ling Yuan was immediately discouraged.
“Teacher Wenren… But, they had already managed to get a hundred winning streak when they were only junior Dangling Fishers.”


Wenren Yu said, “At that time, they were not all junior Dangling Fishers.
Besides, the realm is not equal to strength.
You still lack fighting experience.
Go, go to the arena today and fight again.”

“Yes, teacher.”

After Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan left, Xiao Zhan appeared, frowning.
“It’s really fast! How did those little guys suddenly kill the guardian of a dragon boat?”


Old Bai passed by with his hands behind his back and said fiercely, “Those little b*stards! Fortunately, they went to the ghost ship to get some special methods before going to challenge the dragon boat.
Otherwise, all five of them would have probably been killed in one fell swoop.” Wenren Yu wondered, “President, which senior brother is in the level-three fishery? How come you know what happened in the level-three fishery so well?” Old Bai said, “How did you guess… Anyway, someone in the level-three fishery delivers me a message every half a month.
That’s why I know what they have done.”

Xiao Zhan said in surprise, “Why didn’t I know that? I even specially commissioned someone to get the Wanted List… Now, these five little b*stards are ranked respectively the first, second, third, fourth and fifth place on the Wanted List.” Wenren Yu was a bit worried.
“Old Bai, shall we do something? I told you to implant the Immortal Seals on them, or at least give them amulet barriers! But you refused.
Now I’m really worried about them.” Old Bai snorted.
“Those things are only for incompetent people.

You may think it’s the same whether you give those things to them or not, but in fact, it’ll be completely different psychologically! Besides, how do you know I didn’t give them something to protect them?” Wenren Yu and Xiao Zhan were astonished.
“Did you give them something to protect them? When? Why didn’t we know?”

Old Bai snorted.
“Humph, I’m not telling.”

The level-three fishery.

On the sea, on an ordinary fishing boat, Han Fei and the other four did not cook hot pot.
At this time, a hot pot meal might put them in danger.
God knew if people passing by would recognize them because of the hot pot… Luo Xiaobai said, “The top priority is that we should confirm whether we should continue to explore here or go directly to Blue Sea Town.”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Aren’t there teleportation arrays only on dragon boats? Are we going to sneak onto the dragon boat again?” She shook her head.
“I think we’d better go back.
They’re searching for us everywhere.
It’s dangerous.” Xia Xiaochan interrupted, “No, we should go to the ghost ship to sell things first.” Han Fei pondered… “Selling a half should be enough! The value of the Sea Swallowing Shells we grabbed this time is immeasurable.
Only in terms of mid-quality pearls, there are nearly 3 billion in them.
We can be armed to the teeth and buy a Peak Strike for each of us and 10,000 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid.”

Luo Xiaobai replied, “I don’t recommend buying that much.
Don’t forget, more than 50% of the revenue of the Thousand Star City comes from the Unknown Place.
Before we came to the level-three fishery, we didn’t know that the prices here and the town are completely different.
Perhaps in the Unknown Place, the Spirit Awakening Fluid will be cheaper.” Han Fei’s eyes lit up.
“It’s very likely.
Then let’s not buy much this time.” Han Fei immediately crushed the jade slip given by the faceless man, and after half an hour, a figure suddenly appeared on the surface of the water.

Han Fei was surprised.
“Where is the boat?”

The faceless man chuckled.
“Do I have to sail the boat over to trade with you?”

Han Fei was puzzled, and it had been several months since he saw the faceless man.
God knew where the ghost ship was.

However, this faceless man came so fast.
How did he do it?

Without waiting for Han Fei to think carefully, this faceless man said, “I didn’t expect you would actually make it.
Umm, I underestimated you.”

Han Fei pondered for a moment and said, “3000 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid and 5 Peak Strikes of junior Hidden Fishers.
The Soul Crystals are no longer needed.” He had only used less than 300 Soul Crystals, and the others hadn’t used up the Soul Crystals they had got yet.
Even if they needed more in the future, it would be in the future.

As Luo Xiaobai said, the Unknown Place should be a place richer than the level-three fishery, and there should be more and better things there.
They still bought some things now because they had not left the level-three fishery, and they were still in danger.

If there was now a teleportation array that could bring them back immediately, they would definitely choose to go back directly and no longer do any transactions.

The faceless man was not excited or surprised by this transaction worth 1.4 billion at all, but asked leisurely, “How long have you been on the sea?” Luo Xiaobai looked at him.
“About an hour.
Why do you ask?”

The faceless man pondered for a moment and said, “Then I should raise the price.
You should have grabbed a lot of resources from that dragon boat, right? I want half of them.”


Xia Xiaochan bared her teeth.
“Why?” Zhang Xuanyu said immediately, “Then we can’t make a deal.”

Han Fei frowned.
Luo Xiaobai also asked, “Why?” The faceless man said, “I thought you would have contacted me dozens of days ago.
If you contacted me and boarded the ghost ship as soon as you looted the dragon boat, I would not charge you a lot of money! The problem is that you are showing up now.
If you had contacted me even later, even I wouldn’t have been able to save you.” Han Fei’s expression changed.
“What do you mean?”

The faceless man smiled.
“I bet you don’t know that there is a divine weapon in the level-three fishery, called the Sky Hanging Mirror whose ability is to reflect the entire level-three fishery.
When you were on the dragon boat, you left too many traces.
It’s simply too easy to find you.
So! Your top priority now is not to buy things from me, but to buy life from me.

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